this is Christmas chief accom today we're going to be going over a shoulder workout it's can consist of three different exercises the first one's going to be the seated dumbbell press then we're going to move on into the side laterals using the dumbbells and we're going to finish off with one arm dumbbell front raises so let's get started the first exercise in our shoulder workout today's and consists of the seated dumbbell press you want to make sure you're going to go ahead and use dumbbells nice light set of dumbbells for your first warm-up set of about 12 to 15 reps get the blood in your muscles and get nice and warmed up before we move on to heavier weights one of the keys to the shoulder press is to actually protect your shoulder and one of the main things to do is to not go too low so about eye level and we're arms are parallel your elbows are parallel and then back up you don't want to go all the way down here because that's gonna hurt your rotator so back you want to go nice and up top nice slow down about parallel and the mirror helps out quite a bit here because you can actually see what you're doing and make sure you don't go too low and you can also add you feel it in your shoulders as well if you're go too low it might hurt a little pains or whatnot the second exercise under shoulder workout is going to be side laterals you want to go ahead and grab make sure you've got nice and light weight before you start to make sure you get the technique and movement down correctly when you move up and you raise the dumbbells up you want to go ahead and kinda act like you're tipping and pouring and milk yeah a gallon of milk so you kind of want to twist up and really get a good contraction your shoulders so pouring the milk bottle or pouring the bottle of water the last exercise and our solder worked out is going to be the standing one arm front delta leg raise using the dumbbells so position yourself your feet shoulder width apart one arm at a time the reason about I would say about nose level you don't want to go too high you don't want to come up here with it and you don't want to come here too low right about right about nose level eye level would be the highest want to go and make sure you don't swing you don't want to swing the dumbbell you know you know you're used to heavier weight if you're swinging too low too hard and losing technique so a nice control nice and smooth and top and they smooth coming down this works the front deltoid area of the front area shoulders