hey what’s going on everyone I am rob
riches here for Status Fitness magazine, it’ss the weekend of the Arnold sports
festival and I’m here at Metro Fitness in Columbus Ohio hanging out with many
of the models here on their photo shoot speaking of models I have one with me
right now Marcos Kaulius who just so happens to be the owner of Magnum
nutriceuticals Marcus fantastic to have you here this we’ve been hanging out
following you on your photo shoot with the focus on abdominals tell us more
about kind of how you got into training and what training means to you as a live
long sort of passionate enthusiast well first of all thanks for hanging out with
me today Rob we’ve had so much fun going through these awesome exercises I love
working ABS I’m a really tall dude I met six foot six and when I first got to my
height I was 120 pounds how old were you when you go when you go to that high 13
years old yeah so fitness and work you know truly saved my life I mean I had a
lot of bullies after me so it really saved my life
let’s talk about Abdul nose because we we met out earlier today we went through
a couple of ab exercises booked mine and yours tell me first about your abdominal
approach to training the circuit the reps you know tell us all about that
first of all I love training ABS first because one that’s what I want my focus
to be I want people that notice me for my abs number two when you’ve done your
abs first they’re now engaged for the whole rest of the workout it doesn’t
matter if you’re working chest or shoulders your abs are firing the whole
time you get a nice hour-and-a-half ab workout and that’s awesome you still
pumped from that workout that we did let’s talk about that workout let’s talk
first about the exercises that we did we came over to the the Rings over there
and we started out down on the floor with nothing more than just a stability
ball so I love the Swiss ball exchange it’s
such a simple basic movement but hurts so good when done right it’s a good hurt
and you don’t have to be an expert this is just about exchanging the ball from
your feet to your hands and back and forth that engagement like we talked
about and just having those ABS just working as you’re contracting them going
back and forth it can be done anywhere I really like about that one is that you
have a task in hand you’re not just performing these
mindless reps trying to count to 20 or 30 you’re taking a ball you’re moving it
up you’re passing it your feet and even if the the technique isn’t there
initially you’re still working the core in its main function we bring the
shoulders down towards the hip we focus on the low with the hips coming up we
focus on the rotation so speaking of lower abdominals the next movement that
we went onto let’s talk about that the hangers I love hangers cuz again you
don’t need some big expensive apparatus anywhere you can hang from yes and you
just get that beautiful nice stretch and you let those abs stretch out pulling
those legs up forcing the ABS to bring those knees up and just again the
engagement letting out of the air high and just breathing those ABS up it’s
just it feels so good you know the one thing I know chest up with you Marcus is
you’re no better than me longer torso which is great for the the abdominal cuz
you appear to have like that 10 pack going on is that with the arms hanging
up it’s those intercostals and when people talk about the abdominals
typically we think of just crunches maybe knee lifts we really focused on
being young let’s turn around search around show thee the inch costumes here
those finger-like muscles that kind of sit under the PEC
these are Bleek’s the V rotation ones that really help us turn it’s that that
I think really helps us frame the abdominals and give us that that really
complete six-pack look so moving on from the the hangers
we did a variation as well because sometimes especially if you’re just
starting out on Fitness holding your body weight and doing a movement can be
a little bit you know a little bit too much so we kind of did a regression from
that let’s talk about that one the Emperor’s chair so that’s the one
hanging off of your elbows it allows you to to leave the upper body stable and
now we’re just gonna be working on bringing in those ABS up I actually find
when you’re in the Emperor’s chair your favorite part that’s pelvic tilts where
you’re just making that little move I find you can engage that much better in
the Emperor’s chair sure and it hurts so much more right there what we’re doing
here is really contracting the abdominal muscles I want to show a little a kind
of experiment for people to think lift up the top because you got much better
tan than me at the moment I mention about that
aha moment that I like to think of it as though you’re bracing for an impact so
if if if I was about to hit you huh you change the abs are you gonna brace for
impact it’s that same sort of mentality that every time you do a movement
regardless of the crunch the knee lifts your rotation you exhale you contract
the abdominals and it makes such a big difference into them you really feel the
