I thought that he was one the first person at Gold’s Gym that I remember say it was – oh I kind of laughed about it at the time I guess I was maybe I wasn’t ready to embraced it but it always stuck him back in my mind where you know he knew we weren’t trained at the time he goes where the girls – OH [Music] you [Music] this one is a whole nother level and I just realized I don’t know tomorrow so forget love that literally just blew my mind talk about my brother coming out here to train again Wow it’s great it’s I’ve turned a lot of people friendly you know some great minds I think besides the training aspect is the beauty of training with the my’s we have a great friend shirt that I could after the event and went off the deep end and then go to myself not effective workout which is good all the unless not it’s having a great supporting cast and a great teammates around this might be alone to support them every man for himself but at the end of the day is even energy able to surround yourself with that gives off that positive vibes and energy it was in the day when you come to train you hit someone that’s constantly checking on you know the lists of that most people don’t really wanna think about some time where there’s a cavity joints at the same time I think we had a conversation earlier in the year and I just told them you know and not like your regular guy like don’t be afraid to push me I did we’ve never had a conversation again which for me is good because I hate in one place that I feel as if I’m in control of this in the gel but I could still walk in the gym and matter of controlling because we already had our talk that’s a hey you know at ABC of daily life the forty pounds might look appealing but key to the 60s whatever you feel is gonna get me to learning to be or you know walking in German as I get out of your feel the mindset as a family and we won’t raise it because I might be able to get start to dissolve my chest off my mind that might otherwise cloud I judge then sort out my mindset stop me from pushing myself beyond alone and thus good when you have that relationship with the trainer anything that’s past our prime Godfather moly man mr. glass waited to surround yourself with and sometimes as I’m gone off the deep end with Charles and it just takes it in and then we go and we go on training and we all get that from the people that we admire the people that help us to get to where we are right now and is continuing to push this one you know I just had a conversation with standard I’m very thankful that I’m able to work with Charles and there’s a sido you know looking at picture at Christie on the wall you understand that what it takes for us to do what we’re doing the same thing with Charles where the seams are you know meeting someone you know like a model while back and I think he was when the first person at Gold’s Gym that I remember say it was – oh I kind of laughed about it at the time I guess I wasn’t it I wasn’t ready to embraced it but it’s always still came back to my mind war you know even though we weren’t trained at the time it all gonna go mr. o and this year we’ve develop a really good friendship and a great working relationship check that I think can only get better from the air just make sure hate to say this quite thank you that was perfect timing I think just off see society great and then she’s gonna be any better I see myself long-term working with the bomb I just I love having good energy and good vibes and people understand take this you know what this is our squad this is our channel and if we have that right now who’s having that Ryder got clay and hidden Haven helped us a lot more when we trained to just focus and block out the when you walk in the gym I know that’s a lot to say but in other words he’s great it’s been a long time coming hey Sean said I’ve been for a long time a lot of times on the outside looking in look at him sometimes coming in but now being hands-on it’s kind of hard to find the words but I thought I depended clicking he’s like my big goal in here when I’m going for like more smaller ways Holloway I’m gonna be able to really express yourself however you want to express his life each other okay are you into this girl for you you talk about pretty much anything buddy to the side they go hit the gym and like I said it’s rider dive this is my man this is our team that’s anything I care this is it Charles put it here in position the intro pretty much all my life I remember watch the Sun and you know the videos when you’re dealing in like the Train the food is that – hoodies oh that was another one hanging up like that it’s a connection and I was just for me watching the TV and when he came in the goals we were sitting on the bench and put your chin in and he started eating a muffin and enough power they did then slowly step by step he started to become more part of the game the one thing right now it like is beautifully because everything has happened organically it was amazed stepping on anybody’s hairs like the plan this is lined up I guess to some adversity made us come together we were stronger I miss Hardy to be a part of history there’s only get better man come on I tell everyone just wait and see that’s a no-no we had this conversation this year friggin best is yet to come Park my way [Music] subscribe to our YouTube channel subscribe click follow