My name is David Basile and I live in Enfield
Connecticut I’ve mainly used the psychic mediumship class I took level 1 psychic mediumship with
Lisa and Heather and also I’ve gone to some of the psychic circles that they do. I’ve Al Richmond from Westfield, Mass I’ve
Marcia Richmond from Westfield, Mass. More recently I’ve gone to take the beginner’s
psychic class and the advanced psychic class and so Heather and Lisa talk together in those
particular two classes and well I think they have a real commitment to every student in
a way that you know, they will be there for you long after the class is over and during
the class for whatever you need, they really give it their all, and I think that’s kind
of exceptional that that happens. Hi I’m Judy Glynn and I live in Springfield
Massachusetts I was at a psychic fair, a couple of summers ago and I was wondering around
kind of bored and I saw that they had an opening for readings and I decided, I think I’ll stop. I had never met them before, and get a reading,
and they gave me a very very expansive reading and everything and at the time in my life
the things that they told me I went- yeah right! That’s easy for them to say and I kind of
just was very skeptical until six or seven months later when I started getting that information
over and over and over and finally acted on it. So the next time I had the opportunity to
meet them, I had to tell them so that I could validate what they had originally told me
I had to tell them what they told me was miles ahead of everyone else. My name is Judy Mitrowski and I live in South
Windsor, Connecticut. I met Heather first I took a class with her
at the VNA in Vernon and then a couple years later when Lisa came around I met Lisa. I am in the psychic development group. Hi I’m Kaylee I’m from North Haven- and I’m
Sherry I’m from Andover. I met Heather through a friend of mine, Shannon
and she had referred me to go see Heather. I met Heather and Lisa through Sherry. I did all my Reiki classes through them and
I attend psychic circle. And I have attended all their Reiki and I
also have some psychic one and two. I’m Mike Guillemette I live in Tolland, Connecticut. I met Lisa and Heather at a Vernon adult eduction
course they were teaching Reiki 1. That was at the high school in Vernon. So far I’ve taken a couple of Reiki courses,
and those have been really good, I haven’t really had time to do anything else. My name is Chelsea Lancaster, and I’m pretty
much a transient. I actually found Heather’s service online
through just a general psychic website before her and Lisa were business partners I met
Lisa after a few psychic sessions with Heather. So I have received psychic readings from both
Heather and Lisa, I have received a Reiki healing session from them, and I have attended
their beginner psychic development class. I my name is Susan Bissonnette, I live in
Vernon Connecticut. Lisa and I went to school together we both
graduated from the Learning Institute in Bethany, Connecticut we both started the Integrative
Health and Healing program back in September I think of 2013 so we became friends through
that. She’s done Reiki on me, the Tibetan bowl therapy,
she’s done some readings for me, she’s excellent at all of them- and sometimes we would meet
before class, with another classmate of ours, Lisa, another Lisa and we would hang out here
and practice some things before class so- she’s done it for me professionally and she’s
also done it to me- done different things for me personally. My name is Carol Dobson, I live in Ellington,
Connecticut. Classes at the high school- Reiki 1, all the
Reiki training. Ellen from Coventry. I actually met Heather at a fair and started
working with her for some psychic stuff. I went through all of Reiki training with
them. They are wonderful teachers- they take the
time to explain things, they love what they do and I definitely shows. How did I feel after my first experience? I felt really good, I felt confident it what
I was doing and comfortable about what I was doing and what I was exploring about myself,
and just got the sense that I was OK to explore that part of myself. I feel absolutely wonderful. I can’t describe it. They make me feel as if it’s really worth
while and I really am accomplishing something. Very good. Because you connect with other people and
its another form of connecting with spirit. Marvelous. Reiki is like miraculous at healing things
and almost always leaves me with a good spiritual overall sense of well-being. Yeah- Reiki’s been really validating for a
lot of the traditions I’ve studied, and the Buddhist’s are really good at like quantifying
everything in a really nice way so- Reiki’s been like a very good practical kind of healing
art. Physically and spiritually I feel lighter,
you know- something kind of like a balloon just very- like I’ve had a weight lifted off
of me. Very peaceful, very open to different intuitive
kind of signs like maybe more open to receiving something that you didn’t even know that you
could receive. Very relaxed is probably it to- it’s very
very relaxing. I feel much calmer. It allows me to leave the stresses of the
day behind and just relax. Really really good. I’m usually the one performing it, but I still
get the same euphoric feeling from it. Do I feel that psychic mediumship is generally
misunderstood? I really believe that it is- I think that
people have a lot of preconceived notions about it particularly when it comes to some
religious beliefs, and practices and I think it gives it a negative light, where it’s really
actually a gift. Absolutely- because of the influence unfortunately,
of religion. I think humans have always had listened to
people who are gifted in those ways and I think it’s just recently the last 500, 1000
years that some cultures decided that this is not a good idea. I think it’s better now- I think there has
been a lot of misconceptions in the past and I think like anything else in life there could
be a lot of people who take advantage of that, and don’t you know, trying to make a buck
and so I think to say that Lisa is intuitive is a really term. So I think intuitive’s definitely something
that speaks to a lot of people on a different level. People are afraid of it. They’re afraid of unseen energy that they
can’t- you know that scientists don’t talk about, don’t measure. We are a science-based society- and therefore,
people don’t like to believe or understand things that they can’t see. Very much so- especially energy work in general
I think, although I think its changing, that people have the idea that energy work is just
sort of nonsense and doesn’t really do any good- but I’ve seen too many things that say
otherwise. It doesn’t take the place of medicine, ever
but it definitely adds a lot to it and compliments it nicely. I would say to someone to make them more comfortable
