Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today we’re
gonna talk about the top 3 shoulder exercises. If you’re in a hurry, but you need to get
your exercises in, these are the top 3 to do. Now I’m gonna show you today with weights,
but if you want to use resistive bands, you can go check out my shoulder exercises with
resistive bands videos. So let’s get started. So these exercises we’re gonna use weights.
If you don;t have weights at home, you can use a can of soup or, in this case a can of
beans–the musical fruit–cause they’re good for your heart. So what you can do is lie
down on your side and this is gonna be for external rotation of your shoulder. Now this
is really important to not over rotate your shoulder. So, you;re gonna start with your
arm right by your stomach. Take your can of beans, can of soup, or some weights, and you’re
going to bring it up just to here. You want to keep your elbow right by your side. So
you’re not lifting up like this, but you’re keeping your elbow by your side. If you’re
having a hard time with that, you can roll up a towel, put it there and squeeze the towel
into your side so you’re not moving that elbow away from your body. You’re just gonna come
up to about parallel. This is where it’s important not to way over rotate your shoulder because
then it’s gonna start pressing on things and cause some pain. So you just want to go to
about 90, and then slowly come back down. Now don’t just drop the weight back down,
it’s just as important to go down slowly as it is to come up slowly. So you want to be
nice and controlled, slowly up and down. Now if your can of beans or can of soup becomes
too easy, if you get to about 20 and you’re not feeling that burn where you’re working
the muscles, that’s when you want to bump up the weights. And now if it was your right
shoulder, you’d want to flip over to the other side to do this one, but I’m just gonna go
on to my left shoulder and what you’re gonna do, same kind of thing, you want your elbow
right by your side. You don’t want it out, you don’t want it away from your body, you
want it really close. Now this one’s gonna be internal rotation. So what you’re gonna
do is lift it, bring it straight towards your stomach at that 90 degree angle. So you don’t
want to be down here coming up, and you don’t want to be up here coming up. You want it
to be right perpendicular to your body. Going up, down nice and slowly. Remember the down
is just as important as the going up. If you’re going fast, you’re using momentum and you’re
not using your muscles. So remember if you can get to about 20 and it’s easy, then you
want to bump up your resistance. The last one is gonna be rows, and that’s gonna be
working your shoulders and shoulder blade back here where your scapula is. Now what
you’re gonna do with this one is going to squeeze your arm up. Almost like you’re trying
to pinch your shoulder blades back to the middle of your body. So you’re squeezing up
nice and slow coming back down. So it’s not just coming up and down like this, you really
want to squeeze it back and slowly come back down. Alright, there you have it, those are
your top 3 shoulder exercises. So if you have any other questions, you can leave it in the
comments section below, and if you wanna go check out some other videos, please check
out my website at AskDoctorJo.com. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better