– What’s goin on, Disc Golf Athletes? Seth here, with Disc Golf Strong, and I’m gonna show you two core exercises that you can utilize
your Disc Golf bag, okay? Whatever kind of bag
you have for disc golf, you’ll be able to use that. I wouldn’t recommend using a cart, but that would be a little dangerous, but you can definitely use a bag. Now, I’ve got a few discs in here that’s gonna load the weight up in my bag. You can start out without
having weight in there, okay? Not having discs in there, or if you wanna add some, you can put that. Even if you wanna go beyond that and start throwin’ some
other stuff in there, some small rocks, whatever you want to
turn into a weight, okay? So, the first one we’re gonna do, the core exercise is the dead bug, where we’re gonna use the bag to get a little more core engagement in the ab muscles. So, looks like this. I’m gonna come here. I’m gonna grab the bag. Hold it, come up, press up, and then I’m gonna go over my head, okay? That weight right there, over my head is going to cause my ab
muscles to engage, alright? More intensely. So, I can start out with just
the level one dead bug here, with the knees bent. My abs are braced like
I’m bracing for a punch. My tailbone’s slightly off the ground, and my left knee is
staying over my left hip. So, I’m not doin’ a lot of motion, okay? Here, or I go to the level two, which is here. And the more I bring this bag over, the more core engagement I’m gonna get. But that doesn’t mean that just because I get more core engagement that I wanna start here, all right? I go about here, and if I need more weight, I don’t really go too far, I’ll just add more discs, or more stuff inside the bag, okay? So we got this one, and then we got this one. Lower down, and up. Next one I’m gonna show
you is a press out. So, I got this bag here, like I said, comin’ down into a tall
kneeling position, we call this, that is my shoulders are over my hip, my hip is over my knee, my toes are pulled towards my knee, so they’re not like that, and I’m actually driving my toes down. I’m gonna hold the bag here, get nice and tall, and I’m gonna brace my abs
like I’m bracing for a punch. I’m gonna squeeze my
glutes together here, okay? Big inhale into the nose, (breathes in) and exhale through the
mouth as I press out. (breathes out) (deep breathing) Okay, I’m trying to
resist from sitting back, from falling forward, or from twisting. So, it’s just a press out, pull in. Like I said, find the weight
that is appropriate for you. You don’t wanna be pressing out and having to lift up like that, okay? Those are two core exercises you can use with your bag. Gets you a stronger,
healthier core for disc golf. Make sure you subscribe
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