hello my lovelies I see there are really couple of people waiting for me that's really exciting I have no idea of anybody would show up right now but I figured I would give this opportunity to do a live Q&A it's the first Q&A I'm ever doing life on YouTube so I wasn't sure if the technology was going to work could somebody that's watching me right in the comments if they are hearing me at all yes I know that the comments will come in a little bit later but if you could let me know if you can hear me that would be really fantastic because I'm using them like because as you may know we are in the process of renovating your house that we just moved into and this is my clinic space and it's really hollow because my desk is here but that's about it so yeah if anybody can just let me know if the sound is okay because then I can proceed if you can't hear me then those videos gonna be completely pointless obviously so we just gonna wait in the comments to see if the audio is okay and I'm also just going to wait a little bit to a lot of till a few more people come in so they don't pull into the middle of the story and no I said I was good to start at 8:30 but people always tend to come in late right audio is great thank you I just needed the confirmation that's fantastic but as I was saying people always comment late into these kind of videos honestly so do I cause I think big it is just the introduction but anyway those of you that I already here thank you so much that is really encouraging and then I don't feel like I'm talking into outer space as much so yeah today I am going to talk to you about the program but I'm starting so this is a detoxing program I don't know if you've been able to read anything about it because I have been posting about it the last couple of days but I know it's social media it's easy to miss things so in the description of this video you should be able to see a link to a Facebook post where I explain everything so you can have a look at that on chatting but for half a second just explain to you what I'm doing and that will give you enough information so detoxing is something that I do so much with my patients it's probably the first thing I have to do before any of the homeopathic remedies or supplements can have an effect on people's fertility so that they can conceive naturally and hold on to their pregnancies now obviously I'm going on maternity leave because the belly is growing so we're doing this live video together and since I'm going on maternity leave half July I haven't been able to take on any new patients for quite a while and I have been doing for Tillett e-assessment so you can still book those in I can look at your charts we can talk about your your symptoms and I can give you an idea of what your hurdles are the problem was 9 out of 10 times I would be able to identify the block such as synthetic hormones that have been used in the past but are blockading and hormonal system or heavy metals or any kind of other types of drugs and then I would say oh yeah you need the detox and maybe like can't do it right no I'm sorry I'm not taking on patients but it was a really unsatisfying I did refer a couple of people to some colleagues and then last week I thought isn't there any way at all that I can help a bunch of people to detox soon and 6 weeks before my maternity leave is not but I have this epiphany how about I just teach you to detox yourself because I'm all about empowering you should know that if you're following me any length of time and with homeopathy you can do that there are lots of things that you can treat upholding ourselves like simple things colds coughs sunburn you know all that kind of stuff where you're coming to the more chronic stuff or fertility issues it's good to see a practitioner those trade that's gone to University studied homeopathy to take your case and then detoxing is something in between I can teach you to detox yourself and if I teach you this once it's like what's that saying about you know somebody's hungry you can give them a fish you feed them a day teach them to fish and you feed them a lifetime something like that and that's what I can do with the detoxing so if I teach you to detox and I'll walk you through most of your first detox and send you out the remedies then you'll be able to do subsequent detox as yourself if you need them you can detox your partner you can detox any kids you already have you can detox parents that you have and how cool was that so that is the way what I have put together is a couple of instruction sheets I guess explaining exactly how you can detox and then I send out the remedies to you when you sign up so when you sign up you can choose one to five detoxes and depending on what you need one is heavy metals and then I've got four synthetic ones one is steroids if you ever have them in the past one is contraceptives when it's labor drugs and one is fertility drugs so there are five detoxes we can do I'm not doing any other detailed system own because it's just too much but I feel like this covers a wide range of people so if you sign up today because today registration is closing because obviously I'm on a deadline because I need to get this program started before I go on maternity leave if you sign up today I will make sure that remedies are posted out to you this week from one of my pharmacys and then you should be receiving your remedies anywhere from this week and until the next couple of weeks depending where you are in the world we'll be sure that it's tracked and that you get them but I will send up the instructions this week so you can see how you can do box and then starting next week I'm opening up a private group and this group is not on Facebook I purposely