What’s going on everyone? This is Carlo The Solution as in the Solution to fitness and today, I am going to be reviewing Retro Fitness. Well first thing’s first, I want to say my bad for not uploading as frequently as I want to. These past 2 or 3 weeks have been really hectic with finals and graduation and starting my new job so I haven’t had much time to do about anything so now that schools done and that’s outta the way I have a lot more free time to upload way more content. Now this is yet another new segment on my channel where I check out different gyms and I review them. Now these videos are mostly for people that are looking to join a gym, but not sure which one to join yet so i’ll pick a gym and i’ll visit 4 different locations and i’ll visit them a few times and from that I can kinda get an idea on how the gym operates. Now I’m a member of a few different gyms and Retro Fitness happens to be one of them and it’s the very first gym that I ever joined so I know its good and bad points. So I’m going to look at 5 different topics. The first Retro Fitness opened in 2006 in New Jersey by an entrepreneur named Eric Casaburi. As of this video, there are currently 131 locations in 16 states with a net worth of 1.5 million dollars. Eric got into bodybuilding after losing his mother at the age of 15 so he’s definitely a guy that’s familiar with the fitness industry and getting his hands dirty. He was even on a episode of Undercover Boss where he spied on his employees. Based on interviews, he generally seems like a nice guy and someone I wouldn’t mind working for. He generally cares about fitness and his members and employees which I believe is a necessity when running not just a gym, but ANY kind of company. So lets talk about my first topic; the equipment. When it comes to the equipment, Retro gets 5 out of 5 sets. They pretty much have everything you’ll need to get the best benefits from your workouts. Serious bodybuilders shouldn’t have a problem finding the right machine for their chest or their shoulder workouts. The machine brand is mostly Hammer Strength which is a brand you’ll find in almost every gym. They have multiple flat benches, retractable benches, and 90 degree benches which I really like. A lot gyms ignore the 90 degree benches in favor of the more retractable benches that you can make into inclines or 90 degrees, but it just isn’t the same as a regular 90 degree bench. Only experienced, workout enthusiasts would understand which is why I’m glad an actual bodybuilder owns Retro. The weight brand including Dumbbells and Plates is by Intek. I love this brand cause it has a really easy grip and I much prefer rubber over metal. The highest the Dumbbells go up is usually between 120 to 150. which isn’t too bad. All the facilities I went to had an extra space for Endurance type workouts such as Medicine Balls, Bosu Balls, Elastic Bands, Floor Mats, Sand and Speed Bags and only the Woodbridge (Islen) facility had the TRX ropes which might not fancy guys really into Crossfit. And it definitely had the best open area for people using this type of equipment. It’s important to have a separate area for this so everything doesn’t seem so cluttered and usually requires a lot of movement for these specific workouts. Don’t try coming here after 6pm though cause it’ll be a madhouse. Now, lets get into the maintenance. The maintenance at this gym is a real issue. It doesn’t seem like there’s really an effort to keep the place clean throughout the day. Sometime the bathrooms can make even the New York Port Authority bathrooms seem elegant. And for some reason the Clark location gym floor smelled like cow manure. Of all the times I visited these gyms I’ve only seen one maintenance guy at one location. This can really put off a great number of clients that prefer to train in a sanitary environment. I mean it’s not really that bad, but it’s no where near good. And I think having a spray bottle with written words and paper towels over a garbage can is a little out dated. Retro should just incorporate disinfectant wipes on the floor. Just a tip, but that’s a minor gripe. For the most part I’ve never seen equipment broken for too long. Usually no more than a week and something is fixed. Well, that’s if the machine is completely broken. If the handlebar pads are gone, then it may take up to a few months. I’ve even seen duck tape at one of the locations I mean c’mon, it doesn’t get anymore ghetto than that. Now lets get into the customer service. This is where I hear the most controversy from, but I’ll get to that in a bit. The customer service here in ALL of these locations need a tremendous amount of work because honestly, I’d give it 1 out of 5 sets. The front desk staff will, most of the time, pay you no mind when you’re walking through the door which I believe is a big no no for customer service. Do they not specify this when hiring their employees? Since I’ve started researching for this review I’ve visited these locations 10 times and haven’t got a greeting at the door once. I’ve got a goodbye maybe once or twice. The first thing a person see’s when walking into a gym is the front desk and if you don’t show your customers respect, it reflects on the gym. Don’t just greet your friends and people you know personally greet EVERYONE that walks through the door. Manager’s don’t really seem like people persons either. I don’t know what ownership looks for when choosing their management but it isn’t customer service. Of course I can’t say the same thing for ALL managers of Retro but just the ones I’ve encountered are bad with people. They need to just stay in the office. They do have a Facebook page where you can complain and depending on how you word your complaint they will respond to you. I say depends cause if you start with “this freakin place sucks, you guys don’t know what the hell you’re doing!!” don’t expect a response from them. Start a