Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist, together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course Bob. Thanks for joining us super Sam Sam the super skeleton I guess it is Today Brad we’re going to talk about single best knee strengthening and stretch exercise that you can perform at home We know where everybody’s busy So we’re gonna kind of condense this down to one exercise, you want to get your knees stronger You want to get better going up and down step, those kind of things the whole thing is Bob The knee is supported by three major muscle groups the quadriceps the hamstrings and the gastroc All three of those muscles cross the knee joint so if you can get muscles that cross the joint stronger The knees are going to be a lot stronger, a lot of people don’t think about the the calf muscle as crossing the knee joint, right We’ve got that little bonus on this exercise to include it, right by the way as another bonus If you haven’t already please subscribe to us We provide videos on how stay healthy fit pain-free And we upload every day also go over to Facebook and like us cuz right now we have only one person that likes us Sam loves us, but we’d like to have you like us too, so all right. Let’s get started, okay Let’s just take a look Sam’s gonna help us out all right We could see the quad right away here. That crosses over. You can see it right there you go You know the muscle belly is not showing here, but they’re showing the patella which is part of the quadriceps actually, the kneecap Yep It’s right in the tendon And it connects below the knee so right here the quadricep muscles go across, if you flip that on you can see the kneecap there Yep, there it is so Sam has a kneecap. Yeah, so we got the quadriceps crossing large muscle group good support there We want to get those included now the hamstrings again three big muscles. Yeah, they’re large, and they’re connecting from the pelvis I’m not good at details up here But they cross over the knee joint and connect below the knee so they’re supporting those two big muscle groups Have a lot to do with supporting the knee, but we don’t want to forget about the old gastroc, the gastroneumeus The calf muscle the one that shows the ripples and And that comes from the heel bone comes over and crosses to the top side of the knee joint So this exercise is gonna incorporate all these, it’s going to be weight-bearing in other words we’re going to do this, so it’s functional It’s gonna help you and your day to day, that’s why I like it brad, because It’ll help you with tasks in life right you know when you’re doing when you’re I always think about every morning I have to get down and I have to turn Roby on we have one of those robots that vacuum Oh sure, and I always get down like this and I always get down I think ah oh it’s good I’ve been working on that because I’ve Strengthened those muscles. Yeah, I hear you Bob, and the nice thing about this exercise It’s gonna help your balance And you don’t have to go out and buy expensive equipment right and if you get it right in your bedroom Right at home You want to go outside and show the neighbors you can do that sure okay so to start out with we’re gonna use You got my stick Bob. I was gonna give it to you. I was handing it to you. I thought you were gonna take it Sorry about that. Okay, so we’re gonna use a lunge You can do this holding onto a chair or even holding onto the wall. I mean you can as a matter of fact If you don’t have a balance stick like this, take a chair one hand on the wall, and you can do it here I’m gonna do it with the stick because the chair’s getting in the way, and it’s a little bit awkward But this is the way we would do it here We’re doing reverse lunges essentially and this is what it’s gonna look like here up on a toe back down good posture All right why don’t you show it over here Brad, so you can see it a lot better Yeah, if you happen to have a balancing stick or a cane If you got your left leg forward you’re gonna have the balance on your right side that gives you a wider Base of support as you can see here, Bob do you want to put your stick here, so The mechanics to maintain a good healthy knee joint is to keep the knee aligned over the toe Oftentimes people have a tendency to let the knee go in like that. Yeah like this so when you’re looking forward You can see your toe over there and your knee’s in there, that’s gonna Be hard on the knee joint and the ACL, you know as an athlete if you play any sports you want to Learn to strengthen that muscle in the correct position because if you start landing like this which a lot of women do You’re going to be more prone to so many injuries especially the ACL sure and others right and if you’re not in athletics You just want to strengthen your knee. It’s the same