done it off Facebook because of privacy reasons and because I don't want people to have to be signed up to Facebook in order to participate in the program so I'm testing this platform cold not ready for accompaning mighty meeting I think I think so waiting meeting and I'm setting up a group there what I already have and then we'll be able to talk to each other you can ask your questions I'm gonna do weekly length videos answering all your questions about detoxing so if you start it and you've got certain reactions you can ask me about it and I will be doing that for the next six weeks so I think that should give you a really good start to do this detoxing and learn as much as possible and also you'll be able to connect with peers that are also detoxing of course now well I've got a couple of questions already from some people if you have any questions about the detoxing make sure to write them I see my screen on the right side and you can type something and I see that somebody else my darling husband has already typed some things that you should be able to type something and you have questions post them and I'll get to them and in the meantime I'll just explain a bit more about the program not the program itself but why you should be detoxing if you're wondering and answer some of the questions that have already been posted in my Facebook group because I said if you have any questions post them here and I'll address them in my life video so as I said we've got four synthetic hormone detox as that week do in these six weeks that will start with and then we've got the heavy metals so let's start with the heavy metals first heavy metals is a big issue for fertility for several reasons first of all a lot of people that suffer with miscarriages and recruiting miscarriages especially turn out to have metal toxicity and mostly mercury and mercury is everywhere unfortunately it is especially in dental fillings so if you've had silver amalgam dental fillings either in the past or currently and that will leak into your system and what happens is your body doesn't know what to do with the metals so it just tries to stuff it in looks and crannies of your body and it will choose especially areas as well organs but also hormonal glands like your thyroid eard renals and if it is stuck there then it is going to ruin your mineral balance all over and that is how it affects your I'm sorry I'm really destructed I think there's I think my husband is putting together a cupboard right now when you move into your life so early if you're listening you stumped with the cupboard please so back to the meadows hopefully it'll be get a bit quieter now and if the metals are stuck in those areas it's going to mess up your mineral balance in your system and your overall hormonal balance and as I said it can cause miscarriages it also damages the DNA of sperm in of eggs so if you don't have good quality they need to begin with and then those two merge and it's really difficult for a baby to develop so I often see that cases of missed abortions miss miscarriages early stages maybe just stops developing and there's no heartbeat that kind of stuck this is very typical for middle toxicity so if you recognize yourself at this the metal detox could very well be a step for you I have found that couples that have detox that within several months after detox aid that they have conceived and gone on to have a healthy happy baby and I should tell you of course what kind of factors may make you prone to metal toxicity and as I mentioned it can be the dental fillings if you critically have them silver and amalgam dental fillings then it will leak into your system but if you had them in the past then chances are you're still holding on to that metal toxicity so it's quite worthwhile for you to do that kind of detox I've had a question from somebody already emailing me if I currently have those dental fillings or the corset for me to detox the answer is yes but chances are you will need to repeat it every now and then because it continues to leak into your system and it's definitely worth it to be doing that and you know what if one partner is detoxing the metals you might as well have the other one do it as well because a lot of us have some kind of metal toxicity going on and while you are detoxing metals you shouldn't be trying to conceive with all the other detox is you can totally continue no issues there's plenty of people that I've fallen pregnant on the dean's office with the Middle's I recommend that you don't because I have no proof that your body is not going to dump the metals into starting embryo and you don't want to start with that right so it's better to clear yourself a bit before you try to conceive again so some other factors that may indicate that you have metal toxicity is if you've had sperm analysis done and you have poor quality or poor count then that could be a reason that the metal toxicity could be underlying it however if you have good results that doesn't mean you have no metal toxicity so still we're taught to look into if you have worked with heavy metals like dentists do or glass blowers or some painters then that sets you up for metal toxicity of course and if you've smoked in the past or you're currently smoking and then that also sets you up for it I'm also sorry I don't want a coffin to my group I'm gonna blow up your ears also if we're where was I I have pregnancy brain I think it's talking about that I completely lost it but I know I was talking about the metals at least but I also saw a message coming from Heather and then thank you for asking could you explain why we should refrain from trying while detoxing the heavy metals I just mentioned that so maybe are maybe