[MUSIC PLAYING] We supply the fearless. That allows our customers
to live fearless. The time is right to
work toward our vision. We have the knowledge, the
desire, the dedication, and most importantly
the people to be the model for transforming
our health system. It won’t be easy, and
it won’t be quick. But that hasn’t stopped Blue
Cross North Carolina before, and it won’t now. What I love about this
company and our work is the impact we have on
people across North Carolina. Our mission is to improve
the health and well-being of the customers and
communities that we serve. No mission could
be more important. Our vision, to be the model
of transforming the health system with unwavering
commitment to quality, affordability, an
exceptional experience. And then our values, what’s
going to allow this to happen? First and foremost,
people first, our people, the people we serve,
the culture we foster. Second, innovate to elevate. We’re challenging ourselves. We’re innovating. We’re creating each and every
day on behalf of our customers. Third, think data. We’re using data to make our
decisions to drive the best outcomes for our customers. Fourth, every customer matters. We treat customers like family. We’re obsessed with
serving their needs. And our fifth, and maybe my
favorite value, show grit. It’s one of the most important
things you can do in life. So if we as a company
show grit, we’ll deliver to all of our customers
the outcome that we want. Only then can we
fulfill our mission of improving the health
and well-being of customers and communities. We can accomplish this,
because we are fearless. [MUSIC PLAYING]