Restorative Yoga Practice (45 min) with Britta Eumann. Hi welcome my name is Britta and I’m
guiding you through today’s practice this will be a very chill out lazy
Sunday morning practice you can do this on or Saturday to honor Wednesday
afternoon if you feel like it we will be on the floor the whole time
yeah so I’m gonna get started and please follow along with me okay so you guys
need a mat a blanket or you can use a towel here – two blocks ideally if you
don’t have blocks feel free to roll up two towels or use two pillows and a spot
by the wall all right we starting laying down and we will lay down there for the
whole practice so when you come down make sure your feet are into the wall so
you have the right space over here bend your knees walk your feet wide so your
pinkie toes are touching the edge of the mat and allow your knees to come
together you can move the blocks down a little bit out of the way rest your arms
down by your side then just take a deep inhale through your nose into the belly
open your mouth and and one more inhale deeply open the mouth and let it out and
last one inhale deeply open your mouth and then allow your grass to quieten
again just allowing the body to breathe itself without you doing anything just begin to notice all the points where
your body touches out on the floor starting with the soles
of your feet your hips your low back middle back upper back shoulders upper
arms elbows forearms in the back of the hands bringing the attention back up
towards the neck back of your head and bring your attention the top of your
hat to your face noticing any tension and not trying to change anything for
now just observe notice if there’s tension forehead how’s the sensation
around the eyes between your eyebrows temples and jawline mouth the throat then you attention to your breath just
begin to notice the gentle flow of breath by your nostrils notice the rise
and fall of your chest with each inhale and exhalation the rise and fall of your
belly with each inhalation and exhalation again not influencing
anything just observing what is there right now maybe you notice your breath
is slow or fast you notice if it’s deep or more shallow with regular or
irregular your mind gets drawn away from your
breath just gently guided back with compassion for yourself you you and then slowly begin to deepen your
inhalations and laying send your exhalations your inhalation drawing the
breath through the nose all the way into the belly then the exhalation breathing
out through the nose drawing the belly in and up and try maybe bringing your
palms your hands on your belly just below your belly button so when you
breathe in you feel your belly rising and then you exhale you feel your belly
coming back to what’s the floor creating your own breath rhythm here just
inhaling deep and exhaling long and slow breathing through the nose into the
belly on the exhale through the nose all the out and try to maintain this breath
throughout your practice when you’re ready slowly begin to walk your feet
together hold of your blocks bring the soles of your feet together coming into
bound angle baddha konasana support your knees if you’re a little
tighter feel free to just stand the blocks up I’m at an angle or you can
support them closer to the hips so really find where your body is best
supported here bring your palms facing up arms to the side nune an inhale sweep
your arms up exhale long slow swoop down inhale sleeping up on the exhale going
long and slow moving with your breath and one more next time your arms are down by your
sides changing to single swoop so on your inhale you’re sweeping your right
arm up and at the same time you’re looking over towards your left shoulder
freeing up the space on the right side of your neck the exhale swoop your arm
back down and now when your arm is down look up inhale swoop your left arm up
look over your right shoulder yeah exhale swooping there arm down and
then turning the Hat up two more on each side
inhale swooping up turning over the shoulder exhale swoop down and then turn
the hat back to Center left side exhale swoop it down look up one more right
swooping up and turning the Hat exhale bring the arm down look up inhale left
erm and exhale back down turning your head back to Center bring your arms out
to the sides and then bend your elbows kind of like a goalpost position this
puts a lot of strain on your shoulders bring your elbows down a little bit more
so it’s more like a W on your exhalation slowly begin to lift your arms and you
want to bring your forearms together elbows and wrists at the same time you
inhale your old pinning back up your exhale you’re bringing your arms
together it’s probably a little harder to bring the elbows together so really
focus on those a little bit more inhale opening
also see if you can really energize your hands your fingers last time bringing
your forearms together inhale open allow your arms to rest in this position for a
couple rounds of breath check in how you’re feeling come back to your breath
rhythm breathing deeply into the belly the
exhale drawing out all the air and then slowly bring your arms back down you can
move the blocks away a little bit bend your knees into your chest just gently
hug them in feel free to rock a little side to side if that feels good
but also do a couple circles circling the knees on the ceiling in both
directions here and then hugging the knees back to the center and pull them
into your chest try to keep your feet and your shins parallel then come back
