Hello everyone, I’m Akhil. I’m a
software professional, my working hours become very erratic at times because of
requirement at time to the client and we end up working on 24/7 basis when I have to work with the team and there’s a application that has to be deployed. So
this work was taking a toll on my body and I went for a regular medical checkup
and I saw that my body weight had increased, my BP was very high, I had a
high cholesterol level and that created sort of a fear inside me and I took a
resolve that now I’m going to get into a very balanced lifestyle and very healthy
diet. But such resolve did not work. I could not keep up to it
because eventually the work priorities take over. So I was confused. I was in
dilemma. Then I met a friend of mine who recommended me a very safe, very pure and a very efficient product of Preserva Wellness. So I went to their office in
Greater Kailash and I met their consultants. They did some tests, my blood pressure, my body mass index and my weight. I consulted their doctor, she had
a lot of knowledge about the symptoms which I had and she
suggested to me two products and particularly one of them was Preserva Cholestoblast. This was specifically advised to me for the high cholesterol
that I had. It has very natural ingredients, Curcumin and Turmeric powder, which is essential for lowering your cholesterol as well as it’s generally
good for heart function. So the other product she recommended me was Nutrixgold. It essentially has Aloe Vera, Lemon, Gooseberry which is essential
for increasing your metabolic rate as well as it burns the excessive fat as
well as sugar which gets stored inside the body. I’ve
been taking these products for the last two months and I can feel that I’m much more,
I feel lighter, more happier and I can see my cholesterol going down. But usually these products such ayurvedic products takes up to 6 months to show
good results so I’m very confident that after six months I will be much more
lighter, more healthier and fitter so without any hesitation I could recommend
this product for anybody who has a very erratic lifestyle and irrregular eating