Our role as respiratory therapist is just irreplaceable. There the central part of the team. People who primarily need life support with ventilators are the key focus of people who come to work every day as a respiratory therapist. Respiratory therapists our eyes and years constantly for how the patient is doing and it needs of their breathing. They help us assess who needs mechanical ventilation, who needs breathing treatments, and throughout the time the patients on a mechanical ventilator they literally are at their bedside non stop obsessing, evaluating the patient and adapting the ventilator to the patient’s needs. As a part of the patient care team, respiratory therapists are responsible for assessing the patients, help managing a treatment plan, monitoring the patient and evaluating the patient at the end to make sure that we’re doing everything that we can to make the patient’s breathing easier. We are very close knit group. Nursing staff, doctors, respiratory, lab. Everyone. It’s one big family there. We communicate with one another. We work well together. If the doctor needs something from us we discuss our patient, we discuss with them about what’s going to go on with our patient. They value our opinion. They expect us to have input they look for us to have input that’s one reason that were part of the collaborative rounding team. Our role and our responsibility is to make recommendations based on our skills and experience and evidence-based medicine. We have patients in the intensive care unit you don’t need chemical ventilation but might need support at night with a mask or other levels of oxygen. There’s a whole new theme with high-flow oxygen that the respiratory therapists are leading the pack with and so they are also becoming the experts not only here in the state but nationally and internationally with their use of high flow for various pulmonary and cardio pulmonary disorders. So they very much are part of the team we can’t have the team caregivers in the ICU without respiratory therapists. We offer a full array of testing that one would expect to find a major academic medical center such as UK. I’m very proud of the fact that the lab has state-of-the-art equipment that you don’t find just anywhere. Its very complex equipment. They need the information as quick as they can. Patients come to us because they’re experiencing shortness of breath, which is very troubling. It’s very rewarding to be able to give that information to the physician to show that not only does the patient’s numbers improve, the doctor now knows of course a treatment that we can proceed. Respiratory keeps growing. We keep growing more and more. There’s new things that come out every day. New technology, new therapies, new techniques and UK it’s just gonna keep growing. Their skill knowledge and experience, but I also believe that passion to have this patient taking care of. Passion for this baby to recover. Passion for this family to be made whole and to be happy again is a definite motivating factor. They’re passionate about what they do they want the quality to show through they support each other and we do an array of services that provide outstanding care. Ability to breathe, the ability to have exercised, the ability to be functional, ability to reduce my frailty because I can breathe better and exercising and move. These are the attributes the respiratory therapist clearly make a difference to our patients. I am truly fortunate to work with some of the best respiratory therapist, pulmonary function technologists, in the field not only at UK not only in the state of Kentucky or the United States in the entire world and I’m I could not be more proud of my team. Very fortunate to work with people with that much dedication.