– I’m 64 years of age and here I am running marathons and I love going out. I do anything, love
walking, running, kayaking, anything I will try, I love it. If my neck and shoulder
were the way it was, there’s no way I would be able for that. You know. – [Siobhan] You’re an incredible woman. (laughs) (uplifting music) – It would be painful but
nagging, at the same time. And it would actually, I
suppose it would annoy ya, it would make you fed up,
that you can’t just get on and go out and run around
and do what you want to do. (uplifting music) Well I suppose it would’ve
been a few weeks into it, and then slowly but surely
I’d seen the difference. So I started off little marathons. So done a full one last year. Done the relay first, done the half, and last year I done a full one. So I mean, on Saturday I
normally do Turf, Surf ‘n’ Tar, Rosscarbery, so that is a
pretty hectic one, so brilliant, looking forward, excellent. (uplifting music) Give it a try, you have nothing to lose, nothing whatsoever, except
what you gain health-wise. That’s my way of looking at it, you know? (uplifting music)