hi i'm elaine stocker and i want to tell you about rocking chair aerobics and it's a form of exercise I imagined and then started using well not only did I imagine it by investigated it so let me tell you about it I've been doing rocking chair aerobics for about a little over two months and two months ago I had so much pain in my left knee and my hip that I was regularly using a cane and I had trouble getting in and out of the car and I had trouble getting a lot of things done now I've been doing the rocking chair aerobics for as I said a little over two months so a month ago I stopped using my cane and last week on at a party I got up and danced for a half hour which I haven't been able to do in years so that's the good news the rocking chair aerobics is really simple I have a rocking chair that I love I've always loved rocking chairs and all I do is sit in rock I rock at least one hour a day and often two hours a day and the advantage of the rocking chair is that I'm using the muscles in my legs I'm using my core muscles and I'm doing lymphatic drainage that the movement moves lymphatic tissue and moves fluids around my body and so I've experienced an increase in my ability to get in and out of a chair after about a week of doing the rocking chair aerobics I could sometimes get out of the chair without hoisting myself up by my arms and one of the other pieces of the good news feedback from Riya who does bodywork on me regularly that she doesn't feel congestion in my body since I've been doing this so to me this is a lot a lot a lot of good news and you know I want to tell you a little bit about the science of rocking chair aerobics it turns out that aerobic activity is anything that you do that makes you use air and if you do something at low intensity like rocking in rocking chair it turns out what all you have to do is just do it longer so if you do a high intensity workout like running or a treadmill or a machine that uses your arms and your legs you can do an exercise routine for a shorter period of time and be done if you do a kamar gentler slower aerobic activity you just have to do it longer it also turns out that there's research that says if you do segment of aerobic activity over a day it counts as if you did the same length of time all at once now what I mean is count as if that means you get the same benefit aerobic activity oxygenates the body and keeps things going and as you know it's good to build muscle it's really true that if you don't lose it you do lose you if you don't use it you do lose it and I had lost a great deal of my ability to move around I had in in the fall of 2008 in the winter of 2009 I had had three surgeries and spent a lot of time just sitting and recuperating not moving around much and I really had lost a lot of my mobility in this world and I'm someone who's always been active I love to move I love today ants I love to have fun and I was an old lady hefting myself out of a chair and it's true that there was an impediment to exercise and that is that I was always in pain and I guess this is the best part of the news that I haven't given you and that is that the amount of pain that I feel has diminished significantly that the kind of motions that I make to get in and out of the car aren't nearly as painful and it's really wonderful I still have some pain I've had enough pain in the past that my medical people have prescribed narcotics for me I've never used them I always wanted to just be aware of what was happening in my body and but I was getting pretty desperate and finally I decided to follow my own advice which was to sit down in the rocking chair and try it and I started out with about 15 minutes of rocking and I got tired and I stopped but before a week was over I was able to rock a whole hour and one of the things had helped as I sat the rocking chair in front of my favorite TV program and I rocked so it wasn't a painful thing to do you know there's there's sort of the prototyping in my mind of people sitting on the porch rocking and I miss the other people that I might be rocking with but the TV helped make up for that and the effects made up for it so one of the it been a real real boon in my life and I don't know what my next my next goal is someone suggested that maybe I think about adding that I could walk a block but I think I can already do that I am NOT very comfortable standing but even that has increased so that I find that instead of rolling myself to the sink in the kitchen in one of my rolling chairs I get up out of the chair and stand at the kitchen sink and do the dishes which is you know it's a pleasure to have that kind of mobility come back to me so what I'd like to say to you is I know a lot of rehab people start you with much more challenging activity but if that's not working for you and it didn't for me it did not for me I start slow maybe maybe you know the rocking chair will work I've got one of my patients on it and she's rocking and she seems to be was doing better than she fell I'm sorry to say but the rocking was helping her gain some some strength in her legs so just you know try something small and the rocking it's very soothing it's very lovely so welcome to rocking chair aerobics make it your own