– My name is Janice Kline and I’m here today with
my daughter Jessica. (rock music) – So I run a company called
Backwoods Promotions. It’s a Motorsports and outdoors
event staffing company. And I also work as a journalist
so I’m always exploring Ontario’s motorcycle and
snowmobile trails and promoting the things that I love. – I worked for 33 years
for the federal government. Happily retired in 2011 and I
am an extremely busy retired person right now. – [Jessica] Because we’re
so busy in our day to day lives we don’t always
see each other regularly. – So when we’re one on one
time together getting away, leaving all the hassle and
the busyness of home behind, that’s what’s really special. Don’t cry. (both laughing) – I was thinking
the same about you. (laughing) I was born into the
motorcycle lifestyle. It’s liberating. You feel powerful. It’s relaxing at the same
time and it gives you an adrenaline rush so it’s kind
of of like that whole package that you can’t pick something
specific about why you love it so much. It’s just everything together. – [Janice] When I get out on
my bike and I get that helmet on and I’m going down the
road, I feel so alive. It’s also my me time. It gets me away from everything. I just kind of go to my happy
place and observe nature and take in the fresh air
and it’s just the best. – [Jessica] Not many mothers
and daughters might ride motorcycles together so that
in itself is special and we get to check out cool places
like the Scandinave Spa. It’s really fun. Going to the Scandinave Spa
is a great way to just relax your body, your muscles. You can’t talk there which is
really different and you’re spending time with each other
and you’re communicating through other means other than
talking so it’s just a great place especially
for mother daughter to go to and just relax. It calms you mind,
body and soul, I feel. Going between the hot and the
cold pools you’re calming your body down, you’re relaxing
your muscles and then taking that time to relax whether
it’s in one of the chairs or in a hammock, it allows you to
step away and just be quiet. – [Janice] You’re here to
relax and there are many opportunities whether
you’re in the hot sauna, you can take a plunge in
the cold pool and then afterwards you’re relaxing. That is what you’re here for
and it’s just the greatest opportunity again to step
away from life and come here, recharge and experience all
the different relaxation opportunities that they offer. – The Collingwood area and Grey
Bruce is a great destination. There’s so much here so the
ride is awesome in and of itself taking some twisty roads
and especially in the fall the colours were beautiful. – [Janice] And why not include
the Scandinave Spa in one of those motorcycle adventures? Get away, have some quality
mother daughter time and relax in the same process.