Joel: Somebody mentioned Ally McBeal earlier. I was a waiter on Ally McBeal. and I got to the point where I kind of knew Lucy Liu and I kind of knew Portia de Rossi and we started a conversation or whatever. At the time I was on the meat diet And I think Portia de Rossi was a vegetarian. And were sort of going back and forth, we were talking about it and whatever. It’s like very dark on that set and they had uh- wheeled out like a uh- a potato bar? I’ve already told the story wrong, I’ve already ruined it I’ve already told the story wrong Gavin: Aaand cut! [beep] Joel: They wheeled a taco bar it had like lettuce and sour cream and all this stuff… Gavin: [laughing]
Burnie: But you said potatoes the first time, What happened to the potatoes? So, I’m on the fucking meat diet. so it’s like “You know what I am just going to get a fucking motherfucking bowl of fucking ground beef I do not give a fuck, and I just talked to them and they were watching me unload this giant bowl of just ground beef into a bowl and I’m thinking to myself: “Oh they’re vegetarian, they propably think I’m like an… asshole or whatever. but it’s like “You know what? Fuck them! I’m on a meat diet I’m gonna fucking eat meat” and I get a fucking big, heaping, table spoon of ground beef I put it in my mouth… It’s bacon bits. Burnie: Oh gross! Gavin: [laughing] Joel: It’s fucking synthetic… Gavin: [laughing] Burnie: Baco bits!
Joel: and fake and everybody saw me fucking walk over there and make Gus: [laughing]
and everybody saw me fucking walk over there and make a giant fucking bowl of bacon bits and now I’ve got to make a fucking decision… I fucking ate those fucking bacon bits Burnie: You did not! Joel: I went to the bathroom 27 times that day.