>>DAVE: Hey, everybody. It’s Dave here,
and I’m here with my lovely wife, Monica and we’re gonna talk about the Insanity Nutrition Plan. It’s August 1st today, so we’re gonna be doing our fit test today and kicking it off soon. And, as we all know, nutrition is
the key to any fitness program, so we are going to follow the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan. And, Monica has it all figured out,
so she’s going to tell you about it. >>MONICA: Alright, thanks Dave. I just wanted to quickly tell you
that the success tips that I think are going to help you really, really knock this
elite nutrition plan out of the ball park. The most important thing is to read the Nutrition Plan.>>DAVE: Yes>>MONICA: You know, it is really comprehensive,
but fairly simple when you break it down. And, then, the second thing is thing
is to take the time to plan ahead. And, then, commit to whatever you
decide that, whatever meals you’re gonna plan. So, I wanted to show you how easy
and quickly you could put together your meal plan. But, let me explain to you a little
bit about how the Elite Nutrition is structured. So, basically, Dave and I are going
to have different caloric needs. He’s gonna need more, I’m gonna need less. The Elite Nutrition Plan for Insanity
is structured so that there are five power meals throughout the day. And, they run about 300 calories each. And, then, based on your caloric needs,
can add an additional 100 to 200 calories per meal. And, then, they even have additional
calories on top of that, but for the five meals, the basis is 300, and then
you can add…you can increase it to 400 or 500 calories. So, I thought I’d just show you very
quickly what I have committed to eating today… Day 1 of Insanity. Each of the meals in the plan are titled. They, you know, I mean, they…really,
really, really genuis-ly…”Cereal Bowl.” Meal #2 is…Deli Sandwich. Meal #3 is Shakeology. Meal #4 is Sashimi. And, the last meal for the day, for me today, is the Brown Rice Bowl.>>DAVE: Just take a second to talk to
us about this little book you got here and what you’re pulling out,
and how you can set all this up.>>MONICA: Yeah. Yeah. Well, my background’s elementary education, so, in addition to laminating everything, I also took the diet plan and just for
the pages of the diet, I photocopied those pages and, then cut them into like kind of deal of meal plan, so I just put into this 4×6 photo album and then, so all Meal 1 is… Meal 1, Meal 2, Meal 3… and I literally can look through it
and decide what’s already in my pantry and what’s already in my refrigerator. I don’t need to go out buy and shop for all new things. We always have bananas. We always have apples. We always have cereal. We always have deli meat, so…>>DAVE: Alright, so what’s on for today?>>MONICA: For today, we are going with
the cereal bowl, the deli sandwich, our Shakeology, of course. We’re gonna have some sashimi and then a brown rice bowl. So, I wanted to just break it down for you. I already have Meal 1 planned in here. The ingredients are simple. It’s a cup of high protein cereal… …whole grain cereal. They give you Kashi Go Lean as an example. And, then…and, then, 1 tablespoon of flax seeds. So, they’re already in there. Now, just to show you, and then you
would…and, then I wouldn’t add the milk or almond milk or soy milk ’til the very end. But, my Meal 1…and, our Shakeology always calls for a banana in the meal plan for Insanity. So, I looked in the back, in the substitutions… and, the half banana that I would
get at breakfast, I’d get an apple instead. So that’s Meal 1. Meal 2 is the Deli Sandwich. Again, really simple. I’ve already measured out the 2 ounces
of the deli meat using my food scale, which I highly recommend having a food scale, your measuring cups, and, your measuring cup. Ha…that was brilliant. And, I already have my reduced fat
cheese and my slice of bread. So, that is very simple.>>DAVE: So, now you can just button
all of this up and take it on the road.>>MONICA: Absolutely! And, it’s tomatoes to taste,
so I’ve got my two tomatoes ready to go. So, if you can see them there,
I’ll put them there for you. So, Meal 1, Meal 2…Meal 3 is Shakeology. With Shakeology, I get to throw in a whole banana. And, then…>>DAVE: And, I get to add peanut butter.>>MONICA: Okay.>>DAVE: Because I get more calories, right?>>MONICA: You get to add flax seeds. And, you can add…>>DAVE: Oh, that’s the cereal.>>MONICA: Oh, I’m sorry…haha. But, really plan ahead, read. Uh, yes, you’re right. You get to add peanut butter. So, he gets to add peanut butter and he can
even increase his scoops of Shakeology. But, I don’t get to get that. For 299 calories, I get this. The milk, that’s going to go in. I think it’s a half a cup of almond milk, water, ice, and then my banana. There’s meal…>>DAVE: Almond milk. Go with the almond milk.>>MONICA: Yum! So, there’s Meal 3. And, now Meal 4 is Sashimi. So, I already have the tuna. Pre-made, we like it a little bit
cooked, but don’t tell anyone. And, you know, it’s that simple. You add the salad. You add the half a cup. So, I go, its always of brown rice, which I always have some precooked for me. Then, I get to add the two
ounces of dressing, which I won’t put on top until the time that I’m actually gonna eat the meal.
And, I’m done. But, you know…>>DAVE: Yum>>MONICA: …for us working
people having this prepared ahead of time… and, of course, I’m going with Missy Costello tempered glass… go green. No BPAs. But, you know, be realistic with the needs of your family. If it’s a Ziplock, plastic container…throw it in. And, then, the last meal of the day
for Dave and I is gonna be the Brown Rice Bowl. I get a third of a cup of peas, a third of a cup of corn. I’ve already precooked all of our chicken and chopped
them into two ounce…and, put ’em into two ounce bags. Or, actually there are two ounces
of chicken in a little snack bag. So, it’s very simple because when
it’s time to go for that particular day, I throw it in there. Again, I get a half a cup of cooked brown rice. And, I throw that in. This feels like a cooking show.>>DAVE: It is.>>MONICA: And, then, that’s it! And, then, for Dave’s caloric needs, all I would
do is add a little more rice, a little more chicken, depending on what the amount is. But, it is truly that simple.>>DAVE: Yeah.>>MONICA: Now I have my five meals planned and prepared. I am a 100% setup for success today. The only thing I have to do now is commit. And, allow…and, take each meal at a time. Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps.>>DAVE: Don’t forget to do your Insanity either, you know.>>MONICA: Yeah.
>>DAVE: You’re going to want to take care of that. >>MONICA: And, to get your workout in. And, log in to WOWY. >>DAVE: That’s right.>>MONICA: Anyways, we are so excited
to be on the 60 day journey with you. Your thoughts and your encouragement
is equally as important. We hope to offer you the same and
we’ll see you every single day for 60 days.>>DAVE: Alright guys, let’s get it done.