Ryan Terry! There’s a
lot of sacrifice involved. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. You have to live every year. You won’t get yourself to
the gym 3 times a day, stick to your diet day in and
day out unless you love it. When you put in all the hours
and make all those sacrifices and the results don’t
go your way on the day, you have to try and take
the positives from it. Use it as motivation for
the next competition. Obviously, my goal is to win
every competition I enter. Whether it’s the Arnold or
the Olypia, you train to win. I’ve sacrificed a lot. I live and breathe this sport, I have been for 8 years. It’s just my ultimate passion. I don’t care what anyone says. That title means the absolute world to me. Ryan Terry! The feeling of stepping on
stage, there’s nothing like it. And having all that hard
work pay off when you take to the stage is the best
feeling in the world.