effective exercise gone through the motion what do we move on to after the
Emperor Russian twist yeah I love the Russian twist using a plate just going
back and forth now again this is one where if you haven’t got those lower abs
engaged you really just feel like you’re
swinging and am I gonna hurt my lower back but you’ll notice when we were
doing it you first engage it’s just the crunchy back and forth not only does it
bring out those obliques so nicely and bring it right through it just feels
like it’s working my gut the great thing about this is like you said Marcus
anyone can do this we can start off simply on the floor holding the hands in
a prayer position the elbows you can build up holding a small way and then
you can build up like what we were doing their legs elevated or you know the one
we were talking about the decline bench the feet hooked in or on the floor feed
under a dumbbell keeps us anchored down and really allows
us to focus on that full range of motion and that rotation we did water exercise
one of my favorites one of my favorites I’m gonna let you
talk about that the decline the up because I’m it still hurts to talk about
and it’s it’s still sore in my mind okay I’m gonna let you tell me I see that
like a step up from these the hanging knee lifts and the benefit of that like
you pointed out is the the hip rotation or the hip flexion rather is that when
we exhale it’s that little pelvis tuck that enables us to kind of really
contract the lower abdominals so it works great when we’re hanging on that
impression but when we’re really against gravity and we have the resistance of
our legs and I made a clear point that a lot of times when people are I don’t say
incorrectly performing an exercise but not effectively performing it and
optimizing it is that they often think of the legs as part of the exercise and
they’re trying to push up it’s still working the abdominals but nowhere near
as focused or as much as when we keep the legs fixed in that position and we
focus on that pelvic tilt so the toes really just coming up over our line as
we fully breathe out there race over that impact we’re contracting
the abdominals 15:20 we talked about 30 repetitions 30
reps on there and we pipe in both been training firm many many years listen
even at my peak 30 reps on those without any extra weight besides my legs
I’m at my limit their cable pull downs and we did a little variation with the
the the V rotation with the cable how did you find those I loved it so I first
why I love doing those I love the different ways that you can do the cable
crunches but but Robb’s variation was just so beautiful this one arm and
coming over just it’s the lightest rotation but you again it’s similar to
the Russian twisting that you just feel more engagement through the
all core it’s also the one exercise we did with the most amount of resistance
we look at all the other ones legs body weight against gravity a small weight
with those three rotations we had our hundred pounds on the cable over there
and it’s the one movement that I feel we can really increase the resistance
against the abdominals with that breathing it’s a really small focus
movement Marcus tell us about Magnum tell us what you’ve got in store tell us
about how you can find out more about what you’ve got going on and you know
just stay in touch with everything that you’ve got going on Thank You Magnum we
just celebrated our 14th birthday I built this company because I love
supplementation I love seeing what supplements can do for the mind and the
body and I know how hard I train in the gym and I need supplements that will
push me harder I want to be really clear with everyone here there is no magic
pill there are no miracle pills you don’t take my products go sit on the
couch and expect results and I never promised that kind of thing that’s
that’s not what supplements do what supplements do when you’re in the gym is
they take you to that next level they get you those extra reps they give you
that energy that pump so you and you’re looking in the mirror
I look good today I’m gonna do two more sets
I’m gonna eat better today I’m gonna not skip my cardio I’m gonna listen to my
trainer I’m gonna do these videos on YouTube and get more
pumped up that’s what supplements are supposed to
do and our supplements at Magnum everything is based on science
everything is being clinically proven I’m obsessed with this now there’s
something that makes such a difference – absolutely you’re right it they
supplement the rest of our training our nutritional lifestyle and if we’ve got
all of those aligned the right supplements can just give us that edge
allow us to train harder more focused allow us to recover and simply just feel
better in the gym mark has been an absolutely pleasure thank you so much I
can’t wait for you to come back – to my neck of the woods come down to LA hang
out at Gold’s Gym our studio and do some abdominal training hit the rest of our
body our guys there we have it stay tuned for more with status Fitness
Magazine here at Metro Fitness on the weekend at the Arnold sports festival
see you guys soon