I grew up in southeast London I used to I used to play sports and the regular things that people did used to come play football you know and you know basketballs involved in all the sports I wasn't really great at any of them I was good but I never stood out any of them apart from rugby and these times I was I was skinny but shredded so I thought I was big with my brother can that constantly telling me you're skinny you're skinny I decided to you know lift some ways what triggered it for me was going to college and there's one particular guy this guy he basically out of that muscular physique and I remember asking I had to get like he said you know I trained at home that same day I went to a local department store I went there and I just got some ceramic and ceramic weights took those weights and that same day I had my first session and it will sound cliche if I say but literally it was from that first session that I knew exciting I wanted to do the pump was amazing and in funny thing was I wanted to do it as often as I could and the funny thing is you know how you want to fill that pump all the time that's what I was just chasing so and I didn't realize that you know you train and then you need it for a day you come back another day now the way I was doing it was I'll train and then maybe we'll do something else come back train that is what I did date you know date and I loved it from from back then yeah it's running spring came down and said goodbye was getting bigger but that influenced me because it you know was the first time anyone had acknowledged what I was doing and and and before that it was just about just about the feeling you know this this feels great I love doing this because it feels great and that's the thing I tried to get through to people you can train throughout anything you know so you know when people say yeah I don't have time or you know like I can't fit it in with my school life I did it all you know I went to school and studied and worked and change it got to a point where things were really taking off for me so I made that jump and I left I left work and it's funny because it almost immediately and I left it just kicked off like that there's this belief that I have that you can you can have anything if you put put the work into it and it sounds so you know basic but that that I truly believe that that's what drives me daily because of what these these goals that I want I know I'm gonna make them I know I'm going to reach them 100% and it's just it's just stepping stones stepping stones so what motivates me is just that knowledge that you can work at something and make it happen it's a secret that people don't know you can do anything you want to if you want to do something just just just give everything believe in it that belief isn't just when things are going well I think it's even most important when things are going really going bad you can't forget what you're capable on and what you believe you can achieve I was down and didn't have a job and um you know in a pretty rubbish situation you know staying and I was on my brother's sofa you know and you know didn't have a job and was trying hard to get one and you know you can you can get down you can get so down and you might feel on your own as well like you know they know everyone has a luckily I had my brother you know but some people don't have anyone you know what happened was my brother basically one day when I was really feeling feeling down and he just only didn't say much but just makes he said to me please don't think that because this is your situation now that this is all it's going to be and it just gave me a boost you know so even though things weren't going well and there's nothing really on the horizon that just said okay just stay stay stay positive just stay positive because you can turn it around I did them an Xbox now the only thing that I remember from the whole Expo that stood out was the one guy who told me he watched that video when he was in roughly I think a worse situation than I was and he said that that that helped him he said he said he just held on to that I said before that you know he didn't know what he was gonna do but that just said to him keep going and that simple thing I'll keep going can do do wonders with people you know and then the coincidentally I didn't saw him I never Expo and his story was completely different you know he'd he'd he'd me at the time he didn't have a job I think he was I think he's actually homeless I think he told me was almost and now he was like I'm working for coming to the company and things have picked up and that just like that's bigger than anything that's bigger than any endorsement any business venture or anything that they're you know imagine changing someone's life like that that fuels me more than anything more than anything you know because I think we should all you know be wanting to help others that gives me life and that I like is like is me energy that just just knowing that and it definitely feels me because I know how I feel when I hear that you know I just like honey when I hear from that I finally I get my words out that's how passionate I get you know so it's something I'm gonna like continue to try and do no matter how successful or whatever happens always try and bring other people up you know because I think that's what it's all about you know i'm simeon panda i am dedicated