Aloha Pinky Toes! Another check-in
from Maui. I’m author and coach, Lucky, on page 25 of my book, Willing Sols:
How to Brave Uncertainty and Find Peace, available on my site and Amazon. It says: the decision to appreciate myself is more
important than any other choices I’ll ever make. Taking action
or failing to take action, relapsing into harmful behaviors, none of that is as important
as loving and accepting myself. Today I wish for you self-love, self-acceptance, and self-appreciation because that is, from my
experience, my greatest good. The best thing that I can do for myself, the best thing that I can do for others, and the best way that I contribute to
this world is to appreciate myself and appreciate my humanness.
Even when I make mistakes, it’s an opportunity to
practice compassion for myself. I have the opportunity to start
again, to learn from my mistakes. I get to bless with love and acceptance
everything that’s gone through my head in this day. That’s a
good way to go to sleep. Put your hands on your head and say, “I bless with love and appreciation every
thought and action in this day.” Go to sleep appreciating yourself. That’s your assignment tonight.
Bless yourself love and appreciation.