good morning its Loren Lockman from the Tanglewood Wellness Center and coast and we’re here today to talk a little bit about green salads some of you’ve heard me speak about this before and you know that I’m usually saying you want to keep you know you want to eat mono fruit meals which I hope is self-explanatory that means one kind of fruit at a time so just papaya juice watermelon juice mangos that’s a mono fruit meal by the way I’m not advocating mono fruit months or anything like that because again then you’re not listening to your body right your body doesn’t know what it’s going to want thirty days from now let alone next week so we’ll stick to one meal of time just keep each meal mono and you get all the benefits you could possibly want that way or simple green salads so the question is what’s a simple green salad what does that look like and again let me let me explain that although many people would tell you there’s nothing to food combining anyone who says food combining doesn’t matter doesn’t live in a clean and efficient body because in a clean and efficient body you can feel the difference between eating things that combine well together and eating things that don’t and very simple piece and I may have shared this with you guys before but again just as a reminder you know we’ve all studied chemistry at some point yeah so if we have a vessel a beaker for instance and you put a liquid into it that liquid has a pH now imagine adding another liquid into it with a different pH is it possible to hold those two liquids with their two separate PHS as they were with two separate PHS in one vessel no you can’t do that because they’re going to they’re going to combine so if you add a pH of 5 and a pH of 8 you don’t wind up with what you got some pH 5 and some pH 8 over here okay you don’t wind up with that you wind up with something that’s going to be somewhere between the two sorries that makes sense and by the way it’s not a six and a half because that’s not the boy the page scale works so it’s a but but you wind up with something that’s different than that that’s important because when you eat anything your magnificent body looks at it and says I can create the perfect environment in the stomach for the optimal digestion of this food well part of that perfect environment is the digestive enzymes it’s the pH that’s created as a result of all that and so it’s different for each thing that you consume the more similar two things are the more similar that perfect environments going to be so an orange and a grapefruit combine fairly well together but an orange and a banana don’t combine well together they need very different environments for optimal digestion a simple cell the idea behind a simple salad is to keep it as simple as you possibly can the fewer ingredients in that cell and the better combined they are the easier time your body has optimally digesting that salad is that important well you know who’s expensive these days especially if you’re trying to buy organic food don’t you want to get every single benefit that you can from what you’re eating don’t you want to get every available nutrient that you can assume that’s that’s available assimilate it into your body well the way you do that is you start by digesting as well as possible and in order to digest your food as well as possible it has to be properly combined and as simple as it can be the more ingredients you include in that salad or in any dish that you’re making the harder it is for your body to properly digest it anything that’s not fully digested you have no chance of absorbing and therefore no chance of assimilating right so we’ve probably all had the experience of of eating corn for instance and not digesting it all completely how do you know that because some of those kernels pass right through your system they show up the next day in the bowl and you can see them completely intact right how much benefit how many how many nutrients do you think you assimilated from that corn with Kern kernel of corn how much zero you didn’t get anything and it wasn’t just that you didn’t get anything your body had to work the body expended a bunch of energy to process that thing through your system and you got nothing you got no value from that so we’ve talked about the law of efficiency this is completely contrary to the law of efficiency you can’t be less efficient than working hard and getting nothing from it okay so you want to be sure that the food you eat is fully digested and one piece of course is chewing it thoroughly but you also want to be sure that you keep the combination simple so for me a simple green salad might be lettuce tomatoes red pepper and up some avocado and that for me that’s a fairly typical green salad usually no more than four ingredients five is usually absolute maximum so I’m doing something for myself we were talking last night you know when I when I do a more for other people if I’m preparing raw meals for other people like at a retreat which which we’ll be doing in October and you know there’s some some more not gourmet gourmet but you know some more prepared delicious foods with anything else my salad gets even simpler okay because the meals now more complex I want to make sure that salad stays really really simple so a salad for me that that accompanies a pasta dish or you know a Mexican style dish or an Asian style dish that salads probably going to be even simpler than that again three four ingredients maximum okay makes sense so keeping this you know keep this in mind all the time whatever you choose to do you know you don’t have to eat mono meals all the time but most people who don’t understand that mono is best aren’t even attempting to do that they think they’re doing just as well when they eat their bananas and orange is the same meal that’s really not going to digest very well for most people and even if it does it’s taking a lot of the body’s energy to make that be okay so keep your meals as simple as you can mono is best with fruit meals whenever you possibly can and with salads just keep it simple the simpler it is the better your body digests it and the more benefits you get from what belongs in a salad are soft tender leafy greens okay soft tender leafy greens only so again I have a standard I’ve been teaching for a long time if you could take a leafy green and make a pair of shoes out of it don’t eat it okay so these