thing anyways we still want to maintain that mechanics Okay, so it looks like here. I’m gonna go back And you go back as far you want if you go back far there goes quite a bit more difficult on Those quadriceps gonna come up using quads and hamstrings with this We’re gonna bring this knee up and watch the last little part to get that gastro, the booster here. Yep The knee should be straight that emphasizes gastrac and up on the toes and then back so it’s here and back And you’re not gonna do it fast, good control. This is not an easy exercise. It’s gonna Take you a while to learn how to do it and do it correctly, the other thing what we don’t want is We don’t want and that’s why we’re doing the reverse lunge We don’t want the knee going past the foot, so I’m gonna go back I’m gonna go down like this and see I’m not even close to going because I’m going down. I’m not going like this, right I’m going back with the lunge so I go like this. I come up like this Up like this I was surprised at how hard this is on the calf muscles Yeah You’ll feel it right back in here when you get that extra push up from the toe that little toe up, the knees should be Fully straight at that point to emphasize that gastroc I think what this shows Brad is that I do not strengthen my gastroc at all because It is weak, it’s even worse on this side And that’s another thing you may find like Bob his right leg Is weaker than his left so he may work that a little more but again This is all focused on muscles and that left leg around the knee and it’s gonna strengthen the knee well it could get you tired You can do ten of these on each now if you haven’t done them before you’ll be sore the next day Okay, make sure you maintain the proper positioning, all right next one Brad So then we talked about strengthing. that’s the strengthening, now we want to do this stretch What are we gonna stretch, what’s the most important stretch, and we’re doing a combination actually here I’d have to say we want to stretch the hamstrings that’s number one priority, but then also the calf muscle So you can do it all at once You don’t have to use a stretch out strap, you can do it with a sheet Yeah a sheet or a belt, a belt would work, too. This is quite a bit more convenient just because of the Mechanics of it I’m gonna go over the toe you just put a belt over your forefoot Okay, and then you’re gonna pull like this. It’s gonna keep your knees straight If you bend the knee then the hamstrings go on slack, so I want to keep the knees straight And you’ll feel when you pull your toes towards your nose You’ll get the stretch here, so we’re getting a stretch here in here You don’t have to do them both at the same time if you don’t want you could just go up here Stretch to the calf, what’s nice about the stretch out strap is they have loops yeah I actually use these, I mean it doesn’t seems like a big deal, but in the morning you’re tired And I don’t want really be holding hard and now you can just kind of relax No finger strength is necessary. It is really a nice nice tool Okay, so I’ve been actually doing both at once Bob Just to save some time, so I’m gonna come up to here and you’re stretching the calf too, yeah I’m pulling my toes back. It doesn’t look, you can’t notice it, but Yeah, it’s pulling along that whole chain now, that whole posterior chain and it’s getting a stretch on there matter of fact I’m gonna point the toe that makes the calf feel better and now the hamstring is involved as long as the knee is straight Now if you want to go one step further we can do the contract relax method So we’re gonna come up until you feel a stretch I can pull this way to get the calf muscle and I’m gonna relax the calf now I’m gonna push my foot down towards the table, he’s pushing it this way right And I’m gonna hold with my hand that doesn’t think a lot of strength got good leverage here, so he’s stopping it He’s pushing, but he’s stopping it from happening and then when he relaxes he’s gonna pull a little bit further That’s called contract relax. It works really well for stretching a muscle That’s again where the stretch out strap or a belt works out really well because you can do these quite well You can see you’re moving up a little farther Brad You don’t have to do the contract relax if You don’t want you can just do the hold it for five to ten seconds, some people say hold it for 30 seconds It’s a long stretch that can be more effective. I’d rather hold it shorter and do more repetitions Up to 10 at the most for myself all right Brad That feels really good Bob, everybody’s wasted a perfectly good eight minutes with us Thanks for watching. I said nine minutes. Yeah, good luck with those hamstrings and quadriceps and the knee strength and you know Everything else we went through today. Yeah, thanks for watching