so now we’re going to demonstrate active
assisted range of motion exercises in the first in the first exercise in the series
is a table slide with a towel and so JP is going to demonstrate active
assisted flexion of a shoulder by using his other arm to assist it up onto
the table his thumb is going to be pointed up and
he’s going to use mostly his body movement to get the arm forward and
back go ahead and try some of those JP notice how he is leaning his body
forward the elbows during some of the work but really it’s more of an assisted
motion than active so the motion he is doing now is actually
scaption and if he turns his body we’ll go this
way move your leg a little bit more now we have more of a flexion motion now go ahead and do those the third motion we will do is internal and
external rotation be sure to follow any motion restriction
guidelines you may have what he’s going to do here is
place his palm kind of in a downward position so you can put your hand down this time and your shining the table side to side and since JP is tall I would probably have him on a
slightly lower surface but you get the idea from this let you do a few more of those and those are the towel exercises next set of exercises are the active
assisted range of motion exercises with the physioball so this is an option you
can do the table slides that we should before or you can use that physioball and JP
will demonstrate again an active assisted motion of putting his arm up on the ball
with the assistance of his other arm and what he is going to do is just again
lean his body forward and back and let the ball carry his arm into the
motion so this motion is flexion you can actually lunge into it if you
want to there JP so you have better balance so you can put this
foot forward there you go and you want to push it forward into
a stretch comfortable stretch he should feel it in the armpit area we can have JP change his angle a little bit
to forty five degrees and do the motion of scaption again this is
going to stretch the armpit and the ball is going to assist the motion
so go ahead and have you come forty five-degree the next exercise for active assisted
range of motion with the ball is internal and external rotation so you’re going to place your hand on
the ball and just rotate the ball in and out keeping the elbow by your side and the
shoulder down make sure you don’t hike up to shoulder so again notice JP’s shoulder