what’s going on guys mark from
superhuman fitness and as you can tell by the title and the thumbnail we’re at a
planet fitness and it’s one thing like actually going to like a planet fitness
but I can’t believe I’m going to go into one and pay like if I go in like
I’ll see a friend like hey Mark I didn’t know you go here and im like no bro i dont go here i dont you so I think Bradley Martin was talking
about how these feel good believe people like your forearm rests
on that harder on your grip but it actually feels like really good doing a
pull up all right these are like the heaviest they got ah boy
what you gotta say about that? No lunk alarm *alarm sounds* okay so the heaviest they got for dumbbells is 60s heaviest they got for these is 60s too its like a toy bro you can just toss it around yeah a fun the height from over help me
are you dead we had the flag was way too sweet wasn’t display it exactly no but
the wait for light the one someone affords is guy didn’t record it room to
go yeah we’re gonna bring it off we’re gonna get it up again okay you know this alarm stop where you stop please way needn’t call me this trike usually one
dog excuse me both days later cookies and I
know what here Bert yeah go end up my place okay ah the one please tell me little bear
yawning what second oh wait relatively ridiculous can do is reading come on boy
just reading you can see what he’s leaving dude it just just doing 250 no
to the wait it means like I loved waist oh yeah yeah
did you like to wait to benefit me what you do goodbye Planet Fitness thank you
for for everything