okay this bike good can be second just fix it hello sorry sorry sorry I don't know what's happened to just like it and it's moving and just accidentally touched at bottom then it's gone oh I was like no way so funny I'm getting back so sorry keep you with you and categorizing and let's get at it but we make it a more shoot but more concentrate all right good first hands together album and give you patience and now heavy breathing every joint release bounce you can up to five six seven eight nine ten push me back keep your leg straight and hands reach the phone can be your hamstring and stretch drop down for ten times gently move one two three four five six seven eight nine ten okay slowly stand up nice easy good hands up which after spruce take please okay I'm calm down okay again movin hands up reach the roof your whole body stretch and release good news okay what if I become for me my life is moving anything back hands up most more potentially please move one two three four five six seven eight nine ten check out the sign gender easing up a hill top down let's move go talk coming hands stop on this set move hands together generally move to three but you've been for ten five okay hold on recover change other side one gently to move three four lower five can hold up take this gently moving your hands from the left side hold down take a breathe good change website through the side muscle stretching hey breathe good and move back slowly okay good then put it back move with hands gently make a circle move move one two three four five six seven eight nine three bars one two three four five six seven eight nine ten kids to the be more loose move legs shaking the light keep your muscle and advise the state K fingers fingers loose who deep inhale exhale one more time inhale exhale okay and go out rolling one two three four five check outside one two three four five good okay let the bones okay good guilty good move one two three four one two three four eat up Sampson one two three four yo G to swallow it ah-choo ah-choo sure nothing good Thank You brains can be hamstring stretch include knee up love you pull it across your body I know some of you may be shaken by Cuba arm and little cross can you breathe stretch kick understand have your name close mom and the knee reach your chest and if across that's it and drop them okay good ha okay take a breather ready and just double check if it didn't work okay seems okay now continue getting ready now I just move your neck make them wider move your with to the red side just gently can you touch what is the on the right side you feel you the suntan and stretching push you a hip hop down down down and hold them use exhale good and slowly move and the side drop down top down okay hold there take a breathe good and move back that's better that's better and the hands on the central keyboardist tree on the right like like a tree trunk and ten body understand gently wolf one two three four five six seven eight no tension outside to the stream right only body ten right move our Sun they're cheap back and Gio has up finger relaxed shoulder relaxed swing swing swing go one two three four five six seven eight nine ten okay let's get ready for camp overnight in the monstrance okay keep losing the muscle now what I need follow me deep squat space your life we should same level hands up drop down slowly and down almost over okay yes Frank right shake it the bank okay keep your massive muscle good next my boot up the whole stands jump close down his back give me okay first I need to move that all right Randy Moss that way and jump don't stand out keep the lower ready go chop chop yeah so two five second him up five okay Wow nice now I can feel the legs above me relax it now basically stronger loosening your mean and ankle and your thigh muscle shaking the night keeping breathe okay find your own time digest and keep relax okay now I spent it up now need deep squat one more time this time with the kick watch me first okay deep squat come up kick him Scott come up kick okay basically push out and kick push out and kick turn stronger you're right make you move more deep more longer later on when you want to keep haha easy ready 30 times you're ready okay must be deep drop down okay go kick kick kick yeah yeah you know what yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh good okay now it's a muscle budding but he's the good of the bunny okay relax the muscle take your breath oh okay hands on shaking has a minion with your body ball flat take a breath whoo never easy there's nothing easy you're always training yeah always again okay very good after all night they've been losing moving moving keep them energy through it right that unit okay hands up and I must leave my stretch bring them up good and check other side and please okay okay right now it's a really good time can you fit in easily come up same time and your balance and concentrating gg3 the ruse stance would be like ready go concentrate everybody relax you can keep hearing me but don't concentrate on me okay hear my voice but concentrate are your movement keep moving me up don't stay there if you're the blue five more seconds five four oops three two one okay thanks ready ah remove it moving it up keep a challenge they can feel more glued back hamstring I bought it carry on come on second ten nine hey come on come on the shitty keep going six five four three two one okay relax pay Oh shake the back sorry I forgot to mention this is the my Cooper second slightly different okay shaking the muscles relax okay okay it's been a while but you're able to move right hip drop down the site can you move you come back you move down the side you come be the central drop down to my knee look at this and come back really imagine like a come back some defends you move you come back this is the center line ready follow me move back move back the hands grab you support go and back go okay so now I know – hi true come on ah so come on wah wah bah bah sure yes Oh Oh take a breathe right relax okay next even more easy now after years to the top and drop down I'll continue button don't have the job done continually laughs okay me can you study times follow my dream go ah so good oh no Jim ah Jill sure 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 ee ah ah wha are you okay I have this one have you come with my stretching up when they needed you krump okay engineer you up grab your feet view this area is stretching hold up take a breeze relax your muscle again and check on the side here drop crap keep to spite you have area stretch and breathe okay that's good enough ha again that's a morsel for the next reasoning special what are we training is nothing shouting stab the shoulder come who is more concentrated more specialist under the legs they have a – shouting in China – those rights and knocks we're a we're training the staff is coming nonsense there there's a more concentrated on the legs standing lacks of flexible that would have been treading in as the first rinsing for your lack okay just probably give me some idea okay next we go to the generator power but from the legs from the grunt basic movement by the pretty hard now those days one am training only training these things really do pay homage here find you all forms of weapons in the end of the day you could open all depends your foundation that is a ritual Khufu okay let's get back now here so now training don't any stay together okay all