The hip pain started several years ago. I
have what’s labeled as osteoarthritis. I basically wore the cartilage in my hip. So it was bone-on-bone, and whenever you have that bone-on-bone, it hurts. And so what happens while I walk a
lot, I used to be a jogger. No more. I had heard a lot about Dr. Peter Hanson,
and so he was my choice. And he agreed to do my surgery and it was a phenomenal experience. He is like a miracle worker in terms of a surgeon. I was in the hospital like two nights; I was
up walking right away, climbing stairs. In fact, they labeled me as a rock star. I was
doing so well. All the care at Sharp was just incredible.
All the way from my surgeon, Dr. Hanson, to the nurses, to the people that come in and
make sure you have a warm blanket at night and make sure you’re tended to. And anytime I needed something, I just pressed a button and there was an immediate response. I grew up basically riding horses, and after
when my hips started hurting at first years ago, I stopped the horseback riding, and after the first hip replacement I did not get back on a horse. And I was told that I could, but
I just recently did since last November and my latest hip surgery. I was back on a horse, I was riding, I rode out on the beach, which was an incredible experience. I can’t say enough about Sharp. I can’t say
enough about Dr. Hanson and his ability to fix a hip and bring a person back to a lifestyle that I had before.