talking your message across each other but I hope I explained that well I am 100% convinced that if you're detoxing that your body will dump the metals into a embryo that has just started and because when we detox our body will put the metals in urine it will put it in our stools and also in our hair and nails so I feel like embryo is almost like a foreign tissue I have no proof that your body won't put it there so that's why I recommend to not do that because you could miscarry because of that and there is a higher chance of autism and ADHD and developmental issues with children that have metal toxicity so it's better to detox in advance so some other things oh yes if you have a lot of vaccines or a lot of travel vaccines that sets you up for my Aqsa City oh yeah no I finally remember I was gonna see if you live in a city that you're more prone to hold on to metals as well and once you have metal toxicity you're going to hold on to for metals in general because metals seem to attract models so there you go and then lastly there is a physical symptom that you can look up or if you are somebody that holds that that has frequent ulcers or absences or infections that don't heal that could be an indication of metal as well as restless legs could be an indication and then there are some really obvious symptom because some patients have come to me that say they're their perspiration smells like metals or that one safe had a dinner that was cooked in aluminum that they couldn't sleep all night and we're perspiring you know those kind of things but you will know if you have that let's see um that's pretty much what I can say about metal toxicity oh yeah speaking of abscesses if you frequently need root canals you have two that senses that can often be a metal thing as well and we're also more prone to metal toxicity when in our family line the susceptibility is passed on and that susceptibility you can pick up on in your family there is a lot of Alzheimer's or dementia in general and autism is one of them as well Parkinson's as I mentioned restless legs which isn't as severe but if that's been passed on and family then those are some indications that your family will be more susceptible to melt xst okay I've talked for 15 minutes about metals and we need to go through some other stuff so I'll just move on if you have more questions leave them in the in the comment section on a side and I will definitely get to them so we need to talk about the synthetic hormones you may be wondering why it's necessary to detox synthetic hormones because you may understand that metals are held into the body but you would expect that if you've had fertility drugs or labor drugs contraceptives or steroids that actually have taken them they leave your body right well on a chemical level yes that's the case or does it should vacate the case as far as I know however what happens is it leaves an imprint on your hormonal system they're all in different waves and I'll try and explain from the different types how they leave an imprint but when they leave that imprint they create havoc in your hormonal system and it's out of balance and it stays that way now occasionally your body will be able to reset but a lot of the times that's not possible you see that for example with women that have had the contraceptive pill for a long time and then they never get their periods again or they don't ovulate we have really irregular cycles or they just don't fall pregnant that's because the imprint is left behind in the body because what contraceptive pill does it completely stops your entire cycle if it tells your body not to emulate so your body needs to be able to pick that back up once you stop the hormones but a lot of the times that just doesn't happen and the homeopathic detox helps your body reset so it can redeem that down and that applies also to the other synthetic hormone detoxes that we will be covering so that's the fertility drugs one that's interesting as well because with fertility drugs you're doing the opposite the contraceptives right you are hyper stimulating the body to produce more eggs and hold on to the pregnancy and then the best-case scenario a little pregnant and have their baby and then not see the poor results of that or the synthetic imprints left behind until after they've had their baby and they might not be able to have a second or third or you know whatever or get their cycles back ever I've written a blog post on that as well how fertility drugs can actually leave you weren't infertile afterwards but if you don't fall pregnant but you've had all the fertility drugs the chances are you are in more trouble than you were before because it's almost like I explained the blog post as well that's if you start with fertility drugs chances are that your hormonal system is in trouble already right otherwise you would never start those drugs so you start the drugs on top of it and it's almost like you're farming a city and then it's in firstly the city wasn't well there aren't enough workers to rebuild the city I hope this makes sense it doesn't I don't explain it really why I think I hope it makes it the point is health is being able to deal with any kind of change whether its internal or external an example of internal is you eat something your blood sugar spikes and your body starts to produce influence to balance out that sugar an external example is it's really hot outside and these starts a sweat to pull yourself down if you get a virus you respond with an infection or a fever to burn it out if you take the fertility drugs that is quite heavy on your body great then you should be able to regain balance afterwards but that awesome doesn't happen that is basically women try this