Yeah there was a really pivotal match that I played in St. Louis at a tournament in and I think it was in 2014 and I just lost
against a new Brazilian player, Manny Silva, really nice gentleman but after
the match I just was so frustrated I put a towel over my head and I started
crying I was just totally fed up with the sport at that point I was not enjoying
winning wasn’t enjoying or losing wasn’t enjoying training and so it was it was
frustrating but that was a big turning point for me was just taking a step back
those next two years letting myself enjoy the sport for what the sport is just
hitting a bunch with my brothers, hitting a bunch with my friends, just having fun
playing some small local tournaments but just not putting the pressure on myself
to be this next big tennis athlete for for Canada and just really yeah I
allowed myself to have fun I just started working with a sports
psychologist Dave Fries last year and that’s probably I would say the main
reason why I had the best year on tour that I’ve ever had I used to think that
I was this athlete who really thrived off of a negative energy
for some reason I thought I was like the 3% of the world who when you tell me
something like tell me it in a negative way because I feed off that means he’s like you might be that person you might be but like it’s only 3% of the world most
of us thrive off of positive reinforcement and positively reframing
negative situations so I gave that a shot and like yeah sure enough like I’m
not the 3% I’m not overly special I’m the 97% who thrives off the positive
stuff so that was really important for me to hear because that changed the way we started coaching to change the way I started talking to myself on court and
he also gave me the courage to be expressive on court I think there was
this sort of push or movement from some of my supporters to try to be a little
more tame on court and to kind of be a bit more reserved and he was very adamant that no if you feel like you have to have an outburst have an outburst, if you
have to say something like that was a stupid shot then say that to yourself
but we have to work on skills to then let that go move past it and then get on
to the next point and so we’ve worked really diligently both of us the last
year to improve my mental strength on court and off court as well and that’s
really I’ve had my most enjoyable year on tour because of that