(guitar music) – What’s up everybody? Fresh Start Fitness here. This workout’s gonna get our lunges and our heart pumping. If at any time it gets too intense, just march in place, take a little jog, or catch your breath. When you’re ready to go, jump back in. You ready? Let’s rock! (upbeat rock music) – [Guy in back] Come on. Get up, get up, get up, get high! Yes! – Alright guys, we’re gonna go to a lunge. Backwards. Here we go! – Here we go! Come on! Stretch your quads. Feel the stretch. You feel that stretch? Yeah! Come on!
– Keep it goin’! – [Guy in back] Feel the
stretch, feel the stretch! Feel that burn! Yeah! – Alright, we’re gonna
get jumpin’ in a second! – Come on, come on! – Here we go! – Can you feel that? Come on, let me see you touch the sky! Touch the sky, come on! Get those legs up! – Alright we’re gonna lunge forward. Here we go! – Feel the burn! Feel the burn, yeah! – Keep it goin’! – You got this! It’s all about the stretch! Let’s go!
– Alright, guys. One more time for those jumps! One, two, three, let’s go! – Come on! Get up! Come on, you got this! Come on, touch the sky! Touch the sky! You got this! Come on! – Almost there! – Yeah! Yeah! – Great job, guys! You’re hear rates are
up now, and you should have a nice blast of
energy to get you through the rest of your day. Let’s take a couple breaths, to cool down. Very good. Fresh Start, out! (guitar)