– Hi friends, it’s Jamerrill hiding out in the schoolroom/playroom/everything
room today. And I wanted to share with you today about my family and I’s experience using Christian Healthcare Ministries as our healthcare coverage. I mentioned in a video last summer, whenever I announced, I was just starting to play
with YouTube a little bit, I’m still figuring things
out, as you can tell. I shared how baby Daniel
was our 7th child, our 5th son, and how I was
hoping to have him naturally. So he was my first baby
without an epidural. Go, mom! If I can do that at number seven, woohoo! He was my first baby to have
at the Natural Birthing Center and he was also our first
major healthcare event through Christian Healthcare Ministries. And I let several moms know
that I would certainly share how that works out for us. So, a little bit of background on us is, our family became a fully
self-employed family in June 2013. Along with that blessing means that we got to 100% fund
our family healthcare for our growing family
of then eight, now nine. So before we took that jump, obviously, researching healthcare options was one of the things we prayed over and I looked into quite a bit. Now, just like a lot of families, we had coverage through my husband’s work. That coverage, I believe
it was an 80/20 plan. So that means that, oh, after a certain amount we
were responsible for 20% and they would pay 80%. We had deductibles. I believe in that last policy we had a healthcare savings account. And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, it was just very standard,
traditional insurance. Once we became a 100% self-employed family and we would be footing
the bill every month, or quarterly, however we chose to pay for
our family’s healthcare. Then this was a serious decision. During that time, 2013, there were a lot of healthcare questions and hot debates going on. So this is probably a good time for me to give you the
Jamerrill disclaimer. The Jamerrill disclaimer is, I am not an insurance professional. I know it’s sad I have to do this. You’re just gonna have to listen
to this for a minute, okay? I am not an insurance professional. I have no contact with
any government agency. I am not an expert on anything. I am not an accountant. I am a mom. (laughs) I am just a mom, answering some questions
for my viewing friends about how my family provides
for our healthcare coverage and how it works for us. Of course, we know this,
but I gotta say it. You’ve gotta make your own wise decisions. Do your own research. Do your own planning. Talk to a tax professional. Talk to an insurance professional. Please call Christian
Healthcare Ministries because I am not affiliated
with them in any way. And this is my family’s story, so sorry for that boring disclaimer. Back to my story! So, in 2013, whenever we made the
plunge to really follow what the Lord was putting
on my husband and I’s heart, to be a fully self-employed family. We went with, again, Christian Healthcare Ministries. Now, the reason we went with Christian Healthcare Ministries. Christian Healthcare Ministries
is not health insurance. It is a voluntary, Christian-based, ministry cost sharing plan. And I’ll dive into that and help dissect it as much
as possible here in a moment. But the way I heard of
Christian Healthcare Ministries was from my sweet friend, Amy Roberts, from her site raisingarrows.net. Now, I have been reading
Raising Arrows for years and actually, by the encouragement I’ve
received over the years through Amy’s ministry with Raising Arrows is what led me, and gave me the
encouragement and the nudge, to start blogging myself
several years ago. So, when we took the
self-employment plunge, we also took the totally providing for our own healthcare plunge. And we went with Christian
Healthcare Ministries. The premium for our family, now, again, you’re gonna
have to go through the links and if you’re interested in
finding out the coverages and the premium for your family, you’re gonna have to do that. They have a payment estimator, calculator, right on their site. You just put in how many
family members you have, common sense things like that, and it gives you an estimate right now. So, our payment for our family
of nine is $450 a month. We have, let’s see here, I have it on this piece of paper. We have three units of Gold and three units of Brother’s Keeper. Now, I’m not gonna dig apart
really what all of that means because you can go through the link. And if you go to the Christian
Healthcare Ministries site, it’ll dig apart and really explain what
all their coverages cover, what they don’t cover. And part of what Christian
Healthcare Ministries says, and I’m reading this from
my recent newsletter is, Christian Healthcare Ministries
isn’t health insurance. It’s a voluntary cost-sharing ministry. Members are technically
self-paying patients who have more than 120,000
Christians supporting them by sharing their medical needs. So what that means is we pay
our $450 premium a month, and then, if we have
a major medical event. Like I just had baby Daniel. Then we turn in the invoice. I had one invoice with Daniel and I’ll get right back to that, but we turn in any
medical invoices to them. So, with our one major medical claim that we’ve had with Christian
Healthcare Ministries, things were also different because I went through
the midwife this time. Now, my other pregnancies I
technically had a midwife, but it was still standard
health insurance, and I had the baby at the hospital with epidurals and a lot of, a lot of other services. So with baby Daniel I went to
the Natural Birthing Center, because that’s what I wanted anyway. My total bill for the birthing center, which include my prenatal care, the actual services for the birth. Daniel and I’s post partum
care for the first six weeks. All the services that were included, came to a little over $3,400. And, considering that the other
times that I’ve had babies, it’s been seven, eight,
nine thousand dollars. And then we still had
traditional health insurance, so on top of that we still
had deductibles, and copays, and other expenses. So, the way it worked
out with baby Daniel is, if I would have been a
little more organized, I could have gotten the
invoice from the midwife and turned it in early in my pregnancy. It takes Christian Healthcare Ministries, it says on their site, it takes them 60-90 days to issue payment for the claims that have been accepted. So, if I would have