to your breath on the inhalation I really want to broaden your upper back
your ribcage and on the exhalation lengthen the tailbone away from the top
of the head the inhalation you expand your broaden and on the exhalation your
lengthen the spine and bringing your palms on top of your knees fingers
facing towards your feet on an inhale allow your knees to move over your hips
straighten out your arms on the axel ation pull it back in and keep moving
like this a couple more times on the inhalation moving the knees away
breathing into the Bali your exhalation you pull the navel just
fine to create space for your thighs all right the last time when you bring your
knees way from you allow your feet to just dangle so no need to lift the feet
up here and with your hands on your knees get a good grip here so you get a
little stretch of your arm and your knees are supported you can rest the low back into the mat
breathe then hug your right knee into your chest extend your left leg long
that’s why we’re by the wall so try to press your whole foot heel to toes into
the wall if there’s a little bend push yourself back if you’re too far away
feel free to scoot a little closer how do you right knee into your chest then
bring your attention just to your a toast waking them up wiggling them
spreading them making a little fist you want to pick up something with your foot
and then begin to circle the ankle nice deep circle going one direction first
and then the other and we’re moving on to hip circles so bring your left arm
out to the left and then either keep holding on with your right hand for
circles going out up over the midline and drawing circles with your knee if
you like you could also let go and just use your leg alone maybe also go over
the midline and when you go over the midline keep your right hip down not
moving the body too much and then switching directions
and the lag in the wall will support the stability in your body here good and hug
the knee back into your chest always stay a breath or so before you begin to
move into the other pose and then from here again I like to use no arms at all
just extend your leg to the ceiling straighten it out so if you’re down here
that’s fine too if your knee doesn’t stretch fully that’s fine too just give
your best and then begin to point and flex your foot so pointing is pointing
the toes to the ceiling and flexing is reaching the heel towards the ceiling
you can also do a couple circles with your ankle here just noticing the
different sensation that brings compared to circling the ankle when your knees
bent yeah then flexing your ankle again pull your navel to spine not an axial
ation with core control slowly lower the leg down press it into the wall again if
you have to just do that and then hug your left knee into your chest
take a breath then bring your attention to your left toes wiggle your toes
spread them bend them and then circling the ankle circling the ankle the other direction
when you do those circular motions always come back to your breath too so
you’re not racing ahead with your circles and then again here bring your
right arm out now and then either guiding your leg or without arms begin
to circle the knee just moving the hip right notice one side is different than
the other it’s completely normal switch directions now when you’re done on this
side slowly hug your knee back in take a breath and then extend your leg up to
the ceiling again doing your best huge not about how it looks at about what you
do in your body which is stretching the back of the leg here and then pointing
and flexing the foot circling the ankle and flexing your foot again pull your
navel in nan an exhale slowly lower down see if I can slow it down even more here
good so both feet should be in the wall now when you inhale your arms over hat
palms facing each other you deep inhale here if arms overhead like this it’s
constricting you as painful feel free to keep your arms wider or even down to the
side so wherever works for you and then press your heels into the wall you’re
breathing deeply maybe even push your chosen and push yourself a little bit
away from the wall so that feels and then staying like so just for a moment
reaching up through the right hand a little bit more pressing the right foot
into the wall a little bit more then relax and reach through your left hand a
little bit more and press into your left foot a little bit more and relax now the
diagonal so press into your left foot right hand feel the connection in the
body that’s going across relax and then left arm right leg reaching and relax and slowly bring your arms back down by
your sides bend your knees bring your feet flat and we’re coming into a
rolling bridge pose so for your setup make sure your feet are about hip width
the knees are hip is and hip width isn’t the outer hip here it’s your hip bones
in the front and you want to draw pretty much a straight
from those hip bones to the center of your knee bring the soles of your feet
pretty close to your hips so you can almost grace them you don’t have to
fully attach so much just like this and we’re gonna move on an inhale and an
exhale so we inhale here deep breath belly
ribcage just breathing in exhale out and then tucking your tail lifting up now
inhale here breathe belly ribcage chest and on the exhale slowly lower down from
the top your shoulders all the way down vertebra by vertebra the hips we
continue to do that breathing in exhale lifting up easing in here lifting the
