(bike chain rattling) (birds chirping) (bike chain rattling) (fire crackling) – For me, I’m always on a bike and zipping through the forest. Though, even though
it’s meditative and it’s kind of
rejuvenating in that sense, there’s nothing like
just actually stopping and just being still in nature
and just enjoying the quiet. My name is Charlotte Batty. I am the owner of Mini
Adventures Mountain
Bike Experiences and I teach people how to
mountain bike for a living. There’s a reason I
have chosen to live up in the Blue Mountains
because it’s very, you’re very close to nature, you’re very close
to being outside and it’s a gateway to a whole
other variety of networks. You’ve got Berrie and Copeland, Horseshoe like 45 minutes away, so it’s a great hub to be and
have that all so accessible. So when I go mountain biking, you’re not just going for the physical exercise
or the challenge, but it’s just to get out and
hear the sounds of nature, it’s so great. (upbeat music) My roots are to be
outside in nature, so I love that
Scandinave really focuses on kind of the
outdoor experience. So when I come to
Scandinave I think one of my favorite parts is actually
just putting the robe on, ’cause it’s just a
homey comfort feeling. And then I absolutely love
laying in the hammocks, just that feeling
of just being rocked and you kind of doze off
and have a little nap. It was really awesome to see coming to Scandinave
Spa this time, that they have a
forced bathing path. My biggest piece of
advice that I can give to other active women
and women in general, always listen to your body. It is our greatest teacher. It’s telling you what it needs and the second is
that the recovery is always equally as important
as the activity itself, so, making sure you’re taking
that time post activity, whatever it is you’re doing, to just give your body
that chance to just recover and reset and rest
and heal itself before you go and
conquer the next thing. (calm music)