let the star the star the star the star Ricky man Ricky Ricky thinkin road yeah yeah Brooklyn ocean on Flatbush 45 man see you just came up to session pull-ups two push-ups right how many days we came out here I find this man sometimes six okay okay dips reverse pull-ups everything reverse reverse push-ups reverse dips you know try to put money with my knees to our CHEO is exactly so that's why it looks the way it looks okay let's switch it up you know little martial arts they need to try a little bit of everything okay no the whole thing about it when you get here in the match we strike the match get the money up I say yes hey Rick give me can you see you get a little money man yeah what's your call money what's their ab money yeah step back money what you kidding right different getting abs sides you know Street and so we do it all day okay push up money money same thing like I said you could reverse it right now reverse it back switch s flip it back yeah hey yeah you diet talk to me oh man well right now that is crazy it's crazy just chicken fish no red meat no bread just a lot of a service whatever veggies everything's in the plate you know so did potato chips do not know it none of that donuts good no we're doing ice no don't I smell cake past a lot of carbs you have a lot of cars man a lot of cops on the car a lot of potatoes like I said anything rice a little bit not too much me having you because you see everything so I have to really watch which goes to show that people's everybody's body is different everybody's metabolism is difference right that's when people's bodies respond to food different exactly even like we're cold to like me if I go jog I will lose everything yeah your muscles live in the muscles so I will need to hug like a little bit a little peace walk yeah if I do that forget it yeah Rick steroids creatine supplements no right now what I got right here is just water peanut butter and a little bit of milk I said you want a peanut butter no yeah that's it now cuz from years I always see like you keep what you got once you stop mess with that lose everything yeah that's most important to like even doing the thing which I get sleep on least two three hours two hours yeah nighttime achieve straight how many I'm gonna bed say like 10 o'clock become usually usually the body can wake up like five she got tense because your body need rest like a chill for a week and I'm now coming back so so you ain't worked out in a week right but the last this week basically which is just five days no what about weights from lift weights sometimes like light weight light weight year like 15 pounds do like the reps switch around now I like I like calisthenics what because this is what it gives me great results every time and then the way it's on trip you see I've been doing this oh I'm good man you don't see no trip tomorrow stretch marks you know stick with it you know what about the mental discipline and the mental toughness yes that comes with working out but like sometimes you come in you alright and then the mind stop break you don't like you're not gonna do this but she's plugging with the music lock the song out survive get that money up that muscle up it on me be great but the mental thing you gotta have it first gotta have it what because you will break you break down you know I mean if you don't have the mental you can't come and do a quick say 100 pop yeah I like all my mentees I could do 100 in a quick second like 20 20 I'm Billy 100 okay that's our mindset once you got it you could do that what muscle of dips reverse I could get in quickly yeah well do a little sound you know you see let me see your slow song brick phone you get this muscle of money yeah in a minute Oh you know hey right now talk to the people cuz a lot of people they want to look like you right right but they want that in three weeks they wanted in two weeks or they want to go on TV and buy it right right how long does it take me talk about the dedication that's required well what you see in here right loves like six months and more cuz every day every day five days a week like I said sometimes six don't see Saturday but if you want to get like this change up your check didn't leave that alone that is not doing unfair really it just make you more lazy you don't want do nothing but the real natural in you get out here get that were cut up six days a week five days a week you know I mean and you get you look like me you know what you got a warning gotta be hungry favor cuz say if you are you working on right now are you like Iraq we gotta put another hundred gotta get it I need you to tell the people this is a stigmatism in my soul TV thickness ISM in my cell TV not the TV the real TV the TV that tells the truth division exactly straight vision no lies we get it on and wind get Park every day everybody as you see it all right please Ritter bless man thank you man