Hi there, Dr. Kent Ferguson here, from Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic, I’m here with Meg Oechslin. Meg’s our registered
dietician here at the clinic, and today we’re here to talk
more about Meg’s services, about her practice, so that our viewers can know and understand
what she has to offer. So Meg, welcome, and
can you help our viewers understand a little bit more
about you and your practice? Sure can, hi. Yes, well, it’s all about the
food, I’m a foodie at heart. I love to cook, I love to garden, I enjoy working with
people, and I’m passionate about health and wellness. So putting all those
three things together, I enjoy walking with
people, helping them to, whether it’s garden, cook
healthier, shop healthier, plan menus, bake, you name it, I enjoy traveling the wellness
journey with others. Right, so with that wellness journey, and the things that
you’re describing there, you take a real holistic approach, a well-rounded approach to your
clients that you work with. Can you help us understand
that holistic process in the areas that you touch on? Sure, yeah, I take it, obviously, I look at food and what people eat, but it goes way beyond food. I look at when people eat, how people eat, why they eat what they
eat, where they eat, is it in front of the TV,
in the car all the time, or intentional at the table? I look at nutritional balance, how much variety is in their diet. My focus is very health-centered, and focus also on
mindful eating practices. Okay, all right. Now with those areas that you’re covering, what do you tend to find people have the most struggles with? Probably finding the time to prepare and plan healthy meals,
and to eat mindfully, eating with intention and awareness in such a busy, full time in life. Okay, all right now,
somebody watching this video, they’re like hey, that
sounds like me, I’m busy. Or I’d like to have a
little bit more guidance when it comes to dietary
habits and nutrition. How can they get started with you? Yes, you can contact reception at the Oliver Chiropractic
Wellness Clinic. They’d be happy to answer your questions and make a booking for
you if you are interested, and you can call 780-455-2112, or you may email them directly, [email protected] You can also go to our website, and there’s a list of
nutrition services there for your review and reference. Okay, great, thank you for your time, and again, if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, to get in touch with the
clinic at 780-455-2112, or look up our website at www.ocwc.ca for more information about
the clinic and services, and especially Meg’s services here. Okay, great, have a great
day, thanks for watching.