all right here is an idea for a challenge all of in the groove saw hardest songs 12 through 13 back to back with no breaks and all hopefully passed on the first try so yeah it's a little endurance challenge more than anything I would say cuz I passed all these before oh yeah I think vertex before I never use Holloway unless I'm playing vertex all right I'll stay quiet now and move the TV is snitch yellow ever you're on a hand I'll come to another random gameplay video of folks commentary time and yeah delirium that starts the bunch I've got them all sorted by difficulty as usual so I'm just gonna go from top to bottom delirium as you know start to just some rather simple and slow hands to get you into the rhythm of things but all I assure you it's gonna get ugly pretty quick like here you they want you to twist it all around to do those but I just end up double-stepping those stinkers because you know why not if you gotta hit them all maybe I could be a little more accurate than that definitely I wanted to cross something around but I just failed off on the crossover but that's okay as long as I pass everything back to back I am a happy PK game and now here comes the streams of do now I told you is gonna get ugly pretty quick none of these seams are all that complicated per se but you know just the whole thing of them tiring you out so perhaps this wasn't the best one to start out with considering that I need to save my stamina for later but in all the 1213 s are pretty hard so hey beware of the stops and starts here they're all rhythmic so don't worry about them too much if you know the song well so play it on other difficulties face probably yeah definitely okay it's not that important to know it because you still have a lot of dance age probably at that time if you're up to playing 12 because it's not that complicated when you get to this ending stream in here this is where it's really gonna be taxing your stamina is it's a constant like 15 seconds stream of Doom or so so yeah you just gotta stick with it and shine conserve as much a stamina as possible I did pretty decent there I've got to say so I'm pretty pleased with that run and that yeah not bad indeed normally I would put this like on a course or something you know all the songs in a row just to ensure there's no breaks but speed mobs yeah playing all the stuff at 1.5 speed for the sake of vertex and pandemonium yeah anyway next song they can keep it at times three speed for this one so back to post commentary then I suppose now this is a real challenge not any sort of like challenges like jumping out of a card challenge or something like that this is when I say challenge an actual challenge like that how you not playing all these songs two back-to-back and one that it's endurance it's a mental game it's technique it's everything it's not just to hurt yourself yeah people are so easily fooled and adult doing those dumb challenges like that could kill them like that anyway so tell the year as you see has those signature little step jumps they're all over the place and those things are deadly by far the most deadly per the song get the hang up but I played it a whole bunch of time so I've sort of got the hang of it now it's still difficult to get them all consistently in a single run but I've got them enough that I can pass it consistently so I'm pretty pleased of the progress that I've made on in the groove now watch out for this here it's gonna come just gonna start the jump and it's gonna go immediately into a stream after that jump so it's instead of step jump it's jump step to start off the stream which is kind of tricky to get into and yeah sometimes I get some way offs in there as a result of that because I get off sync because it's awkward it feels and you got some shock arrows going on here not really sure it looks like they could be though and now they're offset by a smidge there so and even if you hit them they won't make your arrows disappear anything like that once said shocker Ilse and the finish off cell here we got sort of like a repeat of the beginning for the most part just a little stream upcoming it's not any sort of big deal or anything like that with some step jumps thrown into the mix and now maybe oh no it's not really as big of a stream as I thought well it's not like that middle stream or anything like that it's like a step jump stream and next up click click click go go go pick a gam go go go go otherwise it's not a stamina challenge if you're just waiting between songs just go as fast as you can that's kind of why I had to put him into chorus form but you know because the Spear ago speed mods that I was talking about like this right here yeah that's sort of the allele because of the ending of this and this being the confirmed and other things being the like a higher speed my like a3 systems at 1.5 pandemonium's a 1.5 at least in personal preference and whatnot but in the case of vertex here you got to have it or at least I you've got to have it on 1.5 in hallway because of the whole ending thing where it's speeds up to ridiculousness it's not any faster to actually hit the arrows in comparison to other parts of the song like in these Rumble II arias here that's actually faster than the stuff you'll see at the ending but the thing about it is that it's scrolling so fast that you would not have enough time to react to the arils that are coming if it's not on hallway so yeah you have to memorize the ending or just do what I'm doing here on hallway so there you go at least that's my recommendation is 1.5 in hallway oh and I'll pick again don't lose your focus on the slowdowns and stops especially over here it can be a little dicey yeah they're good yeah a lot of vertex is just like pure focus because none of the patterns are like mega fast or anything like that except for the like Wolf's sixteenth notes rumbles thrown in there every so often it's just a matter of focusing on what's before you and not on stuff like the minds of us you actually have to get off the minds you know like up a mindset up beyond coming up on an arrow that you're that you got a foot on or whatnot but for the most part it's relatively straightforward I know I say that a lot in my dancing videos but it really does feel that way on certain songs like this but that out right there a little bit on the dicey aside so you might want to pause and go back and check out that pattern to see what I was trying to do there but I was a little bit off but alas alas we're okay we still got enough dance gauge to recover it back up the pole before we get to the death ending which is coming up right about now and this is why 1.5 hallway comes into play because it's pretty much unbeatable on 1.5 minutes without hallway no best there whoa never before my believe vertex that consistently I usually hit like a bunch of minds a loose composure or something just as I said let's focus on the steps themselves and now after this we can go back to a more normal speed mod set up of times three for euphoria and of course hallway is