– My name is Justin and I am
training to be a super soldier. So I tried the Recommended Routine from the bodyweightfitness
subreddit for 90 days in an attempt to get shredded and strong. Here is my final progress report. (dramatic music) What’s up everyone? This is it baby! This video is gonna serve as
my final report of my Reddit Recommended Routine progress. The Recommended Routine or
the RR as it’s sometimes known is a totally free! Bodyweight’s strength
training program created by the lovely folks at the
bodyweightfitness subreddit. It is a total body
program meant to be done three times a week. And can be customized to beginners
and advanced folks alike. Oh, by the way. All relevant links will
be in the description. The format is simple. You start with the warm up,
then you have three pairs of strength exercises, each hitting a different type of movement. Then you have three core
exercises, again, each hitting a different type of movement. Now, I did say that the
RR are very customizable. Each exercise has multiple
paths and progressions so you can tailor towards your goals and current skill level. Here are the progressions in the past that I chose for myself. (dramatic music) Now, you might have noticed
that the one-arm push-up, the barbell hip thrusting,
the weighted ring dip are not a part of the official
paths or progressions. Well, I chose to do these
because I’m not a beginner to fitness or body weight fitness, so I took a few creative liberties based on my personal goals. And if you consider just
how many different ways you can customize this program
on the official routine, I don’t think these
changes are a big deal. Now, as far as nutrition
goes, I wanted to trim down a little bit, you see. I mean I didn’t get fat
or anything but you know, got a little soft. And let me tell you, when
you’ve got Asian parents, they will not hesitate to point out that you’ve gained weight. I aim for a 500 calorie
deficit, five to six days out of the week. This was about 2000 calories. I also had one or two maintenance days where I bumped my
calories back up to 2500. My starting weight was 172 pounds. Well, now that you know
my starting point was, here is my actual journey. I started off doing the
program exactly as written. So the way the strength pair works, is that you do the first
exercise, rest 90 seconds then do the second exercise
then rest 90 seconds, and then do the first exercise again until you’ve done ’em three times. Now, maybe this was because
of my caloric deficit, or maybe I just suck in endurance. Either way, I found it extremely difficult to progress in strength with
only the nights I can rest. So then I tried taking the
longer rest up to three minutes which leads in to the second problem. With the three-minute
break inbetween exercises, the total workout took a long ass time, like closer to an hour and a half. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Now, I don’t know about you
but I prefer to keep my workout around an hour. Again, maybe it’s the deficit
of my crappy endurance but I find that longer
workouts tend to burn me out. And I’m just not able to work as hard during the later exercises. Which leads into the third
problem, if I keep doing pull-ups and squats first, I’m
gonna get really good at pull-ups and squats because
those are the only exercises I’m doing fresh, and
then I’m less energetic for everything else and
don’t make as much progress. So what was the solution
to all of this, hmm? Here’s what I did. This was a three times a week routine. I just simply changed the order
of the strength exercises. Hmm! That way, I did each paired exercise fresh at least once a week. Oh, by the way, the
official routine does say you you can switch it up. I also changed the rest so
I took three-minute rest for the first paired exercises
and then 90 seconds rest for the second and third pair. This allowed me to just really go for it! On the first pair, and then
just work with whatever juice I got left for the second and third. And I gotta say, the results
were pretty darn good. I was able to instantly
increase the weights on all of the lifts. It also reduced the
duration of the workout back down to closer to an hour. So that was good too. Unfortunately, I was
still pretty gassed out by the time I got to the core triplet. So I kinda just winged
it so I didn’t progress as much as I did in
the strength exercises. I know, I know, not exactly the best thing but what choice did I have? I mean, if you think about
it, the recommended routine has 27 total work sets. That is a lot. Anyhoo, I continued doing
this throughout the rest of the program. I kept on making strength gains every week despite being on that caloric deficit. Hmm, speaking of caloric
deficit and nutrition, did I follow it 100% of the time? Nope! Hey now. Sometimes guys gotta
indulge and live a little. But when I did indulge, I
always tried to balance it out. But clearly, what I did
worked because I actually lost eight pounds during the first two months. I went down from 172 to 164. And my waist went down from
33 inches to 31 and a half. It was this point at the
eight week mark that I changed my mind about cutting. You know, I just looked
at myself in the mirror, and I was like, yeah, I
think I’m good for now. So I decided to bring my
calories right back up to maintenance for the
rest of the program. Eating and maintenance
definitely felt better. I was less tired during
and after the workout. So after the three months,
I decided to test out my strength maxes. I started my weighted pull-up
at 53 pounds for five reps. I ended up at 82 and
half pounds for five reps and fracking 123 pounds for one rep. Holy crap! I started small with the pistols at five body weight reps per leg. I finished at 35 pounds for
one rep on the left side and 53 pounds on the
right side for one rep. For my front lever, I started
at the tuck front lever for 20 seconds. Finished at around 10 seconds
for the one-leg front lever. For the one-arm push-up,
I started at eight reps on each side for the lever push-up. Finished at five one-arm
push-ups on the left side, and one one-arm one leg
push-up on the left side. On the right side, I could do
five one-arm one leg push-ups. Awesome, right? I know! For hip thrusts, I ended
up at 275 for 15 reps but I definitely could’ve gone more. Physically, here are my
before and after pictures. Here are some at a better angle. I gotta say, overall, I’m
happy with my progress. I made good strength gains,
and I personally think I look a lot better than when I started. I even had to retailor
my Captain America suit ’cause of my new slimness. All in all, the bodyweightfitness’
Recommended Routine is a very solid routine to do. But the fact that the RR has
so much customization options can be a little intimidating
if you’re a beginner. And now this paralysis is a real thing. As a beginner, you might
benefit from having someone else tailor it for you so it
takes out the guess work. And as I mentioned earlier,
there are 27 total work sets, which is a ton of volume
especially if you compare it to other programs like
StrongLifts or Starting Strength. Look, this is one of the
things where ideally, if you can do the whole
routine every single time, that’s great but if you don’t,
I can’t say I blame you. Also, the squat progressions
have a lot of single leg work which can be really
difficult for beginners especially from a balance perspective. And like I said earlier,
the hinge progressions can be a real pain in the ass to set up. So you might just be
better off using weights for these two exercises. Lucky for you, the RR has
instructions on how to incorporate squats, deadlifts, and Romanian
deadlifts into the program. Or you can just do hip thrusts like I did. (Justin beatboxing)
(erotic music) All right, there you have it. That was my experience with
the Recommended Routine. If you’ve done it before,
I would love to hear about your experience
in the comments below. Especially if you’ve done
it at not a caloric deficit. And if you’ve made it
this far into the video, I truly, truly thank
you for sticking around. As always, if you enjoyed
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should definitely stick around. Next week, I’m gonna go
into a bit more detail on how I meal prep to
lose those eight pounds in the first eight weeks. You can also download my free e-book on beginner nutrition and
fitness which also gives you a routine that you can do at home with literally zero equipment. Woo! All right, everyone. I will see you next time!