Here at Loveland Village we have a very
strong culture of wellness. My name is Evan Schones I’m the wellness director here at Good Samaritan Society Loveland Village and my job is to put together a
wellness program that as many people can benefit from as possible whether you
live in healthcare whether you live in assisted living or whether you live in
senior living we just like to offer classes for anybody at anytime so that
they can get the most benefit and do something that they feel comfortable
with we also have a full gym and in our gym we have state-of-the-art equipment
including two treadmills that will go either uphill or downhill we’ve got an
elliptical recumbent bicycles we have a seated elliptical that is actually very
comfortable so people who think that they cannot do an elliptical find that
they can use this piece of equipment. So when you come here you’re not just
thrown to the wolves. We’ll orient you to the equipment give you some exercises
that we feel will work the best and go from there
and then it’s up to you to do what feels right for you. As far as the classes go
we do offer I believe, at last count it was 28 classes each week that
we offer so a really wide variety including four levels of balanced class
two different types of strength training class we have drumming a gentle waves
water fitness class everything for every level. We find that people who engage in
the exercise classes really find there’s a greater sense of social well-being and
self empowerment. O ur goal as a wellness team is to help empower people and
encourage people to do as much as they possibly can and even more than they
think they can and carry that over into everyday life so that you can meet small
challenges and wellness to help you make meet those bigger challenges in everyday
life that you may face.