off because I don't typically play on hallway just looks weird to me I'm just so used to overhead that I just go with that no no you're too far peak again I get played on times for I forgot about that oh yeah yeah I I remember I played it on time ste before but I started playing at times for later on due to the comfort factor I made this video all a good while back this is on the older hard drive before the other one took a point so yeah it's it's been sitting around I just remember I was like oh yeah commentator I here is a lot of awkward rapid thirty-second notes there and also crossovers to throw into the mix as well you can double step the crossover but you cannot get by those thirty second notes with also serious foot speeds so be ready to vibrate your feet in that rhythm and try and listen closely to the back them to get an idea of hot with sounds like like listen here yeah you gotta follow that three and five rhythm a whole bunch of times throughout the song like that night saya that's the thing that got me the most trouble when I first was trying to pass this thing because there's just so so many of them and then if you're off seat to them you're gonna lose a lot of dance gauge now in here at the 72nd the teal notes here it's very similar to those thirty-second notes only there there's a slowdown so they're a lot tighter together and it's harder to read but it's still doable just as long as you know that rhythm it's it may feel like you're hitting blind but now if you see which much notes you're starting with which ones you end with you can just kind of alternate your feet across them except when they're scattered round a lot but luckily there's not a lot of scattered around a lot more than so there in that song section because that's all I the nastiest areas there and luckily it doesn't last too long and all man the peak again just do a cross over there I think he did oh man excitement yeah I don't like whatever I feel do so but I don't know sometimes I do it other times I don'ts whatever it I feel like at the given time passive it's not that I can't do the crossover just like I don't know it's my reflexes they decide to do whatever they want to do vibrations now righty next up hardcore the North this one this one is definitely a times three error because it gets faster and faster as you go on until exceed 600 beats per minutes if your watch see the scroll speed let's see it's 600 beats per minute if you're at times four so I go back times three here to put it at a more comfortable spot and we begin with some purples of Doom's so as simple as these patterns are they're kind of awkward to actually get the feel off it's because they're rapidly changing between two separate sets of rhythms here so it takes quite a lot of practice to get consistent at these and it's been a little while I remember when I made this video that I played hardcore in the north saw a needless say I've got a couple clubs in there and whatnot and then we come to the step jump section which you have to get one foot off one arrow to avoid of mind while you do the step with the other foot which is an awkward weight shifts because you're basically just jumping on one foot – that's so that's like all jumps all the time in a way and then we go into the streams which ends in a whole bunch of jumps at the end of said stream none of these streams again not all that difficult or complicated like that it's just a thing though that stamina is a factor and whatnot so and there's our purple notes of Doom's thrown at the ends of these streams now also that's another little factor as you see I'm getting a little off sync because in awhile since I played it salt and there it is I'm pretty sure that I could be pretty close to full comping this though if I played it a lot nowadays because of the way that I've been playing the stamina songs and whatnot saw yeah it seems like it's a more viable song for me now that I'm getting the hang of that sort of thing but at this time I was still kind of kind of a thing that I had to be playing it a lot to really really feel at all for now I'm getting the hang of it in general anyway now you're going into the final streams which are a lot I guess you could say repeats of the earlier streams or they are simple streams then the end the offsets treaters have sent purple notes in with the mix and yeah just basically the same for the most part except faster I mean yeah there are different patterns but I mean that they're simple enough that you'll be able to just point them out and you just pick them out from the bunch and you'll be alone do them with reflux if you're playing at this certain level so they aren't that big of a deal other than the rhythm of them on there all right now for the big one yeah oh boy gets all the soda you can get peak again you're gonna need it because the 13 the one and only 13 pandemonium is coming up here I put that one on 1.5 speed and no Holloway this is not vertex I'm a smidge nervous at this time but I don't really think I need it to be because I can fit past as consistently it's just that you know I'm getting a little bit on the tired side and I'm hoping will I I mean I'm hoping that I'll be able to get through it all like I'm like will I be able to do this will I be able to do this well we'll see because it begins with some simple alternating feet on the same harrows which just kind of gradually transition to other it's double sets of arrows like then it goes at the tail like jumps right after that and watch out where you're holding your whole notes here because the minds are intersted intertwine with those as well so be ready to take your foot off an arrow when you see a mine coming up in set arrow you got some jackhammers thrown in here if I seen people do put switches on I cannot get myself to mentally do foot switches it just feels so weird I can do them sometimes but it just feels so weird to do so but in exchange I just do them but as jackhammers it works fine for me I suppose but maybe I could be a little bit more after that on them if I practice foot switches a bit more then we come to this middle section here which surprisingly and ridiculously I managed a pole combo which I cannot believe here listen to this yeah as I said this is a while back so I didn't really think I'd had that in me but oh I guess I didn't have it in me now you got sort of like ish repeats ish the beginning coming up over here yeah it's nothing nearly anything different than before other than you know it's it's costing more and more of your stamina as you go so you might have to push yourself more and more but I'm mainly focused on stamina conserving techniques like you'll see how little I'm actually moving my feet through all these songs which is incredibly helpful if you just use heels and toes to do that salt try your best to get as efficient as possible with your movements and you should be okay at passing these whoa not a run ender that was a pretty good control throughout thanks for watching and I'll see you later who a new record the booth 2