turned my claim in sooner, I would have gotten the funds back sooner to pay the midwife. But since I didn’t, I didn’t even get it done until December, we just went ahead and paid the midwife, because technically we are self pay and we get a cash
discount through lots of, through different providers,
by being self pay. So we went ahead and we
had the cash saved up. We had our baby fund. So we went ahead, paid the
midwife for baby Daniel. I had him December 18th. I don’t believe I turned the claim into Christian Healthcare
Ministries until, it was probably two days before Christmas because it was a wild time. Our expenses were a little
over $3,400 and some change, and my check back was a little
over $2,900 and some change. And the way that that worked,
is the check was just, it was addressed to my husband and it refunded us, minus $500, the full amount that we
paid out for Daniel’s birth. That’s what we wanted. We wanted to have a major medical event, pretty much totally covered, by a ministry that
we’re cost sharing with. And so, that’s my testimony. Hey, we tried it! It worked! We got the money, we
had the money refunded. Now, in a situation, if we would not have had the money upfront to pay the midwife cash
and then turn in the claim, and then just refund
ourselves the money back whenever we received the check. You know, there’s several months there, and believe me I know, there are many, many times
in our family’s history where we could not have saved that cash and done that whole experience. So, the way that it would have worked in another financial situation, is I would have to have made
self pay payment arrangements with my midwife. I would have had to have
been making those payments, if she accepted them,
of course, every month for her services. And then, I’m sure I would have
been a little more diligent about getting my claim turned in on time. Christian Healthcare
Ministries still would have sent me the check in my name, but then my duty as part of
a cost share in the ministry would have been to cash the check and then pay it directly to the midwife. In our situation, we
just did it backwards. Again, we paid the midwife first, and then Christian Healthcare
Ministries cost shared and paid us back. So, for our family, we don’t
have a lot of sickness. We don’t have allergies
or anything in particular that would take us into the doctor often. We go large periods of time
without seeing a doctor. We’re not sick! We don’t need to go. And I am a nurse in my past, so I do believe in preventative care, and getting a good annual physical, and, of course, there’s times
when the kids need to go. And that’s fine. We’re just not a family
that’s in and out a lot. You know, we all, you might be in a family
who’s in and out a lot, or you might know families. I know families who, you know, someone’s in the doctor every week. That’s totally fine. It’s just Christian Healthcare Ministries may not be the best coverage for them. If you go through my
link to my article below, in that article it has links to the frequently asked questions page, about Christian Healthcare Ministries. I’ve linked to their calculator. So if you were ever interested in estimating for your family, if you know someone who’d be
interested in this information, it’s just an alternative to
traditional health insurance. You can go through those links, get that additional information. Now, if you go through and if
you sign up with them, I do have a referral number. And anyone who signs up for them, any member will have a referral number. So if you know someone else
besides Jamerrill here, who uses Christian Healthcare Ministries, ask them for their referral number. And when you sign up
there is a box that says, referring member, or referring number, and you put that number in. Now, my family’s number is, I’m reading it off my paper here. 162258. So, if you would sign up for Christian Healthcare
Ministries, put in my number. After your second payment
Christian Healthcare Ministries then blesses me for
sending on another member and I will get something
beautiful in the mail. You know what my health
insurance bill is for this month? This month, see I got my
Christian Healthcare Ministries bill in the mail. My April gift amount, $450. Total amount due, zero. And that’s because there was another friend
of mine who signed up. She gave my referral number. And actually, my friend who signed up is another homeschool mom business owner, and she was looking for an alternative in healthcare for her family. I told her about what we’re trying here. What we’re doing with Christian
Healthcare Ministries. Gave her my number. After she made her second payment, thank you very much, you know who you are! So then my bill this month is
zero dollars and zero cents. That’s a huge blessing. If you decide to join, or if
you know someone who joins, pass on the number 162258. Additionally, if you follow
Amy from Raising Arrows, or if you go over to her
site and read her experiences and you just feel you
want to use her number, she has her number in her articles. So, please, use my number, use her number, it’s nice to use someone’s number, even if it’s someone else you know, because it doesn’t cost the person who signs up anything extra. It’s just a nice, added bonus that Christian Healthcare
Ministries has for their members. And long term it benefits everyone. To sum it up, so far. We’ve been with Christian
Healthcare Ministries now almost two years. We have only had one major medical event that we had to actually
turn in a claim for. That was Daniel’s birth. Daniel’s birth, within 90
days, our total expenses, minus $500, were sent to
us in a check in our name. And the midwife was paid. That’s what the cost sharing was for. We were reimbursed
because we had went ahead and paid the full bill up front. We got a discount also
because we were paying cash. And it’s worked well for us. So that, is the nuts and the
bolts of my family’s experience using Christian Healthcare Ministries. I am sure, several years down the line, I can give you updates
on other situations, other babies, how the process has gone. Again, that’s why I really
like Amy’s testimonies because she has had multiple
experiences with them. But I told you that I would check in and let you know how our first major claim with Christian Healthcare
Ministries has gone. And, it went as good as
I hoped that it would. Thank you. You have a super blessed day. And I will talk to you down
there in those comments below. (upbeat music)