baby so will you often see with fertility drugs afterwards is that women develop PCOS because PCOS are cysts on your ovaries and that can be a result of over stimulating the ovaries and not only the idea is to produce lots of eggs but in fact they start to develop cysts and they get into that kind of routine rather than ovulating properly I've also had women that have had fertility drugs and completely stopped ovulating afterwards because their body got so used to the hyperstimulation they couldn't deal with the natural levels of spikes of hormones to ovulate and a lot of women have gotten really irregular cycles and as far as the contraceptives I also see PCOS happening there and also estrogen dominance happening afterwards but by detoxing fertility drugs of contraceptives I've seen cycles restored become a regular women not having clotting anymore in their periods having shorter periods were up to four days or longer periods that they probably like a day and they become bright red they suddenly get cervical mucus which they may never been which they stop after having all the medication so those are all indications that fertility is restoring and that's what you can see with these detoxes I've also had women that were previously – thyroid and then became hyper thyroid and hatcheries their medication because of that because their thyroid restored so a lot of cool stuff can happen just by removing that imprint so your body can reset and regain back hormonal balance a lot of people don't need any other communicate meant after that once they've had the detox and that's why I want to teach you because this may be all that you need we've also got the labor drugs there's not a whole lot I could say about that it just works in the same way as all the other synthetic hormones the big one is pitocin or oxytocin or since assignment it's the same thing is what induces labor or encourages contractions and is what we produce naturally but what we produce naturally were completely different from what we're given synthetically yes pathetically it also starts contractions but it doesn't have the cushioning and the qualities of natural oxytocin so that one is why it can really disrupt your hormonal cycle then as well and not only that it can also disrupt the my model cycle your baby so a lot of children that have oxytocin damaged are crybabies and they are really alert they're really Restless so and he talks that with a lot of babies as well but if you've had labor drugs in the past and you feel like you've never become the same person since their cycles are off you have issues conceiving than detoxing that might be the right thing to do and then we've got the steroids as well steroids are obviously given for lots of different things that they ought to do with things like infections asthma and eczema that kind of stuff but they are also hormones and they are the corticosteroids that are produced by your adrenals as well except they are the synthetic ones and they just completely shut down your immune system and they disrupt your hormonal system and I find that they do it in such a way that homeopathic remedies basically don't get through to a person I recently had a case of a lady that has hot steroids as well and we tried with homeopathic remedies otherwise through the detox we just couldn't get through I've also got a blog post on that on my website so they carry just it I'll link all of that stuff below so you can have a look or you can just search while I ramble on so there is an order to detox these things in and the very first thing you need to detox if you have this toxicity is metals because as I said you should try to concede if you have that and you can try to conceive with all the other ones so if you suspect that you have metal toxicity you need to do that one first the second one you need to do is steroids so if you don't have metal toxicity then you move on to steroids and you could take a sip mmm getting dry I'm so excited so many of you decided to treat me like thank you I really appreciate that I've got a few questions here and I'll definitely get to those later on I'll just finish my Brandon story so yes the second one is steroids if you don't have if you don't suspect that you have metal toxicity just move on to the steroids if you've never had steroids you don't think you have metal toxicity but you've half the contraceptives or fertility drugs or labor drugs then you can move on those straightaway without any issues and those three there is not really an order in importance except for those chronological so the last thing you had you detox first I'm really hope I'm making them feel bad for you guys when I ramble but you seem to understand you're pretty amazing so let's say you had contraceptives when you were a teenager and then last year you had a couple of grams of clomid then you would start with the fertility drugs and then afterwards you would do the contraceptives but since you can continue to try to conceive if you conceive while on the fertility drugs detox you don't have to do the contraceptives one you could decide to do it later on because it's probably blocking some stuff but it is not such a bad flop because they you're apparently able to conceive um if you no more questions about that puppeted oh the answer it's more clearly and then I'll get to some of the questions I've got a few here from my facebook but let me start with the light one because you made an effort to show up I answered Heather's question Emma hello lovely lady a little pregnant mama is so glad you're offering this for those who need it ah Thank You Ellen I'm so happy emma is also having her baby soon and we did some really important to detoxify thank you for joining even though