– In this session of the
Autism Explained online summit, our topic is Exercise for
Self-esteem and Sensory Regulation with Elise Muller. So, Elise is an autistic
athlete that plays Aussie Rules football
for Essendon’s VFLW team, and runs Elise Muller Active Support, where she provides mentoring, speaking and autism consultancy services. So Elise, what are we talking about today? – Today we’re talking
about world domination. No, today we are talking about how autism has helped me to get to find success in the community. We’re talking about how
my interest in sport has helped me find connection, has helped me overcome
the parts of my autism that have been hard,
and has also helped me utilize the strengths of my
autism to connect to the world. – So that’s gonna be really good, make sure you check it out.