chest exhale down and one more inhale down here exhale roll it up then we stay
up here so you can either come into restorative
version of this if it’s a really lazy day today you place your block under
your hips ID as I joined the flutter bony part here the sacrum lift your
chest up stay here you can also put this on a little higher level just make sure
you really keep lifting your chest so the chest collar bones the sternum lifts
to the chin and we’re not overly tucking the chin or you bring your hands
together under your bag and lift up coming into a regular bridge keep
lifting up the chest try not to allow your knees to splay too
wide and Shinya to breeze out of any of those
poses if you feel you’re ready to get out and I’m not yet getting out feel
free to do so two more rounds of breath here so if your arms are under your back you
release your arms of your block as under your hips lift up and remove the block
and then on an exhale slowly rolling down taking your time when you’re down
here just stay down for a couple of breaths allowing the back to neutralize
again I’m bending the knees into the chest your stuff on the side move it away then
roll to one side it doesn’t really matter which both hands down we come up
to a seated position just for a moment here cuz we’re gonna do a little counter
pose to the bridge pose we’re gonna do a restorative fish version you just roll
up your blanket but this much you can do more or less depending on your upper
back mobility if you don’t have a blanket use a towel you could also roll up your mat so just
something that supports you and it will go right here so under my shoulder
blades you move back lay back down and try to
hit this this roll come down through space between the roll and my armpits
here and them rolling back so my shoulders come back to the floor behind
me arms coming out if this doesn’t feel good for your neck you can always put a
little something under here like another towel or I just use a lower roll here
and then you still close enough to the wall in
your feedback into the wall and slightly pushback giving you a little bit more
extension lifting the chest maybe breathing into the area by the color
bones just staying here relaxing but at the same time still guiding the breath
into the chest keeping that area lifted actively you staying two more rounds of brass here and slowly begin to bend your knees
again and again rolling off to one side go to your side
use your hands to come up and then here just roll it back out and we’re coming
straight back down now make sure you’re far enough from the
wall and we’re bending the knees again take a breath or two to come back to
your own breath rhythm here then bring your right ankle across the left thigh
and really bring it so I’m showing you here so bring the ankle bone all the way
to the left side so it’s not here but it’s all the way over even if your knee
comes in a little bit closer then just stay here for a moment let that sink in
if you like a little bit more stretch in this area bring your right hand Jen
gently press the thigh down to what’s the wall again you could stay just here
or you begin to lift your left leg up keep your left foot flexed as well
flexing the feet protects the knees and if you like you can bring your hands
around and gently pull your left knee in keep your left knee slightly bent it
gives you a little bit more of a lever so you don’t have to pull so hard with
your arms and instead use your right forearm to gently push your right thigh
away from you come back to your breath rhythm and see if you can guide your
breath in to the area where you feel the most sensation so if you feel a lot in
your right hip see if your inhale can expand that area and then you exhale let
it go each inhale expands opens up and on the exhale just let it go a little
bit and let your hands go bring your right
thigh all the way across the left allow your left foot to come to the floor arms
out into TV or like opposed arms it’s gonna your choice here and then walk
your left foot a little bit to the right and allow your knees to come over to the
left how about a twisted twist so you can keep your hat just looking up to the
ceiling and also look over your right shoulder so you feel a little bit more
stretch on the left side if this compresses your neck on the right side
and just looks right up I really try to relax into it so even if your feet start
to slide a little bit after a while and unravel that’s fine just notice if
you’re holding on to anything staying three more rounds of breath here you’ve lost track of your breath now’s a
good time to come back it’s nice deep breath inhaling exhaling laying out all
the air and then on and in now slowly bring your
knees to sender turn your hat to the center and keep your legs crossed as
they are just walk your foot left foot over to the left then allow your knees
to come over to the right so you probably feel this more in your left hip
flexor outer hip here if this feels like a lot
feel free to place a block under your left knee on the right side it’s for
your arms again you could bring them out like oh post arms or tee you can also
bring them down a little bit that feels better on the shoulder again three more breaths here no known an inhale slowly come back up
now and rebel your legs the feet flat send you yourself take a breath here in
the center not rushing from side to side just checking in in the middle and then
when you’re ready bring your left ankle over your right thigh again the ankle