to just trust in yourself and that it’s ok and that it’s a gift from God, or a higher
power, however you view that, and that it’s ok to explore it. I think Serenity Grove sets themselves apart
just in the way they’re very open and honest and just really kind of put themselves out
there- it’s kind of hard to explain I think sometimes there’s other groups I’ve been involved
with and they seem like they’re a little more within themselves, and Heather and Lisa seem
like they’re very open and out there, and always messaging and sending- always making
themselves available I guess is the best way- and letting people know what is available
and what services they’re doing and what seminars they’re going to be doing. They really resonate with me they’re teaching
style, their coaching style has just been perfect for me at this point in my path it’s
been great. I think it’s more intense. They put a lot of intensity in it and a lot
of development in it. I’ve gotten to know them both personally more. They’re taught me a lot- a lot of good tools
to like- understand like how I’m changing through the process of becoming a Reiki practitioner
and how to find validation within my own traditions for that and that’s been really helpful. Well personally I feel like they’re very spot
on, and they’re very personable, they are very loving which is something I haven’t experienced
in any other reading I have received- and um they definitely want the best for you-
they want you to succeed in your self, in your own spiritual journey. I think the personal service- I met Heather
through Lisa and I have recommended them to many of my- my family’s been, friends have
been, and just raved about them. They actually really care about people, they
really do- they really want to help people- it’s very personalized service, it’s not like
you’re leaving a message and never getting a call back you’re always being talked to,
personally, in a quick, response-ful way, and I think also if you’re not sure what you’re
really looking for they’ll take the time to talk to you and know what service that they
can provide that would be the best fit for you. I like that there’s two Reiki master teachers,
since I took the Reiki master training, you really get a lot of balance with two different
teachers. And some of my training was private, at my
house- so it was wonderful. It was really nice. I’ve learned that intuition is a more powerful
force than I thought it was and that there’s always a way to validate your intuition if
you’re perceptive at all. Trust, trust myself. I’ve learned to trust. I’ve learned to trust my instincts and my
intuition. I don’t know, I feel like I can understand
myself better, if that makes sense. It’s made me more spiritual, more, definitely
understanding of my own gifts. That I
have to learn how to open up more, that I do have talents but I just have to learn how
to have more courage. I’ve learned my unlimited potential, I’ve
learned who and what I am- I’ve connected deeply with myself, I’ve learned that life
is more than what meets the eye. That I am more intuitive than I thought- between
the schooling that I received and my friendship with Lisa, she’s really helped me open up
to a lot of things that maybe I just didn’t notice before, that I’ve become a little bit
deeper and a little bit more thoughtful about. I would I think anyone who would want to either
learn about Reiki or healing or developing their psychic abilities I would definitely
trust Lisa and Heather and would refer someone to them before I would anyone else. I have recommended Serenity Grove to friends. Anybody that wants to find their spiritual
expression in a healing sense- I mean you know Reiki for people, Reiki for animals-
they have a class coming up this coming year at Vernon for Reiki for animals, well you
know who doesn’t want to help their dog or cat with a stiff hip? Absolutely! Anybody that’s really open to learn. …and has thought that they’ve had these
abilities but haven’t really brought them forth, they’re the people to totally go and
see. I would say anybody, like anybody could benefit
from the multitude of the services that they provide- whether they’re conscious of it or
not, I know that they will. Anyone that’s interested. You don’t have to truly believe- as long as
you have an open mind they will be able to explain anything that you need explained. Any level. Any level at all. Anybody from beginners to somebody who thinks
they’ve come a long way, there’s gonna be something there that’s going to be for you. Somebody that comes in with an open mind,
I think they could probably work with anyone- I think Lisa could convince anybody of anything,
quite frankly. But, somebody would have to- even if they
just came in questioning some things, they’ll spend the time with them to help answer their
questions, so even if it’s somebody in the novice level that really doesn’t know much
about maybe intuitive work or energy work for example- if they come in and see them
and spend time with them they’ll become much more informed. My friend Rachael really has a lot of gifts
and she’s done Reiki 1, and she’s had some very interesting experiences as well, and
she would be someone that I think would get a lot from meeting with Heather and Lisa. Someone who’s into natural healing, who is-
has taken holistic measures to take care of their health, the Reiki training is just another
step in that direction to take my health to a higher place. That’s the word, “resonating”. “Wonderful.” “Connected.” “Opening.” “Life-Changing.” “Moving.” “Awesome!” – “Awesome.” “Transformative” would probably be another
good word for it. “Amazing.”“Wonderful.” Guys I love you, I am so appreciative and
grateful for everything that you’ve taught me and everything that you are. Keep up the good work, you guys are doing
a great job and- as you been growing together and learning together yourselves, I think
it’s translated into your students in a nice and wonderful way. Thank you. It’s been a great trip so far and I look forward
to going further. I want to say “thank you”, to both you guys,
for being such great teachers and being that beacon of light that I really needed here
in Connecticut. So that you for just being who you are and
having my back here. Ladies, thank you for wonderful years, the
training that you’ve given me has increased my knowledge so much, I appreciate it. “Thank you Serenity Grove.”“Thank you Serenity Grove!” “Thank you Serenity Grove.” “Thank you Serenity Grove!” “Thank you Serenity Grove.” “Thank you Serenity Grove.” “Thank you!” “Thank you Serenity Grove.” “Thank you Serenity Grove!” “Thank you Serenity Grove.” This is greatest gift I’ve ever given myself-
they are amazing, they really are. They um, they told me not to say I was paid
for this interview.