you've already done that but yeah that was really important than crucial in for a case so really happy to have you here it's Kristin what currents the other detox is in oh they're in Euros because I'm in the Netherlands just trying to convert to US Dollars also how long between each detox unit wait um yeah I probably should have converted it for you in dollars but if you can type it into Google you should be able to see what the total amount is so it's 250 euros for the detox program that includes the remedies that are sent to you you can add on extra details this if you want to do this in the future since I'll be teaching you detox right at the beginning with your first detail something you'll be able to do subsequent ones yourself so I'm offering those detoxes at discounted prices and it's like no one spoke the more detox is you have unless you pay pretty talks I guess so have a look at that if you look then I think you can pay with your either a credit card or a debit card and it you'll be invoiced for whatever currency you live in and how long you need to wait between each detox you don't really need to wait a long time I would say leave at least a week but go with your intuition maybe you feel like you need to wait a bit longer but I would give it at least a week just to give your body a bit of a break Heather we crossed paths oh yeah about the common thank you it was worth the delay for a healthy pregnancy good I agree I'm so glad you feel that way Heather because a lot of people were in a really hard to not try to conceive while they are doing the metal detox because they feel like pregnancies even further away while in reality it's closer if you if you wait with the detox while you need it yeah then it makes more sense to invest that amount of time at the beginning so I'm so glad that you feel it when I'm really happy to have you all for it and excited to get to know you better in the group and it's Kristen had another question also what if you aren't sure if you have metal detox can I still do that orgy Houston no trip oh that's a really good question no you don't have to know for sure because what I do with patients sometimes is they do a hair mineral test and then I can determine from that if they have metal toxicity now if you've done a hair mineral test it doesn't always necessarily show you the metal toxicity because it's hidden it's deep inside your body and you won't see it in the hair because your body's not detoxing the metals it's just hiding it but I can interpret that from the mineral transport ratios so sometimes I do give people that test if they want to do it but if I see any indication of your cakes like all the lines I mentioned earlier and I will say listen I think you are safer off to just do the detox and honestly my husband and I I think I did a metal detox a very long time ago because I did have metal toxicity but for my husband we never tested it but I was pretty sure he had it so we both detox I think most of the couples we don't do the hair mineral tests we just go by the symptoms right so keep writing your questions I love that you put in life and in the meantime I will get to some of the questions that I had in the group in your Fleur what kinds of indications would there be if I'm eating and detox I'm not certain I hope I rambled lion-hunting making that to you I know basically with heavy metals we talked about that if you've ever had any silver dental fillings or you currently have them if you have restless legs if you have recurring infections and accesses that don't resolve if you've worked with metals if you have smoked or are smoking and if you and or if you live in the city and those are all really good indications for sperm count or sperm quality and recurrent miscarriages those are all indications that could point towards metal toxicity all of the other stuff the synthetic hormones if you've ever helped them if you've ever had steroids if you've ever had contraceptives if you've ever had labor drugs or fertility drugs and your cycles are off or you're having issues conceiving or you want to set yourself up into the best way possible then detox aid is absolutely worth it – how long does the metal tape detox how long disability tell us with music tape okay yeah I get it how long does the metal detox tea well the detoxes are all basically to see this is really exciting because I'm going to teach you two ways of detoxing now there are a lot of homeopathic work with eight-week protocols and that one I will teach you because that you can just go through the detox especially if you don't want to be doing for a long time and you just want to remove most of the toxicity or if your partner's not really on board for doing something very extensive and you say to them if you do for eight weeks what you do it and they say yes they can do that so I'm teaching you that method but I'm also teaching you what I call the individualized dosing method and I don't know any homeopathic do this I find that this is way more thorough than just protocol type of detox with a protocol type of detox I feel like maybe 70% of the toxicity is removed with eighty percent of the people something like that I'm kind of just you know making it up but this is my intuition when it look at the experience I have and all the patients I have with individualize dozing method I am detoxing with you and depending on how you react we will know how much of the details you need so we pause and we start and we pause and we start and we continue but with the remedies until you stop reacting because that tells me that you have cleared the layer so this is a bit more difficult to learn but you will get the hang of it really quickly and I find that this is the most thorough