concentrate on the side see this wow wow wow move you me and the head transfer the power to your patch guys went stream went street and street but patch now you know quality please can slowly continue ready go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 1 2 3 4 5 haha one and two three four and five six seven eight nine ten one two okay nothing special everything basic most of the hard thing is keep a constant in your training mix them in good instead thousands is happening that's what I had learned this many years right see the simple movement right we'll just need a walking man and how we are 200 years old okay ready you got nice that really good come the power the coordination how are you doing each is doing walk together transfer the power to your patch okay please do pay attention about the knee area sometime you really move that see this for the head I really wish you move that here 45 come back move come back but I really need this area I'm coming that's the power coming from get right ready whole stance is no trouble busting out little bit halfway right gently one chicken you like Street back two three four five keep looking you don't move forward I don't like this give us a rerun I'll give you the motion is spinning spinning punch punch punch go hey hey hey bend his stream stream ah yeah pow pow go go one two three four five six seven eight nine come on go one two three four five six seven eight nine yes Wow oh that's happy now hopefully I really hope that camera work I really hope you were that fool of me all right otherwise you can't feel that experience feel that happiness how we gonna swim when you have during an experience that you really know what I'm talking about okay every second quickly that we check really wish the camera work so walk anyone have a chance to give a thumbs up or just happening yes anyone there who hello hello oh yeah where's out how good grog is there well done crack yes ha John scared we get typical gaming good of our down thank you and this I as usually happened you know some time before I was there by my own and training like for the five minutes now when I come back a chick uh uh snow her hair so thank you okay okay second stronger your bum strong your stomach ten nine eight seven six five four three two you know one hold on there five seconds only but across from five four three what pooja okay oh my god oh wow okay did you do that I know summer we go ready drop attack by Cuba can look at my sweat oh oh the room is small yes good whoo that's Bonnie hey breathe relax back show their fingers Mongoose okay no only power K most time the whole body work a scheme they can gently the power more smoothly time effaced now money years teaching experience tell me that most time we are accustomed to punch the power but we really forgot how the power coming from where they come from that's why I want to reduce the power become more concentrated on your whole body did not make sense you see the different times if you're not power in there but when I do this to paint the head the body the breeze once this smoothly working fluid the power haha just come out naturally okay that's how we like sharing services make sure no need to see the result to see the journey how we start okay I think in the right will be saying instead we only need to do only to do something to finish to complete something but we really need to take a bit more time and breathe to feel you to remember them just thinking when we start how it going to reach there okay I hope you understand back to the training cool is the same things as always told you slow down okay then can vu that moment emotion okay back to punch should reduce what can up cat in the central come back to waste go up stop there stop stop no over to find you know where you're gonna stop stop stop 1 2 3 4 5 6 don't power you're near your feet grab on the flop go flu one two three four Moses sugar body crack your pad boom boom boom boom panicking Wilson boy you're trending making from online moving one two three four keep going back two three four five yeah ah Sam Soon whoa they were two back to go one two three four five six seven eight nine go go one two three four five six seven eight now Google one two three Oh so pick up or pick up this is ass with us okay what take a breath relax me breathe relax whoa Wow okay having a better ha okay come to know the flick that's trimming the power okay that's about a wish you much rather step it every we do need this to empower their album not only that our practice that's jus it really important think about traditional cool they have a flip and Marcia I'll give you much times it move flash as well boxing them post actually hold working this same thing let's do this one for the side not you're pretty relaxed boom boom hands up take a bridge slowly moving fear the paint breathe raw raw raw raw please move feel the movement feel the hatch through the students from the insider where you go rah rah come on challenge move move row row row your self huh that's good haha feel the muscle oh yeah like a boom boom boom boom which means walk figure relax your breath loose say yeah I'm straight like a swim can you sugar finger relax sugar relax move move wing wing wing wing finger relax okay look at my hands and become a right which means a good relaxation the blood doesn't move to your hands okay next one almost up quickly we're up grab you come back this is training your resting power grab come back position hey make some hole take a so going back for a min go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 times 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 come on three four five six seven eight nine thirty ah that's good you're the muscles because lost time we need to drop block cry really need this blogging crap plug-in crap for me even come for not only arms there so I always take a circle back circle back so this is the resting not only can wrap you can bring them in and that's why they have motion Circle Circle Circle okay okay one more to go why not okay thanks we hop in top top top up okay seasoning and make you shave your body constantly make this like a stronger because later on we use kicking kicking loss is dispensing okay just happening one two three four five six seven eight nine ten more one two three four five six seven eight nine ten other side keep up with this smaller you bought this curve okay nice abundant stream which means open Bend okay up close hiding like a monkey one two three four five six seven eight nine ten now go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 yo know everything it's high okay good okay take a breath relax me so this purpose is really is what the preparation for this some accountant for the coming up or event in 2013 with summer camp really that the purpose is really for you to do some work already before you coming up all right so if you know it what – coming this year for the lower stomach and you still can treat it as suits me walk up okay so if you were coming they're already working this one five five times okay and this watch back was again for the pace to five more times now so I will release other workout and preparation special oh my god sorry my other classes are coming just hang on so thank you for joining me – scoffs thumbs up and say hi to me let me know you are there okay keep a while stay smile be cool thank you good okay hello hello hello hello who finished the event chip active finished even