[MUSIC PLAYING] Nutrition has given me the
opportunity to engage with health in a way that’s both
scientific and personal. There’s a lot of different
avenues you can take, but you won’t know that unless
you expose yourself to as many as you can. So I work with the
UMass Extension Program, specifically the Nutrition
Education Program. It’s a USDA-funded program
providing low-income families in the state of Massachusetts
with nutrition resources. Extension was an opportunity
to get my feet wet, to see what it’s like to improve
diet through intervention. My primary goal for the next
year or so is to complete the dietetic internship and
become registered dietitian. I hope to remain in the Boston
area working in the clinical setting. The benefit of being on the
dietetics track is that is the only track that gives
you the complete complement of classes necessary to
become a registered dietitian. That process is
very competitive. You need to work hard, and
you’re competing with people from across the world. So professors, and faculty and
staff in the department were eager to open their doors and
provide opportunities to get that type of experience. I think that nutrition has given
me the opportunity to really engage in improving
the health of people.