-I think one of the things
everybody asks the candidates is,
“How will you work with — If elected, how will would you
work with Republican senators, especially the Senate isn’t
taken back by Democrats? How will you work with
Mitch McConnell?” Obviously, in climate change,
with healthcare, in both those cases,
you will have to deal with the corporate interests
of those industries. Do you feel as though you can
have a partnership with them moving forward
or do you think they see your plans as so against their
sort of better interests that it will be contentious? -The healthcare industry,
last year, made $100 billion in profit, when many
millions of people can’t even afford the
prescription drugs they need or go to the doctor
when they should. And I think
most Americans now understand that we need a healthcare system
which is designed to provide quality care to all people, not
to make $100 billion in profit for the insurance companies
and the drug companies. And that’s what we are
going to do. And I think that the time is
so long overdue for the United States to join
every other major country on Earth and guarantee
healthcare to all. Many people don’t know —
in Canada — You have a heart transplant in
Canada, alright? You’re in the hospital
for a month. Do you know what your bill is
when you leave the hospital? Zero. It’s zero.
You go to any doctor you want. You don’t take out your wallet,
because healthcare is a human right there
and it must be a human right in this country. And when we move to Medicare
for all, we can save the vast majority of
the American people money on their healthcare bills,
no more premiums, no more co-payments,
no more out-of-pocket expenses. -You are…
[ Cheers and applause ] Again, I said
you look very robust. You look healthy. You have a background — An
athletic background. We dug up high-school track.
There you are. -That’s me!
-There you go. [ Cheers and applause ]
Were you a decent runner? -Oh, yeah. Yeah, I was — I went to school
in Brooklyn, New York. -Yeah. You can’t tell
from your accent. -I know that.
[ Laughter ] Yeah. I mean, I think I won that
race, as a matter of fact. -It looks very —
I mean, you have the confidence of a guy who’s leading. We talked about this before. We’ve talked about
“Bernie Speaks.” When you were
a mayor in Vermont, you had a public-access show. -I did. -They have now —
Due to your rising profile, they’ve put them all online. -I know. Believe me, I know. -We’ve just edited together
a few of the things that we are just delight by. -You are delighted by.
Alright, let’s see. -“Bernie Speaks.” -I got a major announcement
for all the hungry young Boy Scouts here. If you go to the delicatessen on
North Street and North Winooski, they’re gonna provide you
with free sandwiches. -What do you get for bringing in
the biggest fish? -$100,000 for each category. -Marty, listen,
there’s a couple things I would like to chat
with you about. $100,000? -Yeah. Savings bond for each
category, lake Trout or salmon. -Holy God.
That’s a lot of money. -Bernie, have you ever been on
a horse before? -Yes.
-Alright. -Does it look like
I have not been? What are we doing here? They’re operating on
me or the horse. -See? That’s nice. Unlike a debate,
we got to spend time with you. Best of luck out there.
Stay healthy. It’s always a pleasure
to talk to you. Bernie Sanders, everybody.