What’s up guys? What we’re gonna do right now
is show you how to do some rotational stretching, so that we can stretch out the rib cage, into our hip, getting into our chest, our shoulders, and our biceps too. So Dennis is going to get into a split stance here. And if you look at a split stance this knee’s
not bent, everything’s nice and straight here. The stick is gonna be placed on his low back,
his arms are going to be out wide here. So what we’re gonna do right now is we’re going
to try to stretch out the left side of his chest and the right side of his rib cage and this right here two. So what Dennis is gonna do, he’s gonna push
his right hand down towards the ground. He’s going to resist slightly with his left hand. So now he’s getting a stretch here
down through the spiral line. So he’s putting a little tension so that
we get a little strength in there too. And right now he’s also getting a nice stretch through psoas, through the hip flexor, and into this hip. We’re also working some foot stability too. Dennis can come out of that slowly, come back
to center, and now we’re going to switch sides. Now he’s gonna push his left hand towards the ground. Now we’re getting an external hip rotation here,
stretch, opening up this side of his rib cage, you know working this part, right pec, shoulder and then into his bicep. One thing you can do from all these positions, you can
also grab the stick and then now you can pull it apart. Here we go, deepen the stretch. So now his foot’s working from a different angle,
so then everything’s got to stabilize. So come out of that slowly. and that’s good right there.
So that’s level 1.