bone comes to the outside the foot is flexed to protect the knee here the
beginning but staying here in this position writing it settle in a little
bit maybe pushing gently with your left palm lengthening the hip away from the
shoulder and when you’re ready slowly lift your
right leg up keep the right knee bent foot is flexed and then pull it in see
you can you don’t even have to use your arms here especially if your shoulders
are really tight but if you like you can bring your hands around but again just
try to keep the shoulders soft not pulling them up but allowing them
back down maybe gently using left for em to push left by away and then from here slowly release keep
your legs crossed in fact crusted left all the way over right foot comes to the
floor move your right foot a little to the left and allow your knees to come
over to the right twist to the right arms again any position here like this
out like this if this is too much for the shoulders keep them down here you
can turn your head to one side or you keep it looking up finding a position
here where you feel comfortable again if feet start to unravel a little bit let
them let the body relax sing in breathe you let’s take three more deep breaths here and then on an inhale slowly turn your
hat back bring your knees back to Center walk the right foot a little bit more to
the right then bring your knees to the left and again if this is too much in
here place a block under you need support and then bringing the arms out
again finding a position for your head noticing the side might be different
than the other finding your breath rhythm again deep
inhalations and long slow exhalation let’s take three more breaths here and on an inhale slowly bring your knees
back through Center the block unravel maybe let your knees knock together for
a moment just staying here centering yourself again taking a breath or two and bringing your knees back into your
chest and then exhale and gently widening the knees towards the armpits
you can stay right here just gently pulling the knees apart and
you can hold on under your knees you can use your forearms here to nice sometimes
it feels good to hold on with your hands see if you can bring your the soles of
the feet facing the ceiling it’s like you’re squatting on the ceiling and
you’re gonna stay right here or if your flexibility allows bring your
hands to your ankles you can pull down pretty see where this is going more like
a happy baby pose but don’t overdo it so if you have to
reach your shoulders and strain your neck to reach your feet just hold on the
back of your thighs want to stay relaxed here this is the last post before
shavasana so don’t let any strain if you can reach easily then you can hold on
the outer edges of your feet arm goes to the inside of your knee breathing here
and the same thing we’re broadening on the inhale and lengthening on the
exhalation pulling the low back the tailbone lengthens back to the floor you
can stay still here if you like to add movement and gently rock
and all that too and then slowly let go how do you knees
towards your chest one last time inhale really squeezing in and on the exhale
extending your legs out long coming into your shavasana so make sure now that
you’re away from the wall so your feet are not touching anything allow your
feet to flop open maybe even roll your legs a couple times in and out
make sure your tailbone is going this direction a little bit more so you can
even push it a little bit down bring your arms by your side and then I get
shoulder blades in together then move your upper arms a little bit away from
the torso palms facing up biceps spinning away from the torso gently roll
your head to the side just a couple inches each side and rest it back in the
center maybe lengthening the neck just a little
bit bringing your attention to your head forehead see if there’s any tension left
and if you can soften that area softening the space between your
eyebrows around the eyes behind the eyes temples the jaw line ears the mouth inside of your mouth your throat and
feeling that relaxation moving all the way down the body and the arms to the
head on the back body on the front body the
hips down the legs to the feet letting your breath run smoothly and naturally enjoying your show us you you you you so now slowly begin to deepen your
inhalations again lengthening the exhalation this age inhale allow fresh
energy to enter through the top of your hat
moving down the spine on the arms down the flags on the exhalation letting go
what no longer serves you each inhale in you refresh the exhale release and relax keeping your eyes closed gently begin to
move your fingers your toes your wrists and ankles rolling the arms and legs and
you rolling the neck a couple of times and when you’re ready to come up gently
bend your knees roll onto one side stay down here resting your head on your
upper arm take a couple rounds of breath here keeping the intention just a little
bit longer inward focused when you’re ready using both hands to press yourself
up into any seated position and set cross legs on a block Kamiya your palms
together thumbs to the sternum to your heart center and I always in my classes
with our gratitude practice so I invite you just for yourself think about seeing
a person or an event you are thankful for today and I was
gratitude for everything we have and everything we don’t have take a deep
inhale exhale let it go I thank you thank yourself for giving you this time
out of your day and enjoying this practice namaste you