leather kale collard greens these are dense greens which are historically done what – before they’re cooked they’re usually cooked why because cooking breaks down the cellulose which your body cannot break down cellulose is defined as in de Geste able fiber so you love your kale salad but it’s not doing much for you except giving you gas and indigestion because you can’t digest it very well and if you can digest it your body is working much harder than it has to you get all the benefit you need for meeting lettuce baby spinach young dandelion greens things that are not bitter bitter means the presence of oxalic acid oxalates create kidney stones and they make it impossible for your body to actually absorb calcium which we talked about yesterday okay you want to get enough calcium you want to avoid oxalic acid so matures I said baby spinach why because mature spinach is bitter baby spinach isn’t so bitter dandelion same thing young dandy-lion leaves aren’t nearly as bitter as mature because they contain less oxalic acid most of the wild greens people eat are high in oxalic acid and are not an optimal food for our bodies so leaves our closest primate relatives bonobos chimpanzees they’ll take a soft tender leaf okay soft tender leaf not something like kale or cabbage a soft tender leaf only and then they’ll eat the tip of the leaf and throw the rest away now they get a good deal a good price on leaves and free so they don’t worry about that they eat this the softest part the youngest part of the leaf is the tip the tip of the leaf and throw the rest away and here people are eating things that will never die jest very well so those are the greens the other things that belong in there are what some people call vegetable fruits or fruit vegetables they’re actually fruits that people think of vegetables tomatoes red yellow orange peppers notice anything absent they’re green peppers are on I don’t eat them hot peppers burn your tissue don’t eat them okay they burn your body and your body creates mucus to protect yourself and they’re not healthy for you if you want to know if something belongs in human body give it to a baby and see how they react okay we’ll be talking more about this over the next week those of us that are here what else cucumbers avocados these are all fruits every one of them they’re fruits because they contain seeds fruits botanically speaking of fruit is a fleshy covering of seed vegetables don’t contain seeds vegetables include the leafy greens and the root vegetables root vegetables are virtually impossible for your body to digest it doesn’t matter what machine you use or how pretty you cut it up your body can’t digest a beat okay there’s no point in eating them because you’re creating a lot of work for the body with no real benefit remember law of efficiency we want to get what we need by having the body work as little as is possible and so salads really for me are soft tender leaves and fruit fruit being Tomatoes red yellow peppers orange maybe some cucumber some avocado now the other thing that you can do a lot of people don’t think of is you can combine sweet fruits into a salad as long as the sweet fruit combines well with what with whatever else is in the salad so if you have a salad of lettuce tomatoes and avocado don’t add a banana that’s a bad combination bananas don’t combine with tomatoes and they don’t combine with avocados very well but you could add orange you could add mango papaya out not all of these things but any one of these things okay so where you have a salad of lettuce tomato red pepper and avocado if you wanted one more ingredient you want to make a little sweeter you could add a sweet fruit that was either acid or subacid because any of those things would combine relatively well with the things we mentioned sweet would be a poor combination and melons never combined with anything at all we’re kind of going over into the food combining but in order to talk about what belongs in salad it kind of becomes important I’ll do a more full food combining talk sometime over the next week or so for you guys okay so if I haven’t mentioned it it doesn’t really belong in a salad okay how about dried fruit what do you think zucchinis is a fruit vegetable it belongs in that category it says cassis it’s a fruit zucchini and yellow summer squash are about the only members of the squash family which are all fruits that we can really eat raw the rest of them are pretty starchy okay and very very difficult for our bodies to digest so I wouldn’t advise using other starches other other squashes but zucchini you could add it’s even that’s a little starchy it’s not something I’d want to eat very much of but occasionally it’s okay dried fruits contain no water which means what the sugar content is much higher as a proportion of what’s there and that means much higher glycemic load your body has to work much harder to out process the sugar so don’t go there okay they also create problems because dried fruits are sticky stick to your teeth you got sugar adhering to your teeth you wind up with cavities with with natural fruit the fruit in its natural state that’s not really an issue people think it is but it’s generally not an issue okay so those are the components that I would you know it encourage you to include in a healthy salad and most people going to want to dress that cell we talked a little about this before you know for me it’s usually an avocado just diced up mixed in there but you could do a dressing and again remember food combining if you’re doing a dressing so consider what else is in the salad but dressings are simple can be done in two minutes some avocado orange juice and a blender you got a great dressing half pint of raspberries with a couple cups of orange juice raspberry vinaigrette okay you want to be creamy you can add in some soaked sunflower seeds why not avocado because it’s ugly the raspberries and the avocado turn brown you add the sunflower seeds hey color is important appearance is part of the whole thing who wants to eat something ugly you want your food to be beautiful don’t you yes that’s all the whole point you’re serving people want to create something beautiful so add sunflower seeds instead of avocado and you get pink instead of a dark red and it’s still still a very attractive color there there are millions of combinations we can talk about another time okay that helped