My name is Larisa Yurkiw and I’m a
former professional alpine ski racer. [Interviewer] Where did it all begin? I grew up in Owen Sound but I started
skiing at Georgian Peaks and working hard at something that I absolutely
loved. I got to travel the world and fell more and more in love with the sport as
a as I started racing internationally. Relaxation became more and more
important as my career went on. It was easy to get caught in the intensity of my job. Scandinave Spa fits in beautifully. The environment here is the
perfect place to just stop. I’m very much a go-go-go person but I appreciate an environment that almost forces me to take a step back. When I arrive, I try to
begin the shedding of thoughts stresses and whatever is on my mind that
day. The peace and quiet is key for immersing myself in the natural environment. I love the steam room, I love the Baths, I love, half love, the plunge
and it’s just a perfect place to stop. I think most of the time in this area you
can step outside and do something. It doesn’t have to be at a spa the time. I love to get in my car and drive in
this area. With the Bay and the Escarpment in the background, it’s
beautiful. To just spend time and the quiet with no other responsibilities but
to drive forward it’s very calming. I love to walk or run or bike or hike and
I’m always geared towards feeling better every day.