muscular 240 pounds– SPEAKER 2: Two,
all the way back. [GRUNT] SPEAKER 1: Brian now weighs
about half what he used to. [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 3: And, go! 20 seconds. SPEAKER 1: In just 14
months, Lori lost 120 pounds, and completely
transformed herself. LORI: It is the most
incredible feeling. SPEAKER 1: The best
thing about being fit, Chris says, is that now he
can play with his children. CHRIS: I can do anything. I feel 244 pounds lighter. SPEAKER 1: Danielle is
down nearly 100 pounds from her heaviest. DANIELLE: I can do a lot
more things than I ever thought I could possibly do. SPEAKER 3: Five to go. Five. SPEAKER 1: Bob leg presses
an incredible 850 pounds. SPEAKER 3: There it is. Nice. SPEAKER 1: He lost more than
100 pounds in less than a year. BOB: 100 pounds of
sweat laying over here. SPEAKER 1: In just 13
months, Michael and Athena lost a combined 245 pounds. SPEAKER 4: When I
joined, I was 257. As of now, I’m 168. SPEAKER 1: With help from
personal training manager Toni [? Vogel, ?] James
lost more than 80 pounds is less than eight months. [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 5: When
she first started, she was very quiet and
a little bit timid. Now she jokes or has fun
whenever she’s here in the gym. SPEAKER 6: I can come
here having a bad day and leave here like it’s
the best I’ve had all year. SPEAKER 7: When you’re
happy with yourself, you kind of radiate that. The people around you see it. My personality
certainly changes. Lisa called me an introvert. I was absolutely an introvert. But when you become more
self confident, when I did, I just wanted to
talk to people more. I love telling people my story,
and just so much more content with my life. [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Watching Scott power
through his daily exercise routine, it’s hard to imagine
how unhealthy he once was. She lost weight. She got stronger. Her mood improved. In addition to losing
nearly 90 pounds, Jamar lowered his cholesterol
level an astonishing 200 points in just three months. He alleviated all of this
hypertension symptoms. And he no longer suffers
from sleep apnea. SPEAKER 8: I was
borderline diabetic. And that’s all gone. I had heart arrhythmias. That’s completely cleared up. The best medicine
there is, right there. SPEAKER 1: Wendy lost another 50
pounds and cured her diabetes. WENDY: I’m no longer on
any of my medications. And all of my sugar
levels are super low every time I get them checked. BOB: My stress level
started to go down. That was maybe the
first thing I noticed. SPEAKER 1: Bob’s cholesterol
level is also way down. BOB: Motivation is
where you find it. SPEAKER 1: Regular
exercise has helped Susan lower her blood pressure,
get rid of her joint pain, improve her mood. And on this day– SPEAKER 10: There you go. Good, good. SPEAKER 1: –for the
very first time since she was in grade school– run. SPEAKER 10: Eight,
seven, six, five, four– SPEAKER 1: The
strength that he needs to compete as a world-class
marathoner, Chad says he got at Anytime Fitness. [MUSIC PLAYING]