I’m Taylor Lister. I’m a junior exercise
science major at the University of Delaware and I play midfield. Field
hockey players have tremendous calorie needs, especially those that have
practice five days a week for two to three hours. On an average game, they’re
running five to six miles and constantly changing direction. As a field hockey
player, it’s really important to eat frequently, getting three meals and two
to three snacks a day that have a good balance of protein and carbohydrate. I
think if you think in terms of a dinner plate and if you divide it into
thirds and a third of those foods is protein foods, a third of those foods is
grain foods and a third as fruit and vegetables, I think that’s a good, well-balanced meal and then throwing some healthy fat in there. General rule is the
closer it is to game or practice time, the more need carbohydrate and the less you
need protein and fat. It’s really important for all athletes to eat
within 30 minutes after a practice or a game because that’s when your body’s most
ready to take that nutrition and really help you recover from the work you did