Would you travel without exploring information and without getting advice on where you want to go? Would you buy a house without discussing what you are looking for? It is not easy when making health care decisions. In your experience, do you always follow the professional’s advice without regrets? Do you feel that you and your preferences are the focus of care? In contrast, as a professional, do you think you understand the complexity behind the scenes? Health situations are often complex and perplexing. Making decisions when facing uncertainties as well as life and death is even more distressing. Join Prof Elwyn, a leader committed to Shared Decision Making practice and research. He will explain to you how this collaborative process integrates a patient’s preferences and priorities into treatment options. A Patient’s needs are complicated, multifaceted and challenging to fulfill. Have you ever dreamt of having a cool team of health professionals to re-engage you into a positive life? This interprofessional collaborative initiative synergizes the strengths among health care allies to drive optimal clinical practice and health outcomes. Renowned experts in the various health care fields share their first hand experiences, eliciting profound insights and wisdom about interprofessional collaborations. We are so excited to see this IP collaboration MOOC course being launched And we wish to build this partnership culture among health care stakeholders Enroll now. And we look forward to seeing you all.