Janae Baron is a mom, a cook and a runner.
Good running has taken her far. For the past nine years, she’s built a running
Empire through her blog and on Instagram. And to Janae, it’s no surprise that Salt
Lake was named the seventh most fit city in America. “We live in like the best
place ever, so we have mountains a few miles away, we have lakes we have awesome
trails everywhere you want to go.” The Men’s Health study used two factors to
determine the healthiest cities: people and people. Those that fill up local and
national parks and elected officials actively responding to the needs of a
growing community. Officials responding can be anything from building new parks
to fixing that old pothole in the middle of the bike lane. The study also brought
in numbers from the CDC on overall obesity and heart health. So, how did Salt
Lake make it to the top? The report says outside of CrossFit gyms, our access to
trails and open water plays a big role. Utah has 43 state parks and five
national parks. Those parks total more than 95,000 acres of recreational
land. “People want to be outside here.” Most of Utah’s population lives in the Salt
Lake Valley along the Wasatch Front, where mountains are very accessible.
Janae says the growing industry gives her a large network of women she can
connect with. “I’ve done a lot of solo running before, but it’s life-changing to
like be doing this with people.” Now, Janae runs on a semi-pro team and networks
with women all over Utah. “Especially as like a mom, there’s a lot of moms here
that want something for them too, and I think that plays a role of like
exercise is something moms can do for themselves.”