mature comment and you will get a mature response. Yes I know, that can be a little too hard sometimes. Now when it comes to the trainers at this gym they have made some major improvements. The trainers at this gym used to be run by a company called EFT. But slowly, most of the gyms are doing away with this company. The reason is, there have been many complaints from both clients and employees alike. Sometimes they would even skip out on training people without warnings of any cancellations. They clearly only desired money and had no interest in helping their clients change. Employees would, a lot of the time, not get paid and would have to wait an additional 2 weeks to get it fixed. In other words “hey, we screwed up, so we’ll add it to your next check” and sometimes, it would still not be rectified. I’ve had 2 friends who worked for this company confirm this. It’s been about a year since this transition and now EFT is in about 20% of the locations. By the end of the year they should all be gone. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go bankrupt by then. Retro Fitness is now partnering with Affinity Fitness which I’ve heard good reviews about. We’ll just have to wait and see to see how they do. I’m just glad that Retro ownership have started listening and making these changes. If you desire to be a personal trainer Retro can offer you a 6 month training program with a company called NCEP where you can get certified for around $500. If you work for Retro then they’ll drop $100. Now how bout the pricing? The advertised price for this gym is $20 a month which I think is just right for the equipment in this gym. For other amenities such as unlimited tanning and classes, it comes out to around $30. I’m not really big on tanning so it doesn’t really benefit me but mostly for the Guidos. Unfortunately, low cost memberships can attract all kinds of people So expect a lot of immature kids hogging a bench with their 3 friends just talking and texting. Now lets get back to the controversy I mentioned earlier. I’ve never cancelled my Retro membership so I searched online and read reviews. Last I checked, once you sign a contract you’re locked in for a year. Lots of people have issues with trying to cancel their memberships but are still being charged. Obviously, I don’t know the full story of what’s going on with these complaints and there’s just too many to read. So there’s definitely a problem with that. The only advice I can say is, if you do join ask questions. What are your cancellation procedures? Any additional charges beyond my monthly payment? Get a copy of what you signed. And most important of all READ WHAT YOU’RE SIGNING. If you just grab a contact and sign, not knowing what you’re signing you have no one to blame, but yourself. Now if you did all this and are still having issues do NOT waste your time contacting the gym as there’s nothing they can do about it and go straight to the Department of Consumer Affairs. Breaching a contact is against the law so that’s why it’s important to know what you sign. Not only with gyms, but with ANYTHING you put your signature on. So how bout the unique qualities of the gym? Overall this gym does have a couple of unique qualities. They have a movie theater room that usually consists of treadmills and bicycles. This can help you put in the extra mile rather than being bored running and in turn, put in the extra work as you’ll be distracted with a feature film. It has Wi-Fi which I hope all gyms have and a Daycare. Daycare’s, I believe, are very important for gyms to have Most of the time, women don’t join gyms because they have kids and no one to watch. A lot of the time, Retro has promotions such as referring a friend and getting certain credit to your account or certain days would have a low amount as down payment. I also love that they have an app. You can use this app to scan into the facilities which I think is really convenient. It also provides discounts, keeping track of workouts, and prizes for accomplishing different challenges. This will really help people go that extra mile to accomplish their goal. Some Retro’s have also incorporated Physical Therapy rooms where when you first join you can be told your body fat percentage and all of that. Even a free 15 minute massage. Not bad. I expect all Retro’s to have this next year. In conclusion, I’ll have to give this gym JUST about Now would I recommend this gym to already experienced gymheads? Absolutely. Would I recommend this gym to newcomers that have never stepped foot in the gym before? Absolutely not. Eric Casaburi is now 40 so he was really young when starting this company and the company is going nowhere but up pretty quickly. It is simply a case of being at the right place at the right time and intelligently investing your money. Not being afraid to take a gamble when times are hard. It’s truly and inspirational story for people such as myself who hope to one day open a gym. The marketing colors of this gym are red and yellow. Similar to McDonald’s I guess that’s where they get their inspiration from. When you see those golden arcs and bright colors it just attracts you like a moth to a flame. The gym is still growing exponentially and future plans will offer a website store similar to bodybuilding.com where they sell protein drinks, supplements, and even meals to be sent to your home. It’s a pretty nice touch. Well guys, that was my review for the Retro Fitness gym, I hope you liked it I did a lot of research for this so you better have watched the whole thing. So what do you think of this gym? I probably left some stuff out so let me know if I did. and subscribe to this channel for more videos such as this where you get a video every.. you get a video every.. I gotta work on that Once again, this is Carlo The Solution saying if you got a problem, I’ll help you solve it. Your worst days is done and your best is yet to come.