hey everyone I'm Nick back here at the YMCA with workout Wednesday I hope you all enjoy our last week's video with some great exercises that you can do at home now this week we got some exercises that will get you on in the gym alright first we have a TRX rope this is gonna work my back muscles it's also a bodyweight exercise it's fantastic I'm gonna walk my feet out a little bit it's a little bit of Bend in my knee I'm gonna go all the way down and pull up into my body all right we'll do a few here try squeeze the shoulder blades in the back good keeping the core tight all right boom there's my upper body exercise next we're gonna move on to my lower body exercise it's gonna be step ups alright just like you're stepping up onto a stair all right one foot up on the box stand up and then back down all the way and we're gonna switch alright I have some dumbbells here give me a little extra weight back down if you want to do these just body weight whatever works for you alright so that's my lower body exercise another quick full body exercise it's gonna be a med ball slam I'm gonna take my med ball I'm gonna go overhead with it I'm gonna come up onto my toes a little bit I'm gonna throw it down at the ground everybody loves throwing stuff around alright so we're gonna go up all the way down try to put a hole in the floor damn alright last exercise we got it's gonna be my and exercise stir the pot I got a bowl of chicken noodle soup what kind of soup do you have alright I'm going to put my forearms on the ball I'm going to get in a nice plank position and I'm going to stir around clockwise and I'm gonna switch I'm gonna go counterclockwise alright just a few times feel the ABS we'll have that six-pack by summer all right so I hope you enjoyed another workout Wednesday few exercises you can do when you come in the gym again I'm Nick over at the YMCA Huntington Avenue I hope to see you soon