Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Shoulder bursitis
can be a big dill… I mean deal. I’m gonna show you some stretches and exercises to hopefully
get you feeling better, so let’s go. Let’s start off with some simple shoulder circles.
Just take your shoulders and make a circular motion really stretching out the shoulder
and neck muscles. So do about 5 or 10 one way, and then reverse the circle and go the
other way. Really pulling up, down, back, forward. After you do those, then you’re gonna
do some shoulder squeezes. I like to use my elbows just to give myself a target pushing
backwards. But what you’re doing is imagine you’re taking those shoulder blades and squeezing
them together behind you. Just squeezing back, and then coming back in. Do about 5 or 10
of those. And then you’re gonna grab a cane, or a PVC pipe, something that you can use
to move you arm without you actually moving it. So the first one, you’re gonna set your
hand on the bar, this is the movement that you’re gonna make, this is just going along
for the ride. So you’re just brining it up to stretch and then slowly come back down.
After you do about 5 or 10 of those, then you’re gonna do an external rotation. You
want to keep you elbow close to your side. It’s gonna stay by your side the whole time,
you don’t want it coming out. Grab on to the bar, and you’re gonna push this way, taking
your arm out to the side, but make sure, see how my elbow’s staying nice and close to my
side, it’s not going out like that, I’m rotating it outwards. So after you get that nice an
loosened up, then you’re gonna do a scaption motion. Scaption is basically not out here,
not in front, but right at an angle, about a 45 degree angle in between. Thumbs are gonna
be up, and you’re just gonna bring your arms up to a stretch and then slowly come back
down. You don’t want to push through pain with this, you wanna just go to your feeling
a little bit of pain, but not a lot of pain. Cause with that shoulder bursitis, it can
definitely get flared up if you push through it. And then, take a band start off wit ha
light one, maybe like a yellow or a green. Your gonna do a resistive external rotation
now. So keep both elbows by your side. Keep your thumbs up, try and keep your wrists in
a neutral position, and pull out. But remember, you don’t want your elbows coming out, keep
them nice and close to your side. Come out, and then slowly control it back in. There
you have it. Those are your shoulder bursitis stretches and exercises. If you have any questions,
leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to check out some other videos, go to
AskDoctorJo.com Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. And remember, be
safe, have fun (or a dill pickle every once and a while), and I hope you feel better soon.