Why is nutrition so confusing? We get bombarded with terms like polyunsaturated fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, omega 6s. And experts can’t seem to agree on anything Every day, there’s a new fad. Low calorie, low fat, low carb, low sodium How about a diet that’s just… low stress? We have all this amazing technology. We’ve been to the moon but we can’t figure out what food is healthy? It shouldn’t be this complicated At the end of the day the science of nutrition and all the best advice out there really boils down to just three simple ideas. The first pillar of a healthy diet is real food. The closer to its natural state the better the food. Any industrial process that changes it or adds or removes components always seems to make it worse. So it’s a good idea to stay as close as possible to the original food as grown Instead of chips or fries go for the actual potato or even better sweet potato instead of ketchup eat the tomatoes. instead of fruit flavored drinks candy or bars eat actual nutritious whole fruit And one of the worst offenders are these cereals that don’t even look like real food Try the real cereals instead. You get the idea. Move toward real food and away from processed stuff the second pillar of a healthy diet is plants. the available evidence is very strong Plants are healthier than animal products across the board You can get all the protein you need from legumes. things like lentils chickpeas or beans You can get your complex carbohydrates from starches and grains like quinoa or sweet potato And you can get your healthy fats from nuts and seeds. not to mention all the other amazing vegetables out there Gradually replacing animal with vegetable food is a great step toward improving your health The third pillar of a healthy diet is variety. most people stick with just a few types of food their entire life according to this study by the USDA potatoes and tomatoes accounted for 52% of all vegetable consumption in the US That’s more than half of all vegetables consumed covered by only two foods Why do that when there are over a dozen types of common grains, 20 types of legumes and hundreds of nutritious fruits and vegetables. The cool thing is each vegetable has a different composition of macronutrients vitamins and antioxidants So when you mix it up, you’re giving yourself this great cocktail of these amazing foods If you’re like me, when you hit the grocery store you turn on the autopilot and just grab the same stuff every time So I try to remind myself to roam around, explore and try to mix it up That’s it. Real food, plants and variety. How simple is that? My favorite thing about these 3 pillars is they take care of all your food concerns. No fad diets, No worrying about fat or carbs. No calorie counting, no meal timing No portion control. Nature has already done all the work for you. Eat as much as you want, whenever you want You can lose weight without being hungry or ever feeling heavy or drowsy after meals and the most important thing of all: while staying healthy