alphabet aerobics Charlie much basically elevator of it wrapping us up a little bit well scoring a goal in people no I think and this is little messy little bit no no that's a lawyer to what I will be doing in that I won't stop rapping out about that a big time taillights good at all damage done there's a come on out of time I'm like tomahto for the sake of the video and it's okay I'm doing this again Oh [Applause] [Applause] capisce oh my goodness please my god yes for sure they get it because of what we actually think that was again or where we know the fossil you don't play efficient me kotappa you know not even the connection when I I did this again and now I dare you I know you're gone I got it so difficult to do yes yeah it is where did we go which makes me very special okay yeah and maybe gonna I won't be doing peopie anymore stupid game you know it's checked its trash okay he doesn't play to get out of with balls and all that stuff you know can't create magic with maintain all the visionary passes that's what he does on a fake you know he kind of none of them I hate this so yes for takes shape alright that's it it's done go back the challenge is complete thank you very much by