way of doing it and so if you do the protocol type that's eight weeks and that's it you're done so you can do that if you do individualize dozing method if you don't react to the remedies at all that doesn't mean you're not clearing but you don't have any reactions that make it stall then you could be done in four weeks and then I always do like a mini mini top-up detox afterwards that's about 14 days so that you could be done in six weeks in however you react then you have to pause wait for a reaction to go restart etc etc etc I find that that method is the best method but it's not always possible for everyone so that's what I'm teaching both and in that case it could take up to three months but again it can be much shorter it could be eight weeks it could be anything between I've never had anybody that takes longer than three months so that's the honest truth you can decide which burner you want to do because I'm going to teach you both since oh yeah that was the second part how long's the middle detox take since that means having to be out of try to conceive for the period of time yeah I see that this is a concern for a lot of types of people but you can do it it's worth it and as I said you could do the eight-week protocol see how it goes but I would recommend individualize dozing method but I've had plenty of people do in eight weeks and then fold pregnant mmm just fine what does it mean by additional detoxes yeah because when you book you will be booked one detox and then you have the choice to book additional detoxes so I kind of explained that already but the detox program includes one set of remedies for one type of detox and I teach you how to detox that with the protocols and new instructions and then the six weeks of videos and the group actually the group will stay longer and I might dip in and out these six weeks of live videos if you want to do more detox this because you think oh and it's in heavy metals and I think these do steroids and I need to do fertility drugs maybe then you book the one detox and then two additional detoxes so that should hopefully be cleared when you book but you can just do one detox you don't have to do more you can do active I uh here's another question you would see but have any more live questions no more live questions at the moment you mentioned the correlation with metal toxicity of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's yes and I talked about that earlier in this video already this has to do more with little toxicity susceptibility and the question is Kenneth details also be helpful when you have family members so struggle with other mental health problems like OCD depression bipolar even paranoid schizophrenia and I'd say yes so if you intend to do a heavy-metal detox when you have somebody like that in your family then you can detox them with you absolutely and obviously don't take them off the medication that they've been given by their doctors at least not without talking to them but you can do the metal detox alongside with them I would totally recommend I've had so many people that come to me and they have to do metal detox and then they have parents with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or restless legs issues and they just hop on the details with them pretty cool this lovely lady that already signed up and she selected the fertility treatment one but now she's wondering she's had only no yep she's only had three rounds of equipment and she's wondering if it's still in mint eight advantageous to do detox absolutely even if you had one round of clomid and can mess you up so three absolutely insisting with a contraceptive pill I've had people that never were on the pill but they took the morning pill morning after pill one and they knew that their cycles were so messed up afterwards and that we detox it and that helps Beauty so often you intuitive we also know if it is if it has affects you or not another question about middle detox a lot it takes and then I had a question about how exactly are you going to detox with food or with medication for avec flavor with homeopathic remedies so obviously we'll cover some other things as well I'll talk about supplements that I recommend to all of my patients that are trying to conceive supplements that can support the detoxing it's different for metal so that is for synthetic hormones of course in the group you also be able to post your chart so we can see where you're at mostly I will be answering questions in the life videos but if I have time in between I will reply to messages as well yeah so I wonder if you have any more questions I put the sign up link below there are still some spots available so as I said registration closes today how we really got a time limit for today but I know that today will end somewhere in the world at some point everybody will be on May 29th and by then registration is closed basically so what I will do is I will pick up the rest of your signups tomorrow morning because I know my days and make but a lot of you are still in them a little bit so you have enough time to sign up until the end of your day wherever you are and yeah I placed a lot of the orders already with pharmacy so people that have signed up already your orders have already been placed so that should be exciting news to you you should be getting a head start and then those of you that are signing up later today your remedies will be ordered this week you should get them as soon as possible and oh there's another question you may have said this but the connection keeps coming up for me are there any common side effects or reactions with detoxing no I haven't talked about that extensively it's a really good question there are no side effects