We interrupt this programme to bring you this public service announcement. Citizens of Singapore – we are now in the midst of a war. Please stay indoors and avoid any sorts of information are broadcasted. I repeat – we are now in the midst of a – – (PD) Hi.
– Hi. To be real… If I miss the bus. I live very far away from the office, so if I miss one
bus in the morning, I might as well not go to work. Whether we are going to live until old age… because you know how the environment is completely going to shit. And… we are not even helping ourselves, because we are shooting missiles at each other. You’d never know when the next world war is going to start. Aside from being cannibalized, food,
You’d never know when the next world war is going to start. Aside from being cannibalized, food, because I spend so much time eating. I remember in primary school on Total Defence Day we ate watery porridge with sweet potatoes, during recess.
That was the only thing they served in the canteen. A lot of people were complaining about it. I remember there was the sound of the siren.
We all just looked… but we couldn’t see anything. There were performances too. Sometimes, they would invite civil defence down
to demonstrate how good their fire extinguishers were. On this episode of Singaporeans Try, we will be doing the WW2 Diet Challenge for a Week! Wow! WW2 Diet for a week?! Oh my God. Whoa! Attention, all citizens of Singapore. Rations will only be provided twice during this rough period. The first ration will include sweet potatoes, sweet potato leaves, rice, fish, and papaya. Of which, you may use any cooking methods and condiments to prepare your dish. However, to avoid consuming poison from the enemy, make sure you drink plain water throughout this period. Stay safe. – (PD) Your challenge starts now.
– Ok, give me my chop, please. It is Day 1 of the WW2 Diet Challenge. I am going to have breakfast, which I have prepared. I can’t take coffee for the entire week, so I’m highly dependent on this fruit, which I hope has sugar. Mmm. I have a pot here, I’ve put my fish, vegetables and sweet potatoes here. My rice is here, and… I’ve just got my boiling hot water.
I’m just gonna steam everything today. This looks like rabbit pellets. You know, the ones they chew? It doesn’t taste very bad, because it is quite sweet.
But this is the amount I’m going to eat. It’s currently 4+ and I haven’t eaten anything for the whole day. I’m going to snack on some papaya.
Hopefully that will be filling. Hello, my little botato. I’m trying to find different recipes on how to cook rice and papaya, but it seems like I need other ingredients… Which I cannot get, because resources are low. – Oh my God.
– Oh! Hey! Oh no. Leftovers. – Wow.
– Cannot waste. – Cannot waste.
– Yeah. During the war, you may only have rice.
But then a bird drops on you and dies. Then you’re gonna cook it, right? Same thing. The bird drop. I was inspired by the video I was watching this morning,
so I’m going to attempt some papaya rice. It’s already 2:30, and I’m finally having my lunch. I didn’t want to eat in the morning,
because I wanted my meal to last me the most of the day. Happy Chinese New Year to all. Although this usually calls for a celebration,
we urge you to stick to the instructions given. And lastly – stay strong. I NEVER EAT FOR THREE DAYS!!! T_T This is the most flavor I’ve had since the diet challenge. So good. – How do you feel after cheating?
– I feel great 🙂 High five. It’s Chinese New Year.
There was Chinese New Year during the war too, right? You also ate this right? The Japanese came on the first day of the Chinese New Year. They didn’t do ‘lou hei’? Oh no.
Huh… I feel so bad now. Citizens of Singapore. The black market ration card is here. With this ration card, you’re entitled to
eat a saucer of anything you desire. However, to earn this card,
men will have to travel 1 KM carrying 1 KG worth of rice… and a 5 KG weight. Women will have to travel the same distance carrying 5 KG worth of rice. Good luck to all. They cheated, so they’re squatting. (Zhin) My neck hurts. Is this the best way to put things? I’m going to take half of Rainier’s weight and do the last lap for him. Ok, Rainier. Squat!
I’m going to take half of Rainier’s weight and do the last lap for him. Ok, Rainier. Squat! Squeeze your ass!!! You think that ass comes from nowhere? Squeeze! Up, Rainier. Yes. Last one! Yeah! – (Sew) Oh no, what are you looking for?
– My ration card 🙁 If I don’t have it, I can’t get rations. For three days… (Sew) Do you think someone stole it? – I don’t know…
– (Sew) So that they get more rations. Did you all steal my ration card? – Have you seen my ration card?
– You lost it?! It was on my table. And you were sitting at my table. I did not! Are you accusing me of taking it? – I just want to check…
– This is mine. It says Chow. My says ‘Zhin’. The second ration will be issued today.
It includes kang kong, sweet potatoes and rice. Please stick with the same procedures given to you during this period. Stay safe out there. – Can I choose?
– Cannot. Oh, thank you! – What’s your name? Spell your name.
– Um… Correct. Yours? What is dis. Thank you. – Still need your card.
– How about I give you another ‘ration card’? Now I have no money and no food. Is this the one? Wait. How did you get this? You anyhow put. I’m going to use my black market card today because I want to eat with my team. So… used. This isn’t even the first layer. I’m going to put one layer, and put some sauce. One more layer, and then sauce, and then another layer… After that, I’ll maximise this black market coupon. I just finished my dinner, and as you can see, I’m very happy. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet.
The ration has been cut down by a lot. Previously, if you remember, the ration for the rice was actually full. Now it is just this… It looks damn good. Mashed sweet potato.
Who would have thought of that? Wow. It’s amazing how a simple ingredient like a sweet potato… can be so tasty when you’re so hungry. I’m at NTUC now and I’m going to be buying sambal for my kang kong. I realized that because there’s no limit to the condiments… I’m going to spice up my kang kong because I’m so tired of boiled and baked stuff. It’s 8 o’clock and I woke up because my stomach was grumbling. It’s not the best feeling to wake up to. I never needed to keep myself from eating. This time I know that I might not have enough food to last me till the end of the challenge… It’s so hard to think when you’re hungry,
because all you’re thinking about is food. It’s the last day of the challenge, and… I’m finally going to be using my black market coupon! I won it from the challenge. I have my saucer of anything I desire, which is my Mee Sedap noodles. with sambal fish and eggs. This has been worth the wait. Time to feast. I’ve done water fasting before, but this one felt more painful. Your body doesn’t have time to adapt to the amount of food, and they give you only a little bit.
Your body is like, “Got food!” And suddenly don’t have. “Got food!”
And then… don’t have. No coffee, no Redbull.
That was insane. I was so tired easily, and the worst was when I woke up at night feeling super hungry but you don’t want to eat. Because you know that if you ate now, you’d have nothing for breakfast. Or lunch. I need to admit to you all that I cheated. A lot. I’m not proud of it, but I did it for various reasons. Over the festive season, if I didn’t eat the food that is already cooked, I’m going to let it go to waste. And put the people’s effort to waste. I did think about how privileged we were, to enjoy the festivities, that I have my family and that there’s peace as I don’t need to worry about anyone else. When I got the black market ticket, I reserved it for the last meal. For dinnertime on Day 7. When I got the saucer, I thought, “What do I desire right now?” – Guess what I ate. – Sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes?! What the… I ate noodles! I put maggi mee and stacked whatever leftovers on top. With egg.
And it was the most delicious thing ever in the world. And I’m just like, “What do I really want?”
I’m presented with this opportunity, and now I’m trading it to take something simple. Thank you for watching this episode of Singaporeans Try. If you liked this episode, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe, and ring our notification bell down below. And watch our other videos over there. Bye! Happy Total Defence Day!