Hello everyone! and welcome to another pronunciation lesson. Today we’re going to practice russian CH. For English speaking people usually it’s not a problem. because it’s pretty much the same with that C+H combination. I mean “charming”, “children”, “choke”, anything. But for many students from other countries, for example, from Japan, it can be very challenging. So, today I’ll show you the easy way to pronounce Russian ch. And you know what’s going to help us? Tea spoon. Right. ANd actually the word “tea”. English word. I mean “drinking tea”, “green tea”. I want you to pronounce this TEA TEA TEA Do you hear that soft T’ in the beginning? That’s what we need. I want you to pronounce this T’ T’ T’ and while doing that we need to put this side of the spoon between our teeth. And move your tongue a little bit deeper in your mouth. Like that. A little bit deeper. Until you start hearing CH coming from there. Have a look. We’re using the spoon just to understand the correct position of the tongue. The right position of the tongue. You need to understand where exactly to put it behind your teeth to make this sound – CH. After you understand it, just put the spoon away. But maybe it will take several days to practice, bacause the right articulation is the key to clear sounds and clear pronunciation. So, practice with a spoon and when you can make the isolated sound, you can combine it with vowels. like CHA CHO CHU CHE CHI And then backwards: ACH OCH UCH ECH And then all together ACHA OCHO UCHU ECHE ICHI So maybe a couple of weeks and you’ll be just perfect with this complicated CH sound. Good luck with that and I hope to see you in my next video. Bye-bye