now that's to say that doesn't mean there are no reactions because you can't get reactions because if your body starts to heal then it can't throw symptoms it's the same as when we have a virus or a bacteria infection then we get sick right and that being sick is always seen as something bad but actually it's a healing mechanism I think your fever you're trying to earn away in the infection for example or yeah I think that's a really really good example yeah that's a good example so that's also possible with the detoxing I don't see it so much with synthetic hormones detoxing what I do see is that cycles look really messed up in the beginning I've had patients that suddenly spot for an entire week or ovulations later or their cycle is much shorter and that's all okay that is just you clearing things out so if that happens in your cycle that's absolutely fine just means that your body is reorganizing it's all fine it's like when you go Mary condo-style that's what I say about your house initially your house looks like a huge mess because everything's been polhacks the countess's to save with the detoxing metals it's a bit of a different story sorry I'm really a juice because because of my hair my hair is bothering me when the metal detoxing can be different some people don't react at all nothing happens and some people might come down with something or their infant hampers those legs if something gets a little bit worse but it's always short-lived and then after that it gets way better so you get some little worsening and then or like a little worsening and a huge improvement afterwards or it can affect your sleep perhaps or some people might have about about diarrhea because their body is clearing or suddenly their sweat or their your it starts to smell like metals so there are lots of different reactions that are possible and that's why with teaching the protocol I don't just want to send out instructions and safely get on with it that's the reason I started the group and why I'm doing the weekly videos because I want to help you interpret your reactions right from the beginning so that you know what to do in the future rather than you just getting remedies and instructions which would be really easy to do but I don't think it would help you a lot I hope that answers your question why not Kristen but we'll go into this more in in the group itself as well is metformin considered a fertility cook yep good question mm-hmm actually I can look it up which things have so I do that let's see if I can find that quickly because I have a list on my computer hopefully I can find this quickly otherwise you're gonna get bored huh I should be able to find this fast pharmacy there we go yes I almost have it so as far as fertility drugs for Mara and clomid are the obvious ones and then metformin is one that is included in that detox and looking at the rest where are we also HCG hormone as well and oh actually oxytocin is also in that so if you've had labor drugs if you've only had oxytocin or pitocin during labor and no epidural or anything and you had fertility drugs and you want to detox both and you only need to do the fertility drugs one hold the Vixens but if you had more like epidural cetera that you still want to do both and also progesterone as part of that as well because if you've had progressed from for a longer period of time that can mess you up too so that's definitely part of it right so I wonder if you have any more questions I know those questions come in a bit later when I'm talking and I have been talking for 45 minutes you're you're still here you're amazing you're very sweet thanks for keeping me company just kidding if you have any more questions definitely type them in the box signup link available can't wait to start I think this will be fun I've never done this before but I think it will be super empowering I can teach you a lot and then I look forward to that because when I go what's going to leave I feel like you guys are doing something yeah that will really aid you in your fertility journey and I know lots of you will fall pregnant already then and if not then if you want to start working with me in January you can sign up for the waiting list so you'll be the first to hear it and then you know that you've shaved off a lot of time of your fertility treatment because you've already done all the detoxes that I usually start with and then we can start tweaking and playing around with them hepatic remedies that are indicated for you personally and and your chart so is it okay to start the detox and the mist myths of the miscarriage you you could but I think I would probably wait if you are currently miscarrying then yeah I would probably wait if that's the case reason I'm so sorry I'm so so so sorry to rate that you're one of many and this is why the detox is are really important for a lot of you um you know maybe more questions will come in I don't know but then guys need to stop the video so Pony so you know what if I see more questions show up here I will check back later tonight before I go to bed and then answer those on my phone and I'll type it out and that as I said I look forward to seeing a lot of you in the groups and thank you for joining me and doing this first life video with me I might do it in the future again although you see I ramble a lot more when I don't prepare I'm another video coming up on Thursday that will be another question and answers I've already received lots of questions and I'll be answering that one whooping life so that won't be so long as this one but you can look out for that video and then I don't like to wish you really wonderful rest of your day your evening wherever you are and I'll see you around I love leaves